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1)一般情况以及以e结尾的动词,直接加“s”,如:make----makes; come----comes

2) 动词以o,s,ch,sh, x结尾,加“es”,如:do---does; watch----watches; wish---wishes; miss----misses; guess----guesses

3) 以辅音字母+y结尾的动词,先把y改为i,再加es, 如:study---studies



1)主语为第三人称单数,否定句,在动词前加doesn’t, 再把动词改回原形,一般疑问句,在句首加does,再把动词改回原形,

回答用:Yes,人称代词+does./ No,人称代词+doesn’t. 如:

She has small eyes.

She doesn’t have small eyes.

-- Does she have small eyes? -- Yes, she does./ No, she doesn’t.

2) 主语为除第三人称单数之外的人称,否定句,在动词前加don’t, 一般疑问句,在句首加do, 回答用:Yes,人称代词+do./ No, 人称代词+don’t. 如:

They have small eyes.

They don’t have small eyes.

-- Do they have small eyes? -- Yes, they do./ No, they don’t.


( )1.. ---______ he American? ---Yes. He comes from America.

A. Are B. Does C. Do D. Is ( )2. ---Do you have a sister? ---___________ .

A. Yes, you do B. Yes, I do C. Yes, I am. D. Yes, you do. ( )3. Ellen _____ an old book and her brothers _______ many new books. A. has, has B. have, have C have, has D. has, have ( )4. What color _________ he like?

A.is B. do C. has D. does ( )5. _____ he have a big nose or a small one?

A. Does B. Do C. Is D. Are ( )6. I am sorry I ______ know her.

A. isn’t B. doesn’t C. don’t D. haven’t

根据句子意思,用is, are, am, do ,does, have, has填空。 1. I __________ a Chinese teacher.

2. _______ you from Canada? 3. ________ they have many friends?

4. ________ he from Hainan? 5. ---______ Jack have a good friend? ---Yes, he ______. 6. _______ he a good teacher? --- Yes, he ______. 7. He and his sister _______ in different grades. 8. ______ your mother a doctor?

9. I _____ an old friend. His name is Allan. 10. Kangkang _______ a panda. It is very cute. 11. You ________ a nice house. I like it every much. 12. Bruce Lee _______ many books. 13. Do they _______ fifteen apples? 14. Does Bruce Lee _______ many friends in China?

15. Jerry ______ a big nose. 16. He _______ a map of Hainan. He doesn’t ________ a map of China. 17. -- Does your father______ a wide mouth? -- No, he ______ not. 18. My friend, Li Ming ________ only one sister.



It is my shirt.= It is mine.

句子当中my为形容词性物主代词,mine为名词性物主代词,your, his, her, our, its, their,my等都属于形容词性物主代词,形容词性物主代词通常置于名词前,修饰限定名词,作定语;而名词性物主代词mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, theirs相当于“形容词性物主代词+名词”, 当主语,

宾语,或表语;如: Is this your coat? == Is this coat yours? 这是你的大衣吗?


( )1. -- Is that coat ________.? -- Yes, it’s _________ coat..

A. his, he’s B. yours, your C her, hers D. mine, your ( )2. Our books are here. ________ are over there.

A. They’re B. Their C. Theirs D. Your ( )3 She is a girl, ________name is Mary.

A. she B. his C. her D. she’s ( )4.---______ dress is it? ---It’s hers.

A. Who’s B. Whose C. What D. Which ( )5. _______ color is yellow. A. It’s B. Its C. Is it D. Yours


1.Could_________(你)ask_________(他) to call_________(我)back?

2.Don’t forget_________(我们).

3._________(我们)would like to buy_________ (他们).


5. There’s one dollar on the floor. Pick___________(它)up.

6._________(他们)are friendly to___________(你们).

7.__________(我)like_______(她)a lot.



10._________(他)does__________(他的)homework on Sunday.

11.___________(它)can’t find__________(它的)way home.

12.___________(她)looks after_________(她的)grandmother.

13.This is__________(我的)pen. That’s__________(你的)。

14.These coats aren’t_________(我的). I think they’re__________(你们的)。

15._________(他的)jacket is blue.__________(她的)is white.

16.---Whose bike is this? ---It’s__________(他的).

17.Those are_________(我们的)desks. __________(他们的)are over there.

18.-- Are these TV sets _________(我们的)?

--No ,they’re_________(他们的)TV.


1. He often__________(get)up at half past six.

2. ---________she ____(like)noodles? ---Yes, she______.

3. Jack_______________(not play)soccer.

4. Jane_____________(have)a new pen .But Tom___________(not have)one.

School. 5. We__________(study) in No.1High School. Mike_______(study) inNo.2 High

6. Maria___________(try)on the new dress.

7. They often __________(fly) kites. Kate often __________(fly)a kite, too.

8. Rose often___________(cry). But her brother___________(cry)a lot.

9. Kangkang often__________(carry)water for the old man.

10. His uncle often_______(buy)some delicious food for him and he often_______(take)it to the school to eat.

6:45. 11. Lucy and Lily_________(go)to school at 7o’clock. Jim________ (go) at

12. I________ (teach) math here. My father________ (teach) English.

13. -- ________Mary often___________(watch)TV?

-- Yes, she often__________(watch) it on Sunday.

14. _____you want________(eat)some hamburgers?

15. -- Would you like__________(sing)some songs with me? -- Yes, I’d love to.

16. Don’t forget________(bring) your clothes.

17. Could you ask her__________(have) supper with me?

18. It’s 6:20. It’s time________(get)up now.

19. -- Do you like___________(speak) English? -- Yes, I do.

20. -- May I _________(take )your order? -- A bottle of apple juice.

21. -- Can I__________( sit) down now? —Sure.

22. Why not__________(come)to China? Good idea.

23. Let me _________(help)you.

24. -- How about____________(swim) this Sunday?

-- No problem.

25. Mr. Chen asks him ________ (come) to school on time.


1. Who’s your favorite film star?

2. What color is his/her hair?

3. give sb. sth.= give sth. to sb.

4. look the same /look at/ look like

eyes. 5. The girl in green/The girl in a green skirt/ The one with black hair and black

6. We are in the same school, but we are in different grades.

7. -- Whose dress is this? -- It’s mine.

8. rousers, gloves, shoes, socks常以复数的形式出现, 如:

a pair of trousers,a pair of shoes ,a pair of glasses

9. What+ +主语(某人)+ look like? 长得怎么样?如:

-- What does your father look like? -- He is not very tall but very strong.

练习:按要求改写句子。(每空一词) 1.He is a good student.(否定句)He ________a good student. 2. We are in the same school. (一般疑问句)______ _______ in the same school? 3. Does she have a round face? (肯定回答)__________, ________ ________. 就划线部分提问)_________ ________ _______? (同义句)She __________ _________ __________. 6. Do they have a big house?? . (否定回答)_________ ,________ _________. 7. My sister has long legs. (一般疑问句)______ your sister _________ long legs? 8. His brother has two big ears. (否定句)His brother_______ ______two big ears. 9. I have a big head. (否定句)I________ ________ a big head. 10. We have a good English teacher. (一般疑问句)

________ you ________ a good English teacher? 11. His pants are black.(否定句)His pants __________black. 12. He has blond hair. (一般疑问句)______ ______ blond hair? 13. Do you know? (肯定回答)________, ________ ________. 就划线部分提问)________ ________ _______ her skin? (同义句)My uncle is _________ _________. 就划线部分提问)______ girl______ ________ sister (一般疑问句)______ they look the same? 18. I know Jack.(否定句)I_______ ______Jack. 就划线部分提问)________ ________ _______you like? 就划线部分提问)______ ________ _______ those shoes (否定句)He ________ _________a pair of new pants. 23. Does it look like a cat? (肯定回答)_______, ________ ________. 就划线部分提问)________ ________ _______her coat? (同义句)_________ ________ is this? 26. The girl’s shoes are 就划线部分提问)_______ _______ the girl’s shoes? 27. This is )________ ________ is this? 28. Are (变单数句子)______ ______ ______ old?29. Does he like an orange ?(变复数句子)______ _____ like ______?30. What does he look like? (同义句) What ______ he _______ like?

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