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七年级英语Do_you_like_bananas课件1 (2)

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Unit 6

Do you like bananas ?

fruits fruit

peach strawberries



vegetables vegetable
tomatoes tomato

carrot carrots potatoes potato

fast food

ice cream


French fries

Task 1 Pairwork 结对练习
Exercise 1:用Do you like …?调查同桌对这些食物的喜好, draw for like(喜欢) and for dislike(不喜欢).

He/she likes …and …, but he/she doesn’t like …or….

注意like的句型: Do you like
eggs ? carrots ? chicken ?
oranges ? Yes, I/we do. No, I/we don’t. I/we like eggs and carrots, but I/we don’t like chicken or oranges. eggs ? carrots ? 呵呵 我知 道啦

Does he/she like
Yes, he/she does.

chicken ? oranges ?

No, he/she doesn’t.

He/she likes …and …,but he/she doesn’t like …or…

Task 2 Pairwork 结对活动
用Does Bob/Bill like …?Yes, he does./ No, he doesn't. Draw or in the chart.

Bob Bill Bob likes French fries and ice cream, but he doesn’t like strawberries or salad.

Task 3 Food Survey n.食物
food likes doesn’t like Zhao Jun

tomatoes a hamburger

Liu Li

French fries
pears salad ice cream


XXX likes …and…, but he/she doesn’t like …or…

I like … , … and …. But I don’t like… Tom likes … He doesn’t like … Lucy likes … She doesn’t like …

the Simple Present Tense 一般现在时态

(1)be 动词
主语+ (2)have 动词

am is are + not +表语


don’t doesn’t (三单) + have + 宾语 don’t doesn’t (三单) + 动原 + 状语


the Simple Present Tense 一般现在
(1)be 动词

主语+ 表语


Am Is Are
(2)have 动词

Do Does (三单)

主语+ have+宾语+?

Do Does (三单)

主语+ 动原+状语+?


定义:是可以计数的名词。 (1) 可数名词前可以用 a , an 限定。 (2) 可数名词前可以用 one, two , three… 限定。 (3) (4) 可数名词有复数形式。

可数名词和不可数名词 不可数名词

(1) 定义:是指不能计数的名词。

不可数名词前不可以用 a , an 限定。 (2)

不可数名词前不可以用 one, two , three… 限定。 (3)

(4) 不可数名词没有复数形式。

可数名词复数形式的构成 1
名词特点 词尾加法

1. -s在清辅音后读[s] 2. -s在浊辅音后读[z]




3. -s在元音后读[z]

4. 以音素[ s , z , , ]结尾 的,读[iz]

desks apples trees oranges
boxes watches knives wives

以-s, -x, -sh, -ch 结尾的 以 f 或 fe 结尾的

改f或fe为v 再加-es

-es读[iz] -ves读[vz]

可数名词复数形式的构成 2
名词特点 词尾加法



以辅音字母 改y为i 再 加y结尾的 加-es
以元音字母 加y结尾的

families -ies读[iz] di

ctionaries -s读[z]
-es读[z] -s读[z] boys keys tomatoes potatoes photos radios

有生命的事 物加-es 无生命的事 物加-s

以o 结尾的

Runner eats well ! Middlebrook High running star Katrina Pedrosa eats lots of healthy food . For breakfast , she likes eggs , bananas , and apples . For lunch , she likes hamburgers , salad , and oranges . And for dinner , she has chicken , tomatoes , French fries and , for dessert , ice cream .


running star


eat lots of healthy food

一、用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空 1.—What time _______ Tom usually _______(get)up? does get

—He usually _______ (get)up at half past six.

gets —What is the time now?
—What _____ Tom _______ (do)now?

—He ______________ (put on)his clothes.



is putting on

2Lucy often _______ (have)lunch at school.Sometimes she _______ (have) lunch at home. 3.—Where are they? —Look!They _______ (run)over there. 4.My father is always very busy.He _______(sleep)only six hours every night.


1.Listen!They are sing an English song.
2.The twins are swiming in the lake.

3.Does Tom has any classes on Saturday morning? 4.Jack often watchs TV at home.
5.—Do you like playing football?

—Yes,I like.

Key: 一、1.does;get ;gets;is ;doing;is putting on 2.has;has 3.are running 4.sleeps

二、1.将sing改为singing。 2.将 swiming改为swimming。 3.将has改为 have。 4.将watchs改为watches。 5.将 第2个like改为do。

the Simple Present Tense 一般现在时态

likes -s在浊辅音后读/z/ knows ds 读 /dz/ reads ts 读 /ts/ gets

the Simple Present Tense 一般现在时态


注:go ---- goes 读/g z/ do ---- does 读/d z/

guess ---- guesses fix ---- fixs watch ---- watches wash ---- washes

the Simple Present Tense 一般现在时态
改 y 为 i ,再加-es, 读/iz/


carry ---- carries fly ---- flies 注:play ---- plays 读/pleiz/ say ---- says 读/sez/

the Simple Present Tense 一般现在时态


have ---- has


A. 一种 1. tomato
2. dinner 3. breakfast 4. computer

B. 两种 C. 三种 D. 四种 name bookcase carrot (C )
ice pencil eat orange broccoli (C ) meat ( B) boring ( D) cream sofa

5. watches bananas oranges books ( C)


egetables 1. Do yo

u like to eat v_____________ ?
2. For breakfast , he often eats e_____ and salad. ggs
3. Apples is a kind of f_____ . ruit 4. He likes salad and h_____________ very much. amburgers 5. My father’s brothers are my u________ . ncles 6. The family have d________ at 5 o’clock in the inner evening .

trawberries 7. S______________ are red in color .

8. C____________ is a king of meat (肉) . hicken
ookcase 9. There are lots of books on the b___________ .

ifficult 10. Playing baseball is very d _________ for Jane .
ruit 11. There’s a f________ shop near our school . It sells bananas , apples and things like that .


1. ______ they ______ Chinese food ? A. Are ; liking B. Are ; like C. Do ; like D. Do ; like 2. The lunch in our school ______ good . A. are B. be C. is D. /

3. In the shop you can buy ______ things . A. a lot B. much C. lots of D. a lots of
4. Look ! Some meat ______ in the bag . Some vegetables ______ in the basket . A. are ; is B. are ; are C. is ; is D. is ; are

三 、 单 项 填 空

5. Let’s _______ now . A. to go to home C. to go home

B. go to home D. go home

6. My brother _____ _____ very much . A. like banana B. likes bananas C. like bananas D. likes bananas
7. They have eggs and apples ________ breakfast . A. with B. and C. for D. on

8. There is some _____ on the table . A. banana B. chicken C. tomato D. apple

9. ---- Do you like broccoli ? ---- _________ . A. Yes , I like B. No , I do C. Yes , I not D. No , I don’t 10. Mary _________ vegetables . A. don’t like B. doesn’t like C. doesn’t likes D. like

A. Some are 1. What are in the boxes ? black , and F 2. Who’d that old woman ? some are D yellow . 3. What color are the birds ?A B. Behind that

4. 5. 6. 7.

tree . Where is my bike ? B C. Eggs and salad. D. My aunt . Is your new coat red ? E E. Yes , it is . Do you have a tennis racket ? F. Some hats , I G think . What do you like for your G. Yes , I do .

breakfast ? C

五、按要求改写下列句子 1. Her sister likes chicken a lot .

What does ______ ______ her sister _____ a lot ? like

2. His mother has lunch at home .

Does _____ his mother _____ lunch at home? have

3. Do they like salad for dinner ? 肯定和否定回答)


they don’t Yes , they ___ . No , _____ _____. _____ do
4. 你喜欢冰淇淋吗?是的, 我喜欢。 Do like ______ you ______ ice cream ? _____ _____ . do I

Yes ,

5. 我表弟喜欢玩电子游戏。 My cousin ______ playing __________ likes computer ________ . games

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