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1. Don’t talk about such things of __________ you are not sure.

A. which B. what C. as D. those

2. Is this the factory __________ you visited the other day?

A. that B. where C. in which D. the one

3. Is this factory __________ some foreign friends visited last Friday?

A. that B. where C. which D. the one

4. Is this the factory __________ he worked ten years ago?

A. that B. where C. which D. the one

5. The wolves hid themselves in the places __________ couldn’t be found.

A. that B. where C. in which D. in that

6. The freezing point is the temperature __________ water changes into ice.

A. at which B. on that C. in which D. of what

7. This book will show you __________ can be used in other contexts..

A. how you have observed B. what you have observed

C. that you have observed D. how that you have observed

8. The reason is __________ he is unable to operate the machine.

A. because B. why C. that D. whether

9. I’ll tell you __________ he told me last week.

A. all which B. that C. all that D. which

10. That tree, __________ branches are almost bare, is very old.

A. whose B. of which C. in which D. on which

11. I have bought the same dress __________ she is wearing.

A. as B. that C. which D. what

12. He failed in the examination, __________ made his father very angry.

A. which B. it C. that D. what

13. We’re talking about the piano and the pianist __________ were in the concert we attended last night.

A. which B. whom C. who D. that

14. The girl __________ an English song in the next room is Tom’s sister.

A. who is singing B. is singing C. sang D. was singing

15. Those __________ not only from books but also through practice will succeed.

A. learn B. who C. that learns D. who learn

16. Anyone __________ this opinion may speak out.

A. that against B. that against C. who is against D. who are against

17. Didn’t you see the man __________?

A. I nodded just now B. whom I nodded just now C. I nodded to him just now D. I nodded to just now

18. Can you lend me the novel __________ the other day?

A. that you talked B. you talked about it C. which you talked with D. you talked about

19. Is there anything __________ to you?

A. that is belonged B. that belongs C. that belong D. which belongs

20. ---- “How do you like the book?”

---- “It’s quite different from __________ I read last month.”

A. that B. which C. the one D. the one what

21. Mr. Zhang gave the textbook to all the pupils except __________ who had already taken them.


A. the ones B. ones C. some D. the others

22. The train __________ she was travelling was late. A. which B. where C. on which D. in that

23. He has lost the key to the drawer __________ the papers are kept.

A. where B. in which C. under which D. which

24. Antarctic __________ we know very little is covered with thick ice all the year round.

A. which B. where C. that D. about which

25. It’s the third time __________ late this month.

A. that you arrived B. when you arrived C. that you’ve arrived D. when you’ve arrived

26. It was in 1969 __________ the American astronaut succeeded in landing on the moon.

A. that B. which C. when D. in which

27. May the fourth is the day __________ we Chinese people will never forget.

A. which B. when C. on which D. about which

28. We are going to spend the Spring Festival in Guangzhou, __________ live my grandparents and some relatives.

A. which B. that C. who D. where

29. The hotel __________ during our holidays stands by the seaside.

A. we stayed at B. where we stayed at C. we stayed D. in that we stayed

30. Is it in that factory __________ “Red Flag” cars are produced?

A. in which B. where C. which D. that

31. It is the Suez Canal __________ separates Asia __________ Africa.

A. which, to B. where, from C. that, from D. that, with

32. Under the bridge, however, almost directly below, __________ was a small canoe, with a boy in it.

A. there B. where C. it D. which

33. He is not __________ a fool __________.

A. such, as he is looked B. such, as he looks C. as, as he is looked D. so, as he looks

34. Is that the reason __________ you are in favour of the proposal?

A. which B. what C. why D. for that

35. He must be from Africa, __________ can be seen from his skin.

A. that B. as C. who D. what

36. He has two sons, __________ work as chemists.

A. two of whom B. both of whom C. both of which D. all of whom

37. I, __________ your good friend, will try my best to help you out.

A. who is B. who am C. that is D. what is

38. He is a man of great experience, __________ much can be learned.

A. who B. that C. from which D. from whom

39. ---- Do you know the town at all?

--- No, this is the first time I __________ here.

A. was B. have been C. came D. am coming

40. I don’t like __________ you speak to her.

A. the way B. the way in that C. the way which D. the way of which

41. The two things __________ they felt very proud are Jim’s gold watch and Della’s hair.

A. about which B. of which

C. in which D. for which

42. The dinner was the most expensive meal we __________.

A. would have B. have had C. had never had D. had ever had


43. Do you know which hotel __________?

A. she is staying B. she is staying in C. is she staying D. is she staying in

44. There is only one thing __________ I can do.

A. what B. that C . all D. which

45. Who can think of a situation __________ this idiom can be used?

A. which B. that C. where D. in that

46. I have many books, some of __________ are on chemistry.

A. them B. that C. which D. those

47. They were interested __________ you told them.

A. in which B. in that

C. all that D. in everything

48. The astronaut did many experiments in the spaceship, __________ much help for knowing space.

A. which we think it is B. which we think are of

C. of which we think is D. I think which is of

49. The great day we looked forward to __________ at last.

A. come B. came C. coming D. comes

50. I like the second football match __________ was held last week.

A. which B. who C. that D. /


1—5 AADBA 6—10 ABCCA 11—15 AADAD

16—20 CDDBC 21—25 ACBDC 26—30 AADAD

31—35 CABCB 36—40 BBDBA 41—45 BDBBC

46—50 CDBBC


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1. His success was because of ________ he had been working hard.

A. that B. the fact which C.the fact that D.the fact

2."Is Mary from New York City " "I don't know _______."

A. from what city does she come from B. from what city she come

C. what city does she come from D. what city she comes from

3.________ makes mistakes must correct them.

A. What B. That C. Whoever D. Whatever

4. The reason why I didn't go to Shanghai was ________ a new job.


A. because I got B. because of getting C. I got D. that I got

5. It worried her a bit ____ her hair was turning grey.

A. while B. that C. if D. for

6. Henry killed the dog. I'll ask him why ________.

A. did he do that B. he did that C. he did D. he has done so

7. Have you seen Henry lately My boss wants to know ________.

A. how he is getting along

B. how is he getting along

C. what he is getting along

D. what is he getting along

8. It is generally considered unwise to give a child ____ he or she wants.

A. however B. whatever C. whichever D. whenever

9. He asked me ________ with me.

A. what is the trouble B. what wrong was

C. what was the matter D. what trouble it is

10. I am sure ________ he said is true.

A. that B. about that C. of that D. that what

11. When and why he came here ________ yet.

A. is not known B. are not known

C. has not known D. have not bee

12.I wonder how much ________.

A. does the watch cost B. did the watch cost

C. the watch costed D. the watch costs

13. Mary is ________ someone might recognize her.

A. afraid of B. afraid about

C. afraid that D. afraid for

14.________ is no reason for dismissing her.

A. Because she was a few minutes late

B. Owing to a few minutes late

C. The fact that she was a few minutes late

D. Being a few minutes late


15. They came to the conclusion ________ by a computer.

A. that not all things can be done

B. because of not all things be done

C. being not all things can be done

D. because not all things can be done

16. Why the explosion occurred was ________ the laboratory attendant had been careless.

A. for B. because C. since D. that

17. I don't doubt ________ he'll come.

A. that B. if C. what D. whether

18."Why did you go to the wrong class, Mr. Wang "

"Well, I forget _______ I was supposed to go to."

A. which the room B. which room C. what was the room D. what room was it

19. Output is now six times ________ it was before liberation.

A. that B. which C. what D. of which

20. Mary: Helen is a mere washer woman, yet she's now buying a big house.

Carol: Yes. Because she's always saved ________.

A. what little she earns B. how little she earns

C. for little she earns D. with little she earns

21._______ surprised me most was ________ such a little boy of seven could play the violin so well.

A. That...what B. What...that C. That...which D. What...which

22. We gave him ________ help we could.

A. which B. what C. that D. this

23. She is pleased with what you have given him and ________ you have told him.

A. that B. which C. all what D. all that

24. Excuse me would you please tell me ________

A. when the sports meet is taken place

B. when is the sports meet going to be held

C. when is the sports meet to begin

D. when the sports meet is to take place

25. Do you happen to know ________

A. what size shoes he wears


B. how big shoes he wears

C. what is the size of his shoes

D. what number shoes are his

26. This book will show you ________ can be used in other contexts.

A. how you have observed

B. how what you have observed

C. that you have observed

D. how that you have observed

27. Where do you think ________

A. has he gone B. has he been

C. he's gone D. was he

28. Do you know ________

A. how many populations there are in the world

B. how much population there is in the world

C. how many the population of the world is

D. what the population of the world is

29. Would you go and see ________ outside

A. what to take place B. what Tom has happened

C. what is happening D. what the matter had been

30. The subject of "What is interesting is that I do not even know him." is_______.

A. what B. interesting C. What is interesting D. I

31.________ I think he is Charles.

A. Who do you think he is

B. Do you think who he is

C. Whom do you think he is

D. Do you think who he is

32. He didn't know which room ________.

A. they lived B. they lived in

C. did they live D. did they live in

33. The little boy ate ________ his mother gave him.

A. that B. which C. whatever D. no matter what


34. The city is no longer ________.

A. what it is B. that it used to be C. which it was D. what it used to be

35. My parents used ________ they had to get a new car for me.

A. which B. that C. what D. all what

36.________ we go swimming every day ________ us a lot of good.

A. If...do B. That...do

C. If...does D. That...does

37.________ was the idea _______ the wife thought of

A. What...that B. That...what C. How...why D. Why...how

38._______ did he tell his wife ________ he wished to do

A. That...what B. What...that C. Where...which D. Which...where

39.One of the men held the view ________ the book said was right.

A. what that B. that what

C. that which D. which that

40. I have no idea ________ or not he has finished the work.

A. if B. that C. whether D. which

41."Do you know ________ " "His father is a doctor."

A. what is his father B. who is his father

C. what his father is D. who his father is

42. Is this ________ we met each other two years ago

A. place B. place in which C. where D. place which

43. It ________ Bob drives badly.

A. thinks that B. is thought what C. thought that D. is thought that

44.We all know the truth ________ there are air, water and sunlight there are living things.

A. where B. wherever C. that D. that wherever

45. They discussed ________ they could settle the problem without others' help.

A. if B. that C. what D. whether

46. She asked ________.

A. what I was doing when she rang me up

B. what was I doing when she rang me up

C. when she rang me up what I was doing


D. when did she ring me up what I was doing

47. - May I borrow the ring

- You can take _______ you like.

A. no matter what B. which C. whichever D. that

48. He said that he was fond of ________.

A. what beautiful is B. what is beautiful

C. beautiful is what D. what it is beautiful

49. He insisted that he ________ in good health and _______ to work there.

A. was, be sent B. is, is sent C. be, was sent D. be, send

50. Do you know ________ he expects will give us a talk

A. who B. whom C. that D. whose

51. It's uncertain ________ the experiment is worth doing.

A. if B. that C. whether D. how

52. They would have fixed the telephone yesterday _________ it was a holiday.

A. except B. except for C. except that D. but for

53.________ is to do good all one's life and never do anything bad.

A. Whichever is hard B. No matter what is hard

C. What is hard D. All what is hard

54.________ the boy didn't take medicine made his mother angry.

A. That B. What C. How D. Which

55. As the day was fine, I made the suggestion ________ for a walk in the park.

A.we go B.we will go C.should we go D.that we go

56.____ we can't get seems better than ____ we have.

A. What, what B. What, that C. That, that D. That, what

57.____ you don't like him is none of my business.

A. What B. Who C. That D. Whether

58. You can't imagine ____ when they received these nice Christmas presents.

A. how they were excited B. how excited they were

C. how excited were they D. they were how excited

59.____ we'll go camping tomorrow depends on the weather.

A. If B. Whether C. That D. Where


60________he really means is ________he disagrees with us.

A. What … that B. That … what

C. Why … that D. If … what

61._________is going to do the job will be decided by the Party committee.

A. That B. Why C. How D. Who

62._______we'll finish translating the book depends on the time.

A. When B. Why C. What D. That

63._______the house will be built will be discussed at tomorrow's meeting.

A. If B. Where C. That D. What

64._______he won't go there is clear to all of us.

A. How B. What C. Why D. This

65._______you come or not is up to you.

A. What B. If C. Why D. Whether

66._______makes mistakes must correct them.

A. Who B. Anyone C. Whoever D. Anybody

67._______team will win the match is a matter of public concern.

A. Which B. That C. If D. How

68.Three days later, word came ________our country had sent up another man-made satellite.

A. which B. when C. that D. where

69.The problem is ________will go to the meeting.

A. why B. when C. what D. who

70.It looks _______ it were going to rain.

A. even if B. as if C. even though D. like

71.That is _______ he likes the place so much.

A. that B. what C. why D. how

72.That is ______ Lu Xun once lived.

A. what B. where C. that D. why

73.We thought _______ strange that Tom did not come yesterday.

A. that B. it C. this D. what

74.The fact _______ she had not said anything surprised all of us.

A. which B. what C. that D. how


75.What I'm considering now _________ the money we need.

A. is B. are C. were D. was

76.Can you tell me __________

A. who is that gentleman

B. that gentleman is who

C. who that gentleman is

D. whom is that gentleman

77.________leaves the room last ought to turn off the lights.

A. Anyone B. The person C. Whoever D. Who

78. It is well known _________ a person eats causes changes in the body.

A. that what, when, and how B. that

C. what D. how

79. The energy is ________ makes the cells able to do their work.

A. that B. which C. what D. such

80. Jack was soon told ________ he did was not necessary.

A. why B. that C. how D. why what

81. We should think carefully about ________ Mr. Needham said at the meeting.

A. that B. what C. which D. X

82. Can you point out ________ two radios are the best

A. which B. what C. that D. whether

83. You will easily know ________ video recorders (录相机) are the same.

A. what those B. that of those

C. that all of D. which of those

84. ________ you have seen things like these before doesn't matter.

A. If B. Whether C. What D. When

85. I asked her in English ________ she was, and she told me ________ she was an actress.

A. who…that B. who…X

C. what…X D. how…that

86. She took it for granted ________ I'd be back home an hour ago.

A. that B. whether C. if D. when

87. We think it possible ________ the local government will be able to solve the housing problem.


A. for B. that C. when D. how

88. Now there is a danger ________ the ground may fall in (沉下) under the heavy traffic.

A. whether B. if C. X D. that

89. At that time I had no idea ________ I could hand it to him without being seen.

A. if B. how C. which D. that how

90. Last Sunday he promised ________ today, but he hasn't appeared yet.

A. that he would come B. that he will come

C. he will come to see me D. whether he would come

91. Last Sunday he made a promise ________ he was free he would take me to Qingdao.

A. if B. that C. that if D. whether

92. Do you have any idea ________

A. when Miss Smith will arrive

B. when will Miss Smith arrive

C. how will Miss Smith arrive

D. why hasn't Miss Smith arrived

93. I have almost forgotten ________.

A. how Mr. Taylor's like B. what Mr. Taylor's face is like

C. what Mr. Taylor's face is D. which Mr. Taylor's face is like

94. The true value of life is not in ________, but ________.

A. how you get …that you give

B. which you got what you give

C. what you get …what you give

D. what do you get…what do you give

95. Do you know ________

A. what is this used for B. what this is used for

C. which this is used D. that this is used for

96. ________ surprised me most was ________.

A. That…that she spoke Japanese so well

B. What…how could she speak Japanese so well

C. What…that she spoke Japanese so well

D. That…why she could speak Japanese so well


97. ________ is to dance.

A. That interests Mary really B. Which really interests Mary.

C. What really interests Mary D. What really interest Mary

98. We were greatly amused by ________.

A. what you have told us B. which you had told us

C. what you told us D. that you told us

99. These computers are different from ________.

A. that we expected B. what we expected

C. which we have expected D. what we expect

100. ________ Tom liked to eat was different from ________.

A. That…that you had expected

B. What …that you had expected

C. That…what you had expected

D. What…what you had expected


1-5. CDCDB 6-10. BABCD 11-15. ADCCA 16-20. DABCA 21-25. BBDDA 26-30. BCDCC 31-35. ABCDC 36-40. DABBC 41-45. CCDDD 46-50. ACBAA 51-55. CCCAD 56-60. ACBBA 61-65. DABCD 66-70. CACDB 71-75. CBBCA 76-80. CCCCD 71-85. BADBC 86-90. ABDBA 91-95. CABCB 96-100. CCCBD


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