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A.it B.that C.those D.Then 2. My brother studied ______to do well in this exam.

A. hard enough B enough hard ]

C. hardly enough D. enough harder

3 I am at least _____age _________Robert if I am not older than he. A. the same; as B the same; with

C .as same; as D .as same; with

4.He is ----- excited ------ speak.

A too, to B to, to C so, that D that so 5. Be careful! The water is too hot! You'd better _______it right now.

A . do not drink B. not to drink C. not drinking D. not drink

6. Chemicals on the surface help to _____the building ____being damaged by rain and wind. A. stop; from B. keep; from

C. prevent; from D. Protect; from

7Mary isn't as _____ at singing as her sister.

A good B well C best D Better

8.the number of tigers is getting ______ because their living areas are becoming farmlands.

A. small and small b. larger and larger

C. smaller and smaller d. large and large

9 the more you smile, the ________ you will feel.

A. happy b. happier c. happily d. more happily

10. Paris is one of in the world.

A. the biggest city B. the biggest cities C. bigger city D. bigger cities

11.——Dad ,why should I stop ______ computer games? ——for your health, my boy, I'm afraid you ______.

A .to plays; must B .playing; have to

C. to play; can

D .playing; may.

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