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1)人称代词口诀:动前主格动后宾;名前形容介后宾; 如果名词含在内, 选用名物代就行。 ① Your clothes are on the desk. Please put _________ (they, them, their, theirs) away. ② We all like _________(she,her, hers).

③ (I, Me, My, Mine)_________ can't get my kite. Could you help _________(I,me,my,mine)?

④ These are _________(he,him,his ) planes. The white ones are _________(I,me,mine). 2)形物代变名物代: 多数词尾加 s ; my , its , his要除外; my把y来变成i,接着

再把 ne 带 ; his , its 不用变, 词形一样莫奇怪。 二.可数名词与不可数名词

1.不规则名词复数: ①特殊变化

man________ woman_________ policeman__________ policewoman ___________ child____________ tooth________________ foot_______________ ② 单复数同形.

people_____________ Chinese ____________ Japanese ______________ ③其他各国人以 a n, i a n 收尾的 直接加________。

American_________ Australian_______ Indian _________ German______________

④ There are four ____________ and two___________________ in the group.

A. Japanese, Germen B Japaneses, Germen C. Japanese,German D.Japanese, Germans

2. 当量词可数,且前面的数词是两者以上复数概念,量词需要用复数形式,

①. The boys have got _______ already.

A. two bread B. two bread C. two pieces of bread D. two piece of bread

3. 很多词都是一词多义,名词也不例外,同一个词在一种情况下是可数名词,而在另一种情况下却是不可数名词。

① I like chicken , vegetables and fish for dinner. _________________________ ② Old Macdonald has many chickens in the farm. ___________________________

4.名词充当主语时,谓语动词在人称、数等方面必须与其保持一致, 即主谓一致性. ①There ______________ on the wall .They are very beautiful.

A. are photoes B. are photos C. is a photo D. is photos ②. There _________two ______________ in the box.

A. is watch B. are watches C. are watch D. is watches

5. some/ any/ lots of/ a lot of 可以接可数也可接不可数;many以及其相应词语too many/ how many 用于可数名词复数;much以及其相应too much/ how much 用于不可数名词。 ①How ____________ milk ____________ in the glass?


1. 定义:祈使句是用来表示请求、命令等含义的句子。

2. 特点:常省略主语you, 以动词原形开头,末尾句号或感叹号,可在句首或句末please。

3. 句式:祈使句只有肯定和否定两种形式。

① 肯定形式: 1)be+形容词/ 名词

________________________ (be ) quiet, please .


_________________________ (open) your books!

3) Let+宾语+ 动词原形

Let’s ________________________ (go ) shopping for some food and drink. ②否定形式:一般在动词原形前加否定词don’t ,也可以用否定词never等来表示。

1)___________________________ (not, do )come here , please!

2) _____________________________ (not, be) so sad. Everything will be OK.

3)Let’s _________________________( not, go ) shopping for some food and drink. 四.but/or/so/ and 的用法.

and表顺延, 递进关系“,和,又, 而且”.①A healthy breakfast is healthy in the morning,__it’s my favorite meal. but表转折关系,“但是”; ①Meat is healthy , ______ too much meat is bad for children. so表因果,承接关系,“因此”;①We haven’t got any oranges, _________ let’s get some. or表选择的关系,“或者” ① Which do you like better , juice _______Coke ?

四.Health/ healthy/ good /well It’s +形容词(+for sb) + to do sth.

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