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外研版英语初三上 M12练习题

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1.along with 与……一起

2. thanks to 由于,多亏 because of .. with the help of sb...

3. add to 向……增加4. look up 查找,查阅 5. come toward sb. 朝某人走过去

6. come up 发生,出现,举行,进行 7. present the prizes 颁奖

8. be close to 靠近…, 离……近 9. have a better life 过更好的生活

10. close down 关闭 11. protect…from… 保护……不受……侵害

12. be free from不受……影响,没有……的 13. a great number of 大量的,许多的

14. because of 由于,因为 15. at the end of the school term 在学期末

16. work hard to do sth. 努力去做某事

17. at the same time 在同一时间 18. move to +地方 搬迁到某地

19. more and more people 越来越多人

less and less water 水越来越少 more and more difficult 越来越困难

Module 12 短语

1.make progress 取得进步 2. a pair of trousers 一条裤子3. fill in 填写

4. check in 登记入住,(在机场)办理登记手续 5. the whole class 整个班

6. give a warm welcome to sb. 热烈欢迎某人7. fly to 坐飞机去……

8. do an English course 上英语课9. watch sb. do sth. 观看某人做某事

10. at the beginning of 在……的开始11. plenty of 相当多的,大量的

14. by the end of 到…..末为止;到……结束时

15.take place 发生(通常指经过安排的发生

1.Your hair looks nice./You look smart.

此处look 作系动词,意为 ,是一个感官动词。常用的感官动词有look, sound, smell, feel, taste后跟



2.I am pleased to present the prizes today. 今天能来颁奖,我感到非常高兴。 please v. 使……高兴 使某人高兴 _________________

pleased adj. 高兴的,满意的 很高兴做某事 _____________________

对……满意 _______________________

pleasant adj. 令人愉快的,宜人的 令人愉快的旅行 ___________________

pleasure n. 愉快,高兴 不用谢 _________________ __________________

很乐意 ___________________

造句:你所说的使我很满意。(please sb.) ________________________________

我很高兴听到你所说的。(be pleased to do) _________________________

我对你所说的很满意。(be pleased with) ____________________________

3.…you are coming to watch Crazy Feet record its latest CD.

在本句中,watch Crazy Feet record its latest CD的意思是___________________. watch后面的动词不定式,如record,作宾语补足语时,不定式符号to要省略。


watch/see/hear/listen to sb. do sth.

如:We saw him ________ (enter) the building at 8:00.

At ten o’clock Jane heard him __________ (go) out.

4. I haven’t got anything to wear!


不定式to wear作anything的______语,与被修饰词在逻辑上有_________关系.






1) 集体名词一般按单数对待,但如果强调其成员可以视为复数。

Your host family ________ (meet) you at the airport.

The whole family __________ (have) supper when I dropped in.

The whole class ________ (be) just behind us.

Our class __________ (play) football on the playground now.

2)由两部分构成的物体的名词,如glasses, shoes, trousers, chopsticks, pants, jeans,

gloves等作主语时, 谓语动词用复数。

My jeans _______(be) too small. My sunglasses ________ (be) too old.

但如果这类名词前用了a pair of等词修饰,则单复数取决于pair的单复数。

Here _________ (be) some new pairs of shoes.

This pair of sunglasses ______________ (work) well. 1.用所给词的适当形式填空:

(please)with his students.

2) We often hear him ___________ (play) the piano in the afternoon..

3) Your trousers __________ (look) too tight, but the pair of shoes ________ (fit)

you well.

4) There’s a lot __________(see) and _________ (do) in Beijing.

2. 句型转换

1) You are welcome warmly.


1) We provide weekly tests to see the progress You are making with your language skills of reading, writing, speaking and

listening.是______________ 从句,修饰_____________.由于关系代词that/which在从句中作make 的宾语,已被省略。


____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

2) learning English, we want to experience life in the USA. 除学习英语之外,我们还想让你体验美国生活。

①: As well as 表示“和,及,既…… 又……” 用作连词词组,可连接多种成分,其重点在前者。

The robot is able to dance _____ _______ ______ sing.


He can speak French_______ ________ ______ English.


The girl is lovely _______ _______ _________ pretty.



有with, together with, along with, besides, expect, but, like, including等。 He as well as I _________ (be) a teacher.

Mary with her parents ___________(go) to the park every week.

②:而该句是将as well as learning English 提到了前面,所以重点是后面的experience life in the USA,表示“既学习英语, 又学习美国的生活。” _______ ______ _______ English, he can speak English.


______ ______ ______singing a song , she danced at the party.


3) You live with an American family ,and you take part in American life. 你会与一个美国家庭同住,参与美国生活。

Take part in 意思是“__________ ”,指___________. join指__________.

A. 指参加某一群人的活动,也可指加入某个组织 B.指参加某项活动 Can I __________ you ?

He is too young to _______ the army.

4)There are also weekend visits 句中“organized to San Francisco and other places of interest in California”是过去分词短语作___________ 语修饰weekend visits。过去分词短语作________语时,必须放在被修饰词的后面,作后置定语。

此句的意思是____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________. Have you seen the book _________(write) by Lu Xun?

Do you know the girl _____________(call) Mary?



A million dollars _________ (be) a large sum of money.

②有的主语形式上是复数,但实际上表单数意义。如maths, news, physics等。 No news __________ (be) good news.

Physics _________ (be) my favourite subject.

③people(人民), police, cattle(牛群)等常用复数动词。

People _________(be) very excited when they see their favourite singer. ④关系代词在定语从句中作主语时,谓语动词与先行词一致。

Every day wo have activities which ________ (take) place after class.

The scientist who often ________ (give) us lectures is very famous.

⑤either……or……, neither……onr……, not only……but also……连接主语以及there be结构中,谓语动词与最近的主语一致。

There _______(be) a pen, two pencils and three rulers in the box.

Neither I nor he _________(be) to that country.

1. 用所给词的适当形式填空。

1)The match _______________(organize) by our school last week is a success.

2)As well as ________(learn) English , we want you to experience life in the USA.

3)The student, with the host family , _________ (be) invited to a welcome party when he arrived at the city.

4)We try to give our students the best possible ________(experienced) of English and life in the USA.

2. 单项选择 .

1)In the coming summer holidays, my family members _____ going to take a one-week trip to Qingdao.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

2)Everyone here , including children and old people , ______in for sports..

A. go B. going C. to go D. goes

3) Three fourths of the land _____________.

A. have polluted B. has polluted

C. have been polluted D. has been polluted

4)The police ______ there’ll be ________ at the concert.

A. hopes, no trouble B. hope, no trouble

C. hopes, no problems D. hope, not have anything


( )1. There weren’t _______ people at the meeting as we had hoped.

A. as many B. so much C. as much ( )2. — Who won the first prize of the competition?

— A _______ boy did.

A. 15 years old B. 15-years-old C. 15-year-old

( )3. Could you please tell us______? A. where we should go B. what should we do C. when will we start ( )4. He isn’t _____. He’s still _____.

A.die ; living B. dead ; alive C. death ; lively

( )5. — What a beautiful car it is !

— Yeah. It _____ Guangzhou.

A. made in B. is made in C. is made of

( ) 6.She’s been skating _______ five hours.

A in B for C more D less

( ) 7. Do you have anything _______ to tell me?

A other B others C else D what

( ) 8. People also went to Baghdad _______ because it had excellent school.

A study B studying C to study D studies

( ) 9. I practise English _______.

A either B neither C as well D also

( ) 10. Please _______ the TV.

A switch B switch off C cut off D go off

( ) 11. _______ years ago, there lived a king.

A Hundred B Hundreds C Hundreds of D Hundred of

( ) 12. It______ me two weeks to read the novel.

A paid B spend C cost D took

( ) 13. If it ______ sunny, we ______ boats.

A is, sail B will be, sail C is, will sail D will be, will sail

( ) 14.The village_____ Xin Cun.

A calls B is called C calling D is calling

( ) 15. There isn’t _______ in the bag.

A else anything B else something

C something else D anything else

( ) 16. The flowers are very beautiful _______May.

A on B in C at D /

( ) 17. What do you usually do ________ the weekend?

A in B at C of D for

( ) 18. How about _____out for a walk?

A go B goes C going D went

( ) 19. This question is ______ difficult _______ I can’t do it.

A too, to B so, to C so, that D Though

( ) 20.I think it’s a ______ story.

A fun B funny C funnily D funs

( ) 21.Mary _____TV when I came in.

A watches B is watching C was watching D watched

( ) 22.My favorite subject ______ English.

A am B is C are D were

( ) 23. Listen, they are practising _______ English.

A speak B speaks C speaking D spoke

( ) 24.The people ______ are sitting near us are very noisy.

A who B whom C which D whose

( ) 25. Travelling by bus is _______ than train.

A cheap B cheaper C more cheap D cheapest


A 14-year-old boy from the USA was described as a hero yesterday after he saved the life of a woman in another country.

Dean Bluey from Dallas,Texas,was a school boy who has much in computer.One day,he an email to a friend on the Internet.Suddenly he received a message saying “Help! Pain! Help!”."The message was from Finland, kilometers away from America.

“I didn't know I should do,”Dean said to a reporter afterwards.“It was really difficult to tell if the message was real.”So Dean did nothing at first the message kept coming.

“By then it was easy to see that someone was in trouble,” Dean explained. He and discovered that the sender was a student called Tarja, who was alone in a university library. She was ill. What was only way of communicating with the world was by email. Dean got in touch the police immediately. And they realized that the situation was quite serious. They called the police in Finland. Then an ambulance rushed to the library. , she was still alive and was sent to the hospital quickly.

“I'm glad she's OK,” Dean said. “It's hard to believe, but saved her life.”

1.A.interest B.interested C.interesting D.interests

2.A.sent B.sends C.was sending D.is sending

3.A.thousand B.thousand of C.thousands D.thousands of

4.A.how B.what C.where D.when

5.A.So B.And C.But D.As

6.A.telephoned B.replied C.found D.talked

7.A.better B.worse C.harder D.easier

8.A.with B.on C.to D.at

9.A.Hardly B.Happily C.Luckily D.Carefully

10.A.a boy B.doctors C.the police D.email



Summer Camp


Kitty 6219-7830 huamandarin@hotmail.com www.huamandarin.cn

Are you looking for a place where you can enjoy Chinese study and experience Chinese culture during the summer holiday? Hua Mandarin could be your wise choice.

The new summer camp will start on July 28th and end on August 18th. We provide very small groups with 2-4 people for you to learn Chinese in an effective way. Activities including calligraphy(书法), painting, culture show, Chinese movies, kung fu, swimming, and so on will help you walk into Chinese culture with fun. Welcome to call at 62197830 * Kitty for more details.


The earlier camp finished last week. Students are happy here, although they have to learn a lot upon parents’ request(要求). Teachers here are trying to help children to learn in a funny way. — Kitty in Shanghai

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( )1. Hua Mandarin is the name of a _____.

A. person B. school C. Chinese course D. summer camp

( )2. The new summer camp will last for ____.

A. half a month B. twenty-two days C. one month D. two months

( )3. If you want to take part in the new summer camp, you ca n call at _____.

A. 56791830 B. 62187038 C. 62197830 D. 57917380

( )4. The new summer camp mainly gives children a chance to enjoy _____.

A. Chinese movies B. some paintings

C. Chinese culture D. some sports

( )5. You can get more information about the new summer camp by _____.

A. making a call B. sending an email

C. visiting the website D. all the above


Millions of children in the United States go to summer camps. Some go to play outdoors at

traditional camps in the woods, in the mountains or on lakes. But families now have many choices of special camps. These can be in the middle of nature or a big city. Special camps offer young people the chance to learn about different subjects: anything from space exploration to business to medicine.

In technology camps, one subject that children can learn about is video game

design. They learn how to use computer programs to create games of their own. One program that teaches video game design is called Cybercamps. Children can learn

how to design their own virtual(实际上的) worlds to set their video game in. Then, they program their own rules and objects into the game.

Cybercamps also offers courses in robot building and Web desig n. A recent story in the Washington Post described how one child made a robot that could sing a song. Another made a robot that could follow a black line drawn on a piece of cardboard. Also, children can learn how to make Web sites. One child made a site for Pokemon, one of his favourite cartoon shows.

( )1. Traditional camps are _______.

A. in the woods B. in the mountains C. on lakes D. all above

( )2. Special camps offer young people the chance to learn _______.

A. only space B. only science

C. only medicine D. different subjects

( )3. In Cybercamps a child made a robot that could _______.

A. sing B. dance C. speak D. draw

( )4. Which one is NOT true according to the passage?

A. There are many special camps in the USA now.

B. Families prefer traditional camps to special camps.

C. Special camps can be in the middle of nature or a big city.

D. In technology camps, children can create games of their own.

( )5. The best title for the passage is _______.

A. Traditional camps B. Special camps

C. Summer camps D. Summer holiday

五、补全对话。)根据对话内容,从方框内的选项中选出横线上所需的选项。(选项中有一项多余选项)。 A.Thank you for talking to me today.

B.Anything else ?

C.Where are you going for your next vacation ?

D.And it’s always sunny and warm. (,a pop star.) E.How do you like Italy ? :Hi, Andrew: You’re welcome.It’s nice to meet you,Nancy.

Reporter:Our readers want to know what famous people do for vacation.Andrew: Well,I’m going to the south of Italy.

Reporter:What’s the weather like there?

Andrew: It’s beautiful.

Reporter:Really ? What are you doing there ?

Andrew: Oh,going to the beach.Maybe playing volleyball…

Reporter:Andrew: Oh,yes,going sightseeing,going shopping,you know,the usual… Reporter:And how long are you staying ?



“What’s that smell?” “Do you h________(1) that noise?” “Taste this!” “Look at me!” “Feel this. Isn’t it soft?” When you hear o________(2) even use these sentences, you probably don’t stop to think w________(3) we use them. Well, it’s because of our sense organs — nose, e________(4), ears, tongue and skin. They are taking in information and s________(5) it to the brain for processing (处理).

Many scientists say we actually have n________(6) senses — sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, pain, balance, thirst and hunger. Hearing, sight, taste, touch and smell are k________(7) as our external (外部的) senses. Pain, balance, thirst, and hunger are considered (认为) to b________(8) our internal senses. They provide information about the body and i________(9) needs. For example, the sense of hunger shows that the body n________(10) food.


1. We have to wear sports shoes in PE classes. (改为一般疑问句) _________ we _________ to wear sports shoes in PE classes? (对划线部分提问)

_________ _________ does the red light change?

3. What do you think of the colour TV set?

________ do you ________ the colour TV set?

4. It took him quite a long time to get the work done.

He _________ quite a long time __________ the work.

5. Sometimes he keeps working and doesn’t have any rest.

Sometimes he keeps working ____________ _____________.


1. 据我所知,张老师今天不来了。

Mr Zhang isn’t coming today, as _________ ________ I know.

2. 宋祖英是公认的出色的歌唱家。

Song Zuying is well-known __________ a ___________ singer.

3. 我的问题与今天的作业有关。

My question has something to __________ __________ today’s homework.

4. 每年有数百万人看萨士比亚的表演。

Shakespeare's plays __________ ___________ by millions of people every year.

5. 他长大了想成为作家。

He wants to be a writer when he __________ __________ .


目前,全世界都在提倡“低碳环保,从我做起”。请你写一篇以“Protecting the environment(保护环境)”为主题的英语短文。





参考词汇:energy-saving lamp n.节能灯; used adj. 用过的; lower grades n.下届;plastic bags n. 塑料袋





Protecting the environment

Today, low-carbon life is advocated all over the world. ___________________________


__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Let’s take actions.

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