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Do you like English?

They don’t like apples at all.

Does he like Chinese?

My father doesn’t live in Haikou.

2、情态动词的否定句与疑问句:否定句在情态动词后加not,疑问句把情态动词提前。如:He can sing this song in English.. He can’t sing this song in English.

-- Can he sing this song in English? -- Yes, he can/ No, he can’t.


1. live in+地点/ live with sb和??一起

2. May I study English with you ?

3. No problem.

4. be helpful/kind/friendly to

5. at the English corner

6. Please help us find him

7. want to do sth.=would like to do sth.

8. What does your father do?=What is your father? =What’s your father’s job?

9. look after

10. at home/at school

11. a photo of my family

12. have a look

13. on the sofa/on the desk

14. on a farm/ in the shop

15. May I take your order?

16. May I help you?= Can I help you? = What can I do for you?

17. Help yourself/ yourselves to +食物

18. What do youhave for breakfast?

19. -- Would you like to have dinner with me? ---OK, I’d love to.



I like it .(I为主格, it为宾格)

She likes English. (she为主语)

Do they go with us? ( they为主格, us为宾格)

四、both 与all 的异同:

both“两个人都”与all “全部都”放在:情态动词或助动词之后,行为动词前;如 :

They are both farmers. = They both work on a farm.

而all “三人或三人以上都” 注意区别; 如:

They are both teachers. 他们都是教师。(总数为两个人)

They are all teachers. 他们都是教师。(三人或三人以上)


名词所有格表达形式,构成在名词后加“ ‘s “,意思是“??的”。 如:

my classmate’s bag; Jim’s grandfather

“ ‘s “通常用于有生命的,而无生命的常用结构?of; 如:

a photo of my family一张全家福 the face of the clock 钟面 a map of China一张中国地图注意:当名词后已有s,所有格 只加“ ‘ ”如:

我父母的相片 my parents’ picture ; 同学们的单车 the students’ bikes

区别:Tom and Jim’s father 汤姆和吉姆的父亲(Tom and Jim are brothers.)

Tom’s (father ) and Jim’s father 汤姆的父亲和吉姆的父亲


milk, chicken, bread , French fries, coke, coffee, rice, orange juice, fish, porridge, water, beef, 等是不可数名词。不可数名词通常没有复数形式。不可数名词通常不能直接与具体的数词连用,如需要表示数量,应:数词+量词of+ 不可数名词,如:

a cup of tea 一杯茶; three pieces of bread 三块面包;ten bottles of apple juice十瓶橙汁; 练习:将下列词组译成英语:



3、十杯牛奶________________ 4、三张纸_________________

5、四瓶橘汁_________________ 6、五杯茶_________________ 7、七袋米_________________


1. Why not do ??? 为什么不?

2. Why don’t you do ??? 你为什么不?

3. What about doing ?..? ?..怎么样?

4. How about doing ?..? ??如何?

5. Would you like to do ?..? 愿意/想???

6. Let’s do ??! 让我们干??!

如果同意,则回答:Yes, I’d like to/Good idea./OK/All right.

如不同意,则回答:No, let’s?./No, thanks



( )1. ---Thank you very much---_________

A. Welcome! B. You are welcome C. Sure D. Of course

( )2. My friend Billy lives _______ China.

A. with B. from C. under D. in

( )3. ______ he like the English corner?

A. Does B. Do C. Is D. Are

( )4.Do you always speak English ____ the English corner?

A. in B. on C. with D. at

( )5 ---May I know your fax number? ---__________.

A. Yes B. Sure C. Yes, I do D. No, I am not.

( )6. Does Bobby want ________ home?

A. go B. goes C. to go D. going

( )7. Please call _______ Mike. A. his B. he C him D. her

( )8 Books are helpful _____ us. A. from B. on C. in D. to

( )9. I have a pet, ______ name is Polly. A. it’s B. it C. its D. my

( )10. -- Whose trousers are they? ---__________.

A. They are here B. They are green C. They are their D. They are theirs

( )11. ---_______? ---He’s a doctor.

A . What is his name B. What does he look like

C. What does he do D. What does he like

( )12. My aunt Lisa is _______ office worker. A. a B. an C. / D. the

( )13. Michael works _______ a farm. His sister works ____ a factory.

A. in, in B. on, on C. in, on D. on, in

( )14.________ he study? --- In a middle school

A. Where is B. What does C. Where do D. Where does

( )15 ---Come in and make yourselves at home. ---__________.

A. Yes B. Sure C. Good D. Thanks

( )16.Linda’s aunt and uncle _______ workers.

A. are all B. are both C. both are D. is both

( )17. ---__________? ---In a factory.

A. Were does he work B. Where is he from

C. What does he do D. What does he like

( )18.Lisa’s cat _________ her hat.

A. looks like B. looks after C. looks the same D. looks at

( )19. Those are my______ clothes

A. children’ B. children’s C. parents’s D. parents

( )20.I am an_________ boy A. .Chinese B. Japanese C. American D. Brazilian

( )21. ---__________? ---Yes, please.

A. What would you like B. What does he look like

C. Would you like some apple juice D. What does he like


1.Do you like these ___________(kind) of shoes?

2.Would you like to have dinner with ________(we)?

3.Help ____________(you) to some fish, children.

4.I’d like three ___________(cup) of tea.

5.There __________(be) some water in the bottle.

6.Is he a driver or a ___________(cook)?

7.Please give ________(he) some orange juice.

8.Some ______________(America) live in Hainan now.

9.He ___________(teach) in a school

10._______ (we) friend is a cook.

11.Please look at ___________(Ann) family tree.

12.Is your son a ___________(work)?

13.Are there five ____________(child) in your family?

14.They are all _______________( office worker).

15.My cousin Susan __________(study) in a new school.

16.Who __________(look) after Rose?

17.He ___________(live) in China.

18.My friend helps _________(I )with my English.

19.My classmate Zhou Lan __________(have ) a dog.

20.Do you ________ (want) to go to Beijing?

21.Does Billy __________(have) any friends in Haikou?

22.Mr Liang is our English teacher, we like ________(he) very much.

23.________(them) are in the same grade.

24.Thank _______(your) very much.


1. He likes his pet very much..(否定句)

He _________ ________his pet ______ _______.

2. I speak English at school. (一般疑问句)

______ ________ _______ English at school?

3. Does he like a cat? (肯定回答) ________, ________ ________.

4. He lives in Ding’an..(就划线部分提问) _________ ________ _______?

5. I like my pet very much (同义句)I like my pet_________ _________.

6. Thank you very much. (同义句) Thanks _________ ________ .

7. Zhou Lan likes dogs. (就划线部分提问)_________ __________ dogs?

8. The letter is from Tom. (就划线部分提问) _________ is the letter__________?

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