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1. 修饰名词: She is my good friend.

He is a great singer.

2. 放在be 的后面,做表语: I am very happy.

3. 做宾语补足语 get sb\sth adj 使得某人、物------的

make sb\sth adj 使得某人、物------的

keep b\sth adj 保持某物-------的

sb finds \makes it adj to do sth 某人 发现/使 做某事 是------的

Eg: Have you got everything ready for the exam ? 你为考试做好每一种准备了吗?

The teachers made us tired . 老师使得我们很累。

We must keep the classroom clean and tidy . 我们必须保持教室的干净与整洁

We find it easy to learn English well. 我发现很容易学好英语。

4. 形容词修饰 somebody , something ,anything , nothing ,nobody等不定代词时,放其后面: something important 一些重要的事情 something strange 奇怪的事情

anybody else 任何一个其他的人 nothing serious 没啥要紧的事情

注意对比:old enough 足够大的 strong enough 足够强壮的(enough修饰形容词时放ADJ的后面)enough

money足够的钱, enough people足够的人( 修饰名词,则放名词的前面)

5. 半系动词become( 变的,成为)\ turn( 变的) \ grow + 形容词

Eg : The teacher became happy when she saw us . 老师很开心当她看到我们的时候。

His face turned red when he realized that he was wrong .她的脸变红了。

It begins to grow \get warmer and warmer . 天气变的越来越热了。

6. 感官动词:

feel (摸起来) \sound(听起来)\ taste(尝起来) \look(看起来)+ 形容词

Eg : The tea tastes good . 茶闻起来很香。

The cotton feels soft and comfortable . 棉花摸起来又软又舒服

That sounds good. 那听起来太好了。

7. 形容词前+ the 表示一类人.

This way is for the blind . 这路是专为盲人而建的。

The old are taken good care of . 老人们被照顾的很好。

8. 感叹句中 how +adj + the \this \these +名词 + 谓语

How fine the day is !今天的天气多好啊!


1. As + 只能加原级---as She is as tall as Peter . 她和Peter .一样高

2. not so\as +只能加原级- ----as 和---不一样 She is not so tall as Peter . 她不如Peter 高。

3.even (甚至,更加), a little (一点点),a bit(一点点) ,much 修饰比较级,

very, quite( 相当),pretty ,fairly只能修饰原级 very good , quite well Mike is short, Peter is even shorter . Mike 很矮,Peter甚至还要矮 Mike is much taller than Jane . Mike比Jane高

How are you today ? -------- I am much better .

4. 二者比较用比较级,三个以上用最高级。

Who is taller ,Peter or Mike ?

Which is the heaviest ,an elephant ,a bag or a pig ?

5. the more ,----the more 越---越---

The more careful you are ,the few mistakes you will make .

6. more and more 越—越---

Our life is getting better and better .

7. 副词最高级前可以不要the .

Who runs fastest , Jane ,Peter or Mike ? 谁跑的最快,Jane ,Peter or Mike ? Who jump farthest , Jane ,Peter or Mike ? 谁跳的最远, Jane ,Peter or Mike ? 练习题


( )1. This box is___ that one.

A. heavy than B. so heavy than

C. heavier as D. as heavy as

A. as polite as possible B. as polite as possibly

C. as politely as possible D. as politely as possibly

( )3 This book is____ that one, but____ than that one.

A. as difficult as; expensive

B. as more difficult as; more expensive

C. as difficult as; more expensive

D. more difficult as; as expensive

( )5 His father began to work____ he was seven years old.

A. as old as B. as early as C. since D. while


( )1. I think science is _ than Japanese.

A. much important B. important

C. much more important D. more much important

( ) 2 This pencil is___ than that one.

A. longest B. long C. longer D. as long

( ) 3 My mother is no ___ young.

A. shorter B. longer C. little D. few

( ) 4 These children are ____ this year than they were last year.

A. more tall B. more taller C. very taller D. much taller

( ) 5 It was very hot yesterday, but it is___ today.

A. even hotter B. more hotter

C. much more hot D. much hot

( )6. Mrs Black has got____ instead of getting any better.

A. more bad B. a little worse C. much badly D. a lot of worse


( )6 Our classroom is____ larger than theirs.

A. more B. quite C. very D. much


( ) 1 The earth is about____ as the moon.

A. as fifty time big B. fifty times as big

C. as big fifty times D. fifty as times big

( ) 2 Your room is ____ mine.

A. twice as large than B. twice the size of

C. bigger twice than D. as twice large as

( ) 3 Your room is ___ than mine.

A. three time big B. three times big C. three times bigger D. bigger three times

( ) 4 His father is____than his mother.

A. older four years B. as four years older

C. four years older D. bigger four years


( ) 1 Maths is more popular than____.

A. any other subject B. all the subjects C. any subject D. other subject

( ) 2 China is larger than ____ in Africa.

A. any other country B. other countries C. the other country D. any country

( ) 3 Tom is stronger than ___ in his class.

A. any other boy B. any boys C. any boy D. other boy


( ) 1 When spring comes, it gets____.

A. warm and warm B. colder and colder

C. warmer and warmer D. shorter and shorter

( )2 By and by, ____ students in our class came to like English.

A. more and more B. much and much C. many and many D. less and least

( )3 At last he began to cry ___.

A. hard and hard B. more hard and more hard

C. harder and harder D. less hard and less harder

( )4 When spring comes the days get ____ and nights ____.

A. short; long B. long; short C. longer; shorter D. shorter; longer


1___ I look at the picture, ____ I like it.

A. The best; the more B. The more; the less

C. The more; less D. More; the more

2 ___ he read the book, ____ he got in it.

A. The more; the more interesting

B. The less; the more interesting

C. The more; the more interested

D. More; more interested

3 ___ you come back, _____ it will be.

A, The quicker; the best B. The sooner; the better

C. Faster; the better D. The sooner; better


( )1 I like___ one of the two books.

A. the older B. oldest C. the oldest D. older

( )2 Which is___country, China or Japan?

A. the large B. the larger C. larger D. largest

( ) 3 Of the two cups, he bought .

A. the smaller B. the smallest C. small D: smaller


( ) 1 Which do you like ___, tea or coffee?

A. well B. better C. best D. most

( ) 2 This work is ____ for me than for you.

A. difficult B. most difficult

C. much difficult D. more difficult

( ) 3 Which do you think tastes ____, the chicken or the fish?

A. good B. better C. best D. well

( ) 4 The Great Pyramid is about 137 metres high today, but it was once

A. higher B. highest C. high too D. more high

( ) 5 Don't you think it ______ not to write the letter?

A. well B. better C. best D. good


( ) 1 Who jumped____of all?

A. far B. farther C. farthest D. the most far

( ) 2 Li Lei is___ student in our class.

A. tall B. taller C. tallest D. the tallest

( ) 3 The fifth orange is____ of all. Give it to that small child.

A. big B. bigger C. the bigger D. the biggest

( )4 Who is---of you three?

A. the oldest B. much older C. oldest D. older


( ) 1 Tom is one of ____ boys in our class.

A. tallest B. taller C. the tallest B. the tall

( ) 2 English is one of____ spoken in the world.

A. the important languages B. the most important languages

C. most important language D. the most important language

( ) 3 Beijing is one of____ in China.

A. the largest city B. the large cities C. the larger cities D. the largest cities


( )1. Most of the woods ____ been taken good care of.

A. are B. is C. has D. have

( )2 ___ like playing football and watching TV.

A. Most boys B. Most of they C. Most boy D. More of they

( )3 ___ are here watering the flowers here.

A. Some B. Some of the boys C. Some boy D. Some of boys

( )4 ___ haven't been to American.

A. Most them B. Most they C. More of them D. Most of them


( )1 ___ is more beautiful than roses.

A. No other flower B. No another flower

C. Not other flower D. Not all flowers

( )2 The tree is ___ in the garden.

A. the taller B. the tallest

C. taller than of-all D. tall.

in her class.

A. as any one B. than any other girl C. than the other D. than anyone 14

( )1 Which is___, Li Lei or Wu Tong?

A. strong B. strongest C. stronger D. the strongest

( )2 Which language is____, English, French or Japanese?

A. easy B. the most easy C. the easiest o D. much more easy

( )3 Which is____interesting, science, maths or English?

A. more B. the most C. very D. too

( )4 Which city is____, Beijing, Shanghai or Fuzhou?

A. beautiful B. more beautiful C. much more beautiful D. the most beautiful

( )5 Which month is____, June, July or August?

A. hot B. hotter C. hottest D. the hottest


( )4 -Is Mrs Brown badly ill?

-No, ____. Only a little cold.

A. quite well B. nothing serious C. not worry D. anything serious

( )5 Come here, I have____ to tell you.

A. interesting something B. anything interesting

C. nothing interesting D. something interesting


( ) 3 He has____ to think it over.

A. many time B. times C. time enough D, enough time


( ) 1 "Do you want____?" the shop assistant asked.

A. else anything B. anything else C. other anything D. else something

( ) 2 Have you seen ___ in the room?

A. anyone else B. else anyone C. anyone other D. everyone else 18

( ) 1 Wei Fang is only six, but she speaks English____ her mother.

A. as good as B. as better as C. as well as D. as best as

( ) 2 She was sick yesterday, but she is____ to go to school today.

A. enough good B. good enough C. enough well D. well enough

( ) 3 This kind of book is______ for the children to read.

A. enough well ' B. enough good C. well enough D. good enough

( ) 4 -Are you feeling ____?

-Yes, I'm fine now.

A. quite good B. quite better C. any well D. any better

( ) 5 This shirt is no good. That one is even

A. better B. worse C. well D. worst


( ) 1 We have never seen___ interesting films.

A. such B. such an C. so D. such a

books ___ you can't understand.

A. as; such B. such; as C. same; as D. as; as

( ) 3 This is____ book___ I'd like to read once more.

A. such an interesting; that B. so interesting; that

C. such an interesting; as D. a so interesting; as

( ) 4 We haven't seen ____ play.

A. so wonderful B. a so wonderful C. such wonderful D. such a wonderful 20

( ) 1 I am twelve; Mike is fourteen; Mary is thirteen.

So Mike is the ___ of the three.

A. old B. older C. oldest D. the oldest

( ) 2 My ____ brother is three years ____ than I.

A. elder; elder B. older; oldest C. elder; older D. older; elder

( ) 3 His ____ son often go to see him on Sunday.

A. eldest B. older

C. the eldest D. the older

( ) 4 He is two years ___ than I.

A. elder B. smaller C. younger D. less


( ) 2 They were very ____ to see each other again.

A. pleased B. surprising C. happily D. angrily

( ) 3 She is very____ the news.

A. surprise in B. surprise with C. surprised at D. surprised for

( ) 5 -How does Kate like her new work? -She____ with the hours.

A. can't satisfy B. isn't satisfied C. doesn't satisfy D- hasn't satisfied

( ) 6 The man was not ___ when he heard the ___ words.

A. frightening; frightening B. frightened; frightened

C. frightening; frightened D. frightened; frightening


( ) 1 Helen isn't a____ friend of mine. I feel___ sorry for her.

A. true; true B. truly; true C. true; truly D. truly" truly

( ) 2 I'm sorry. I'm late. My watch is a few minutes____.

A. slower B. slowly C. more slowly D. slow

( ) 4 The ship sank____ under the sea.

A. deeply B. depth C. deep D. more deep


( ) 1 ___ helped a lot in our country.

A. The blind is B. The blind areC. The blinds is D. Blind are

( ) 2 ___ should study hard for their work.

A. Young B. The young man C. The young D. The young girl

( ) 3 ___ a happy life in China.

A. The old man live B. The old live C. The old is living D. Old live 24

( ) 3 Mother doesn't feel ___ today.

A. good B. well C. nice D. health

( ) 4 In summer eggs will go___ easily.

A. terribly B. terrible C. badly D. bad

( ) 5 Jim does morning exercises every day, so he looks very ___.

A. tired B. good C. well D. happy


( ) 1 The___ boy was taken to the nearest hospital.

A. ill B. sick C. good D. clever

( ) 2 We are___ of the work.

A. ill B. sick C. full D. filled

3 He has not been at school, because he is___.

A. ill B. well C. fine D. nice


( ) 1 At last it made them___.

A. happily B. quickly C. friendly D. slowly

( ) 2 We had a____ meal yesterday evening.

A. lively B. likely C. lovely D. love

( ) 3 It is raining hard. He is____ to be late.

A. lovely B. likely' C. lively D. friendly


( ) 1. I This book is very good. It___ buying.

A. worths B. is worth C. worth D. is worthing

( ) 2 The film is very interesting. It is worth ____ a second time.

A. seeing B. see C. to see D. seen

( ) I ike___, but 1 dislike ___.

A. skating; swim B. skate; swimming C. to skate; skate D. skating; swimming 28

( ) 1 I have worked on the problem, so I am feeling tired and___.

A. asleep B. sleepy C. sleeping D. sleep

( ) 2 He lay on the floor and fell ___.

A. sleepy B. sleeping C. awake D. asleep

( ) 3 Who is ____ in the next room?

A. asleep B. sleep C. sleeping D. sleepy


( ) 1 We have___time to do it better.

A. not B. no C. no a D. not a

( ) 2 We have ____ water to wash clothes.

A. not any B. no a C. not a D. no any

( ) 3 I only want to say that I am____ fool.

A. not any B. no a C. not a D. no any


( ) 1 Mary's mother bought a____ coat for her yesterday.

A. new big blue silk B. new blue silk big C. new silk blue big D. blue silk new big

( ) 2 My hometown has____bridge.

A. a stone old fine B. an old stone fine

C. a fine old stone D. an old fine stone



A. of you to say so B. for you to say so C. of you saying so D. for you saying so


1. 1-5 D A C A B 18. 1-5 C D D D B

2. 1-6 C C B D A B 17. 1-3 B A C

3. 1-6 A A D B D D 19. 1-4 A B A D

4. 1-4 B B C C 20. 1-4 C C A C

5. 1-3 A D A 21. 1-6 A A C B B D

6. 1-4 D A C C 22. 1-4 C D A C

7. 1-3 B C B 23. 1-3 B C B

8. 1-3 A B A 24. 1-5 B C B B C

9. 1-5 B D B A B 25. 1-3 B A A

10. 1-6 C D C D D A 26. 1-3 C C B

11. 1-3 C B D 27. 1-3 B A D

12. 1-4 C A B D 28. 1-3 B D C

13. 1-3 A B B 29. 1-3 B D C

14. 1-5 C C B D D 30. 1-2 A C

15. 1-5 C C B B D 31. 1-2 A B

16. 1-3 D A D1

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