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初三英语课件unit 9

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Let’s do it fighting !fighting! fighting!

Let’s play a small game : “can you guess” ? Now you know there is something in my pocket. I can’t talk with some people on it in the class . but I can watch time on it , because I don’t have a watch . Can you guess what it is?

Unit 9

Section A 1a-2c

part1: objectives

Unit9: learn to understand and use the passive voice (questions and statements) 学习理解和使用被动语态(疑问和陈述)

Period1: listening and speaking (听说课) listen and speak about inventions 听并且讨论一些发明 Three important sentences: 1.When was it invented?It was invented in… 2.Who was it/were they invented by? It was /they were invented by… 3.What is it /are they used for? It is /they are used for…

Part 2:self-study
Unit 9 invent calculator be used for scoop adjustable heel battery operate Battery-operated slipper heat bulb light bulb

小方法: 你可以通过音标读单词,很容易哦

[in'vent] ['k?lkjuleit?] [sku:p] [?’d??st?bl] [hi:l] ['b?t?ri] ['?p?reit] ['slip?] [hi:t] [b?lb]

发明;创造 计算器 用来做…… 用勺舀、勺子、

电池 操作;作业 电池供电的 拖鞋 加热;使变热 电灯泡;电灯 电灯泡

was / were + vt. pp
A: When was the telephone invented? B: Well, I think it was invented in _____

1885 1876 1927 1971

A: When was the car invented? B: Well, I think it was invented in ____

1885 1876 1927 1971

You can Find out the real dates:
1b listen and match the inventions and the dates.

_____ 1876 d
_____ 1885 a

_____ 1927 e
_____ 1971 c

_____ 1976 b

A: When was the car invented? B: It was invented in 1885. A:I think the car was invented before the telephone , do you think so? B:No ,because the telephone was invented in1876

1876 1927 1971



Write down the right order they were invented






Who was the telephone invented by?
Bell invented the telephone. was invented The telephone _____________by Bell.

be used for doing sth =be used to do sth被用来做…

A: What is the _______

used for?
B: I think it is used for talking with people __________________.

(talk with people)

Complete the chart.Ask and answer in pairs.
Inventions When was it Who was it invented? invented by What is it used for?



Getting two Americans information from the world


light bulb



battery['b?t?ri]-operated slippers

ice cream scoop [sku:p]
heated ice cream scoop


shoes with adjustable[?‘d??st?bl]可调节的 heels后跟


2a Listen and number the inventions in the order.
It’s used for scooping really cold ice cream. Right. It was invented by Chelsea Lanmon.

______ 3 shoes with adjustable heels

_______ 1 battery-operated slippers

_______ 2 heated ice cream


2b Listen again and match the inventions with their inventors and uses. Invention shoes with adjustable heels battery-operated sneakers Who was it/were they invented by Chelsea Lanmon Jayce Coziar and Jamie Ellsworth What is it/are they used for? scooping really cold ice cream seeking in the dark changing the style of the shoes

heated ice cream Julie Thompson scoop

To test your memory

Changing theadjustable heels style of the shoes Shoes withand Jamie Ellsworth Jayce Coziar

Whatwerethey?used for? by? What are they invented are they ?Who

What are they? What are they used for? ?Who were they invented by?
seeing Thompson in the dark battery-operated slippers Julie

What is it used for? Who wasthis? What is it invented by?
scooping really cold ice cream Chelsea cream heated iceLanmon scoop

Part 3.summary.
发明 invent

v. →n. Inventor发明者Invention发明

Inventions The inventorinvented many____________ all his life. ____ ____ _________ calculator n.计算器 adjustable heels可调整的鞋跟 battery n.电池 operate v.操作,手术 slipper heat scoop n.拖鞋 v.加热 n./v. 勺子,用勺子舀

→n. operation

light bulb


?Can you tell me

some new sentences in this lesson

The passive voice. 被动语态
Bell invented the telephone in 1876.
主语 谓语动词 过去时 宾语 时间状语

The telephone was invented by Bell in 1876.
主语 谓语动词的 过去分词 宾语 时间状语

Part 4. A级self check

[1]. Many trees____ by people every year. A. plants B. are planted C. was planted

一般现在时的被动语态: am / is / are + done

[2]. The lost boy ____ at the street corner last night. A. was found B. is found C. was looked for

一般过去时的被动语态: was / were + done

[3]. More building ____ in the future. A. will send up B. will be sent up C. are sent up

一般将来时的被动语态: will + be + done be going to + be + done

[4]. Three bridges ____ since last year. A. have built B. were built C. have been built

现在完成时的被动语态: have/ has+ been + done

[5]. Flowers ____ every day. A. has been watered B. should be watered C. should water


情态动词 + be + done

B级Self-check :

was invented 1. Who _______ the telephone ________by? ( 发明) invented 2. When was the car ________? (发明) used is 3. What ____ the heated ice cream scoop _____ for ______? (被用来……) cutting 4.These knives are used for________(cut) things. 5.I think the light bulb is an important___________ inventions (invent)

C 级试一试

Change the following sentences into passive voice.

1.Edison invented the light bulb . was ________ by The light bulb ____ invented ___ Edison. 2.All the students like their teacher. Their teacher ___ _____ by all the students. is liked 3.American speak English. is spoken by English ___ _______ ___ American. 4.We visited this farm last

year. __________________________________ This farm was visited by us last year. 5.I saw him enter the room. was seen to enter He ____ _____ ___ _____ the room.

Thanks for listening!

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