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July 20,1969 was an important __1____ .Two Americans landed(着陆) __2___the moon. .Their ___3___ were Armstrong and Aldrin. They went in a spaceship, and its name was ApolloⅡ. Apollo Ⅱ left Cape Kennedy (肯尼迪角) ___4___ July 16 and went 385,000 km. The journey ___5__ three days. On July 20 the spaceship ___6__on the moon. Armstrong __7___ on to the moon. The two men moved about on the moon. They picked up some rocks and ___8__ them __9___ the spaceship . They jumped up and ___10__ . Then they put a flag on the __11___ . They were tired after their moon __12___ so they took a ___13__ . On July 21 ApolloⅡ__14___ the moon and returned to the earth . Three days later it came down in the sea . A ship __15___ them back to America and to their families .

1. A.time B.day C.point D.place

2. A.in B.on C.at D.by

3. A.names B.name C.family D.call

4. A.in B.at C.on D.to

5. A.make B.paid C.spent D.took

6. A.went B.come C.landed D.reached

7. A.stepped B.go C.left D.returned

8. A.showed B.passed C.gave D.put

9. A.at B.to C.in D.on

10. A.low B.up C.down D.lower

11.A.ground B.earth C.water D.air

12.A.trip B.swim C.talk D.walk

13.a.look B.rest C.sleep D.move

14.a.left B.went C.returned D.saw

15. A.bring B.put C.took D.carry


This story __1___ about an American general __2___ was a very important man in the American army __3___ the First World War . Everybody in the United States knew him and many people __4___ a picture or something of his in their home .

Soon after the war the general returned to Washington. One day he went to the doctor and had six teeth __5___. A week later, the general heard that his teeth were being sold in some shops at 5 dollars __6___. On each of the teeth there was a note __7___ the name of the general and words: "Buy these teeth and show them to your friends at home.” The general got _8____. He rushed to his office and ordered to buy all his teeth.

The officers went __9___ and visited every shop in the capital. They were away from office all day . In the evening they returned and put__10___ they had bought on the table front of the general. They had collected l75 teeth!


l. A. are B. is C. has D. were

2. A. who B. whose C. what D. he

3. A. at B. on C.during D. for

4. A.hoped to have B.wished to have C.hope to take D.wish to take

5. A.pulled out B.pulling out C.pull out D.to pull out

6. A. price B. money C. each D. every

7. A. has B.of C. on D. with

8. A. happy B.surprised C. angry D.hungry

9. A. out B. off C. back D. after

10. A.tooth B.teeth C.the tooth D.the teeth


My friend has a large police dog __1___ Jack. Police dog are often very ___2__ Every Sunday afternoon my friend takes Jack for a long walk in the park. Jack likes these long walks __3___.

___4__ Sunday afternoon a young man came to visit my friend. He stayed a long time. He talked and talked. Soon it was time __5___my friend to take Jack for his walk. But the ___6__ stayed. Jack became very __7___his walk in the park . He walked around the room several times and then sat down directly (直接地)___8__ the visitor and looked at him. But the visitor paid no attention to(很少注意). He went on talking. Finally Jack could stand (忍受)it___9__. He went out of the room and came back a few minutes later. He sat down again, but this time he __10___ the visitor's hat in his month.

l. A.whose name B.his name C.named D.that

2. A. clever B. foolish C.polite D. big

3. A. very much B.much more C.too D. more

4. A. In one B. Once C. One D. On one

5. A. with B. for C.of D. to

6. A. Jack B. my friend C. visitor still D. visitor yet

7. A.worrying about B.worried about C.worry for D.worried for

8. A.to facing B.faced C.in front of D.in the front of

9. A.no longer B.at any longer C.not longer D.not any more

10. A. brought B. held C. took D. hid



When Jimmy was a boy, he always liked watches and clocks __1____. When he was eighteen years old, he went __2___ the army, and after a year, he __3___ to teach himself to mend watches. A lot of his friends __4___him broken watches , and he mended them for them.

Then his captain __5___ about this, and one day he brought him a watch too, __6___ said, "My watch has stopped. Can you mend it for me, ___7__ ?"Jimmy said "Yes, sir, l can. " After a few days, he brought the watch ___8__ to the captain.

"One pound, sir, "Jimmy answered. Then he took a small box out of his pocket and gave it to the captain, saying, "___9__ are three wheels(机轮) from your watch. I didn't find a place for them ___10__ I put everything back.”

1. A. very well B.very much C. very D. better

2. A. into B./ C. to D. in

3. A. began B. came C. go D. became

4.A.returned B.brought C.gave D.bought

5. A. though B.looked C. heard D. listened

6. A. and B. but C. and so D. then

7. A. please B. can't you C.will you D. thank you

8. A. up B. around C. again D. back

9. A. Those B. these C. Here D. There

10. A.when B.because C.before D.so


While Tom and Mary were on holiday at the seaside, they enjoyed __1___ the seagulls. They__2___ a lot about these lovely birds.

They will often come close to you on the beach (海滩) when you are eating anything .If you __3___ a piece of bread to them they soon snatched it up .

Seagulls swim well , but they do not often dive for fish . They are also good at flying__4___ their large wings. When a seagull is flying, he puts his legs __5__.

Tom often watched them __6___ close to the ground because he liked the way they __7___ the air with their wings and brought down their feet before they __8___ the ground

Mary liked to see them gliding (滑翔) over the __9___ as they often do, without their __10___ moving, but she said she didn't like the noise they make.

1. A.watch B. to watch C. watching D.watched

2. A.understood B. learned C. found D.thought


3. A.threw B.took C.sent D.pulled

4. A. with B. to C. for D. of

5. A. under B. about C.on D. in

6. A. to come B. came C. coming D. comes

7. A. help B. beat C. put D. kept

8. A. hit B. arrived C. got D. touched

9. A.water B. land C. sky D. ground



One day Mozart saw an old blind street-performer playing the violin in the street corner __1____ a hat in front of him . He found out the old man was ___2___ one of his compositions . The old man played for __3____ but still nobody put any money into his hat . Mozart asked the old man , “Do you often play compositions by Mozart ?” “Yes, __4____ ,” answered the old man . “now, everybody knows Mozart and likes his music .” “Do you __5___ a living by playing the violin ?” The old man said he ___6__ . Mozart took over the violin from the old man and began to play .

He played so well ____7__ all the passersby stopped to listen to the wonderful music and soon the old man felt very ___8___ that the man could play so well . He asked Mozart , “Who are you , sir ?” “Your colleague , a poor ___9___ like you .”

Then Mozart gave the ___10___ back to the old man and went away .

1. A.on B.by C.with D.to

2. A.writing B.playing C.reading D.listening

3. A.sometime B.sometimes C.some time D.some times

4. A.you B.it is C.Mr. D.Sir

5. A.make B.buy C.give D.take

6. A.certainly B.did C.yes D.sorry

7. A.which B.how C.that D.what

8. A.happy B.worried C.disappointed D.surprised

9. A.musician B.artist C.scientist D.writer

10. A.money B.violin C.food D.hat

4 A. eyes B. feet C. legs D. wings


The Great Wall of China is __1___ longest wall in the world . It __2___ from west to east . __3___ mountains , ___4__ valleys and finally __5___ the sea .

The Great Wall __6___ a history of over two ___7__ years . People began to build the wall in the Spring and Autumn Period(春秋时期) __8___ Chinese history . In about 221 B.C (公元前)Qin Shihuang had all the walls _9___ . ___10__ , the Great Wall came to the world .

The Great Wall is more than 6,000 kilometers long , 6-7 meters high and 4-5 meters wide . In __11___ places it is wide enough for five horses or ten men to walk __12___ along the top .

It was very __13___ to build _14____ a great wall in the old _15____ . Thousands of men __16___ when they build it . The Great Wall was made not only of stones , but millions of __17___ .

Today , the Great Wall has become __18___ interest not only to the Chinese people , but also to people all over the world .

___19__ the Egyptians feel proud(自豪)of their pyramids , __20___ Chinese people also feel proud of our Great Wall .

1. A.an B.a C.the D./

2. A.comes B.goes C/is D.stands

3. A.through B.from C.over D.turns

4. A.and B.of C.to D.through

5. A.arrives at B.comes C.reaches D.arrives in

6. A.have B.has C.was D.is

7. A.thousand B.thousands C.thousand of D.thousands of

8. A.of B.at C.in D.on

9. A.joined in B.joined up C.connected D.connected in

10. A.Since then on B.Since now on C.From then on D.From then

11. A.much B.any C.more D.most

12. A.side to side B.side and side C.side by side D.side a side

13. A.easy B.difficult C.good D.bad

14. A.like B.look C.so D.such

15. A.times B.time C.days D.day

16. A.had died B.was died C.died D.dead

17. A.life B.live C.lives D.living

18. A.the place of B.a place of C.place of D.a place

19. A.Just as B.As if C.Look like D.Such

20. A.us B.we C.our D.ours



___1__ boys and girls were swimming in a small lake. Boys with white caps on their heads ___2__ girls__3__red ones. A boy said one of them __4__ when he saw that in _____5___ small lake the number of white caps and __6___ of red ones __7____equal . A girl also agreed __8__ the boy when she __9___ that the number of white caps was double that of the red . (of course neither of them could see their own)

There were four boys and three girls in the small lake . __10__ of them were missing .

1. A.All B.Some C.Any D.Few

2. A.but B.or C.and D.yet

3. A.with B.for C.in D.of

4. A.was missed B.missed C.were missed D.was missing

5. A.a B.the C.an D./

6. A.those B.this C.that D.these

7. A.was B.is C.are D.were

8. A.on B.with C.in D.about

9. A.finds B.founded C.found D.was finding

10. A.None B.Neither C.Both D.Either


Bill and Fred were students at a university and they were friends . They didn?t have __1___ money , so when it was time for their summer vacation . Bill said , “Let?s __2___ our vacation in a trailer , Fred . It?s ___3__ a hotel , I can __4___ .” Fred was very happy , so they got the trailer and __5___their vacation .

They wanted to __6___ the next day to go fishing , but they didn?t have an alarm clock .

“That?s all right , Bill” Fred said , “I?ll put these small pieces of bread on the roof of the trailer tonight and they?ll ____7__ in the morning .

Bill was very __8___ , but he didn?t say ___9___ . Fred was __10____ . As soon as it began to get light , small birds came down to eat the bread , and their noise on the roof of the trailer woke Bill and Fred up very quickly .

1. A.many B.much C.some D.a lot

2. A.take B.took C.taken D.taking

3. A.cheap as B.cheap than C.cheaper as D.cheaper than

4. A.lend my father?s trailer B.lend the trailer to my father

C.borrow my father?s trailer D.borrow the trailer to my father

5. A.begin B.begins C.began D.begun

6. A.wake up B.wake up us C.wake them up D.wake them


7. A.wake up B.wake up us C.wake them up D.wake them

8. A.surprise B.surprises C.surprised D.surprising

9. A.something B.anything C.somebody D.anybody

10. A.bad B.good C.wrong D.right


Mark was a farmer . He lived in a village far away . One day he became very ill and everyone knew he would ___1__ soon . They sent for a doctor . Two days __2___ the doctor came and examined the sick man . __3___ asked for a pen and some paper to write down the name of the medicine . But there was no pen __4___ paper in the village , because no one could write .

The doctor ___5__ up a piece of burnt wood from the fire and wrote the name of the medicine on the door of the house . “Get this medicine __6___ him ,” he said , “and he?ll soon get __7___ .”

Mark?s family and friends did not know ___8___ to do . They could not read the strange words . Then a young man ___9__ an idea . He took off the door of the house , put it on his carriage and drove to the nearest hospital . He bought ___10__ there , and Mark was soon well again .

1. A.be sorry B.cry C.die D.live

B.late C.ago D.before 2. A.later

3. A.The sick man B.Mark C.The doctor D.The farmer

4. A.and B.or C.then D.also

5. A.picked B.held C.made D.looked

6. A.to B.with C.at D.for

7. A.better B.worst C.bad D.good

8. A.where B.what C.when D.which

9. A.thought B.hit C.caught D.had

10. A.the paper B.the house C.the medicine D.the pen


A young man once went to town and bought himself ___1__ trousers . When he got home , he went to his room and put them __2___ . He found that they were about two inches too long . He went into the kitchen , and his mother and two sisters were doing some washing there . He said to them , “The new trousers are too ___3__ . 7

They need cutting by two inches . Would one of you mind __4___ this for me ?” His mother and sisters were busy and none of them said ___5___ .

But as soon as his mother had finished washing up , she went to ___6__ silently and cut the trousers by two inches . She came back without saying anything to her daughters . After supper , the elder sister __7___ her brother?s trousers . She went to his room and cut the trousers by two inches __8___ saying anything to anyone . The younger sister went to the cinema . But when she came back , she also remembered her brother?s __9___ . __10___ she went to his room and cut them by two inches , too .

1. A.a pair B.a pair of C.pairs of D./

2. A.on B.off C.away D.up

3. A.expensive B.warm C.long D.dirty

4. A.selling B.doing C.returning D.washing

5. A.anything B.nothing C.something D.everything

6. A.the kitchen B.her son?s room C.her daughter?s room D.her room

7. A.cut B.remembered C.bought D.sold

8. A.by B.not C.without D.with

9. A.film B.trousers C.room D.sister

10. A.But B.Because C.So D.As


When you have a post office , the postman does not bring letters to you , but you have to go to the __1___ and get your letters and parcels from your box . The box is locked , and you have the key , so the letters are quite ___2__ .

One day Mr. Brown , the __3___ of a school , wrote to the post office and asked for a post office box for his school . He soon got an answer . It __4___ , “We will give you a post box __5___ one month .”

Two months later , Mr. Brown wrote to the post office ___6__ and said , “Why haven?t we got a post box yet ?” Five months later , there was still __7___ news . Mr. Brown was __8___ angry that he went to the office and asked why .The postman said , “We have written two letters to you and told you to get the __9___ to your post box back , but you didn?t __10___ .” “Where are the letters ?” “We sent them to your post box .”

1. A.school B.post office C.station D.postman

2. A.strong B.good C.fast D.safe

3. A.headmaster B.manger C.postman D.student

4. A.told B.spoke C.said D.talked

5. A.after B.before C.in D.on

6. A.again B.then C.quickly D.happily

7. A.much B.no C.good D.bad


8. A.so B.very C.not D.at once

9. A.answer B.letters C.money D.key

10. A.go B.come C.arrive D.pay


A: Sometimes English is very difficult !

B: That?s __1__ . It isn?t the easiest language in the world .

A: Think about t-h-e-r-e and t-h-e-y?-r-e and t-h-e-i-r . They ___2___ alike , but they have different meanings . And the plural(复数) of ox is oxen , but the plural of “box” isn?t __3__ ! And “hard” can mean ___4__ or it can mean the opposite(相反的) of soft . I don?t think I?ll ever learn English .

B: Oh, don?t be discouraged(气馁的) . You?re doing very well . And things could be worse !

A: What do you mean ?

B: Be happy you aren?t __5____ the Eskimo __6___ !

A: Why ? Is Eskimo harder than English ?

B: It certainly is . You were talking about the two ___7___ meanings of “hard”. Some Eskimo(爱斯基摩人)nouns ___8__ more than a thousand meanings !

A: I?m glad I don?t ____9__ in Alaska(阿拉斯加)! I don?t think I?m strong enough to study Eskimo ! A: Don?t you mean clever enough ?

B: No, I mean strong enough . I don?t think I?m strong enough to __10___ an Eskimo dictionary !

1. A.wrong B.true C.good D.easy

2. A.spell B.write C.sound D.look

3. A.boxes B.box C.boxen D.plural

4. A. “hard” B. “strong” C. “easy” D. “difficult”

5. A.liking B.studying C.living D.leaving

6. A.people B.country C.language D.meanings

7. A.different B.interesting C.same D.English

8. A.bring B.have C.talk about D.there are

9. A.learn B.arrive C.take D.live

10. A.learn B.look up C.carry D.write



Mr. and Mrs. Wang are very forgetful . For example , Mr. Wang sometimes goes to work on Sunday morning , because he thinks it is __1___ . And Mrs. Wang sometimes forgets to cook supper for the family .

One summer they planned to __2___ to New York for their holidays . They got to the airport only ten minutes ___3__ the plane took off . So time was short . But __4___ Mrs. Wang said she must tell Lingling , their daughter , not to forget to __5___ the front door when she went to school . But Lingling then was at school . They couldn?t tell her about it by __6___ .So they hurried to the post office . Mrs. Wang wrote a short note to Lingling , and Mr. Wang bought a ___7__ and an envelope . Soon the note was ready . They put the stamp on the envelope in a hurry and dropped it in the letter __8___ , but suddenly Mrs. Wang began to cry . The short note was __9___ in her hand . She had put the plane ticket in the __10___ .

1. A.sunny B.cloudy C.Monday D.Sunday

2. A.walk B.drive C.fly D.run

3. A.before B.often C.when D.because

4. A.often B.ever C.always D.suddenly

5. A.open B.lock C.close D.push

6. A.plane B.train C.telephone D.bus

7. A.note B.pen C.stamp D.letter

8. A.envelope B.box C./ D.office

9. A.still B.already C.always D.not

10. A.plane B.envelope C.hand D.school


School may be frightening to young children . They are ___1___ in their school . Before that they stayed at home . At home children may have been able to do ___2__ they wanted when they wanted to do it . But in school they are ___3__ time for talking , working ,playing and eating . At home children are scolded in private , but in school children will be scolded in front of their __4___ . “Bob,” the teacher may say , “Why are you the only one in class who __5___ do your yesterday?s homework ?” Or , “David , why are you the only one who can?t work quietly at your ___6___ ?” In school the child may not be noticed very much by the teacher or the teacher is too busy to __7___ him or her . But at home the parents will treat their son or daughter __8___ . For these and other reasons , it is not ___9__ that children may not like to stay at school .

Though it is much __10___ in school , the children can learn a lot . They can?t learn so such out of school .

1. A.happy B.new C.angry D.old

2. A.what B.that C./ D.why

3. A.had B.given C.spent D.got

4. A.teacher B.classmates C.brothers and sisters D.parents


5. A.haven?t B.won?t C.hadn?t D.didn?t

6. A.home B.desk C.school D.room

7. A.teach B.look at C.take care of D.scold

8. A.carefully B.angrily C.carelessly D.happily

9. A.interesting B.good-looking C.sleeping D.surprising

10. A.happier B.better C.stricter D.worse


Once a tiger was caught in a cage . Soon a good man went by . When __1___ saw the man , the tiger began to __2___ , “Please ! Please ! Please let me __3___ .” “__4___ .” said the good man . “___5__ I do , you will eat me .” “I will not eat you ,” the tiger said , “Please let me out .”

The good man believed the tiger . He __6___ the door of the cage . The tiger jumped out . “How stupid(愚蠢的) you are ,” the tiger ___7___ “Now I am going to eat you .” “Wait” the man cried . “It is wrong for you to eat me . Let us ask others what they think .” “you may ask __8__others,” the tiger said .

The good man asked a tree . The tree said , “I give shade(遮阳) . Yet I am cut down . Let the tiger eat __9___ .” Next . the good man asked a bird . The bird said , “I hurt _10____ . Yet people hunt and kill me . Let the tiger eat you .” For the last time the good man asked the roads . The road said , “I don?t care if the tiger eats you . People could not get along too well __11___ me . Yet all day long people step on me without even a ?thank you? .”

The tiger was ready to eat the good man . __12___ a dog came by . “What __13___ ?” asked the dog . The man told the dog the whole story . “ I don?t understand ,” said the dog . “The tiger wants to eat you because you __14___ the cage ?” “No, no ,” said the man . “ __15___ put him in a cage .” “Oh,” the dog said , “he is going to eat you because you don?t have a cage .” “Stupid dog !” the tiger said , “___16___ you understand ? I was in the cage . This man let me out .” “Oh, I see ,” the dog said , “When the man was in the cage , you let him out .” “I was in the cage !” the tiger cried . “ ___17__ !” with that , he jumped back into the cage . ___18___ , the dog closed the door of the cage . Oh, the dog laughed .

The good man said , “___19___ I understand !” The good man and the dog walked off and the tiger looked sad . If he waited long enough , perhaps , __20____ good man would come by.

1. A.the good man B.the tiger C.the dog D.the bird

2. A.smile B.shout C.eat D.jump

3. A.in B.out C.help D.eat

4. A.No B.Ok C.All right D.No hurry

5. A.Because B.Whether C.If D.For

6. A.looked at B.knocked at C.closed D.opened

7. A.talked B.jumped C.worried D.laughed


8. A.every B.a few C.all D.each

9. A.me B.you C.him D.them

10. A.no one B.any one C.some one D.one

11. A.with B.to C.for D.at

12. A.When B.While C.Just then D.Just now

13. A.are you B.is happening C.is the time D.about the story

14. A.put him in B.let him out of C.don?t put him in D.don?t let him out of

15. A.Some more men B.Many men C.Some other men D.Other men and I

16. A.Do B.Don?t C.Are D.Aren?t

17. A.Just this B.Only this C.Like this D.Look this

18. A.Quickly B.Slowly C.Sadly D.Loudly

19. A.At the end B.At times C.At first D.Now

20. A.the other B.other C.another D.the others


One evening Peter went home and said to his wife , “You have been a very good wife .You __1___ in the home . You have ___2__ me some very good meals . You have looked after _3__ very well . Today is your birthday and I have bought you a __4__ !”

“ Oh, thank you ,” said his wife . “This is a piece of good __5__ ! What have you bought me ?”

“ I?ve bought you a watch ,” said Peter . He took it out for his wife to ___6__ but he ___7__ it .

“Oh, dear !” he said , “I?ve dropped it .” He began to ___8__ it on the floor , but it was __9__ inside their little house and he could not see anything . He went __10__ and began to look for the watch in the __11___ .

__12___ a friend came along . “What?s the matter ?” he asked Peter .

“I?ve lost a watch ?” said Peter .

“I?m __13___ to hear that ,” said his friend . “Let me help you to look for it . __14___ did you lose it ?”

“Inside the house ,” said Peter . “I lost it there .”

“Inside the house ?” said his friend . ?You?ve lost it indoors and you are looking for it outdoors . I don?t ___15__ . I don?t think that?s very __16___ .”

“Let me explain ,” said Peter . “It is very dark inside my house . I can?t see very well . I shall __17___ find the watch there . But out here the __18___ are bright . I can see much more __19____ . This is a much better __20___ to look .”

Peter?s friend said nothing . He looked at Peter and said , “Goodbye , Peter , ” and went away .

1. A.have worked hard B.stayed long C.were back D.were ill

2. A.bought B.brought C.had D.cooked

3. A.the dog B.the family C.my wife D.the watch


4. A.match B.meal C.watch D.meat

5. A.news B.meal C.watch D.meat

6. A.have B.see C.do D.keep

7. A.found B.broken C.dropped D.threw

8. A.pick up B.find out C.go after D.look for

9. A.dark B.bright C.cold D.clean

10. A.back B.outside C.inside D.on

11. A.house B.office C.floor D.street

12. A.Just then B.Just now C.At time D.Long ago

13. A.glad B.ill C.sorry D.clear

14. A.When B.Where C.How D.Who

15. A.understand B.guess C.want D.find

16. A.wrong B.interesting C.happy D.clever

17. A.easily B.never C.even D.ever

18. A.rooms B.cars C.lights D.floors

19. A.slowly B.brightly C.clearly D.nearly

20. A.room B.place C.watch D.light


A young woman __1___ alone through the country . It __2___ dark and raining . Suddenly she saw an old woman by the side of the __3____ , holding her hand out as if she __4___ a lift .

“I can?t ___5___ her out in this weather ,” the woman said to herself , so she stopped the car and opened the __6___ .

“Do you want a lift ?” she asked , the old woman nodded and __7___ the car . After a while she said to the old woman , “Have you __8___ for a long time ?” The old woman shook her head . “Strange,” ___9__ the young woman . She tried again , “Bad weather for the time ___10__ year ,” she said . The old woman nodded . Although the driver tried some more , the lady said __11___ except for a nod of the ___12__ or something else .

Then the young woman __13___ the lady?s hands, they were very large and with thick hair . Suddenly she knew the lady was a ___14____! She stopped the car . “I can?t see that mirror __15___ ,” she said , “Would you mind cleaning it for me ?” The lady nodded and __16___ the door .

As soon as the lady was ___17__ the car , the woman drove off quickly .

When she got to the next village she ___18__ .She found that the old lady had left a ___19___ behind . She picked it up and opened it . She gave out a deep breath . ___20__ the bag was a gun !

1.A.has driven B.had driven C.was driving D.drove

2.A.was getting B.did C.was doing D.was coming

3.A.hill B.trees C.country D.road


4.A.liked B.asked C.had D.needed

5.A.throw B.leave C.make D.let

6.A.door B.car C.glass D.had

7.A.took in B.get off C.climbed into D.went to

8.A.lain B.kept C.sat D.waited

9.A.thought B.said C.spoke D.talked

10.A.out B.off C.in D.of

11.A.nothing B.anything C.something D.everything










B.head B.knew B.girl B.clearly B.turned B.out of B.slept B.box B.Out of C.face D.eye C.saw D.looked C.woman D.man C.carefully D.slowly C.closed D.put C.into D.in C.stood D.stopped C.handbag D.watch C.Inside D.Outside


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