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一、How much 与How many

1、how much + ???对价格提问“?.多少钱?”,此外,how much +不可数名词+ ?.?对数量提问 “多少?.”。

2、how many+复数名词?..?对数量提问 “多少?.?”

(1)-- How much is the book? – It’s only five yuan.

(2)-- How much water is there in the bottle? -- Half a bottle.

(3)-- How many apples are there in the bag? – There are five apples in the bag.

二、a few ; few; a little与little



few “很少,几乎没有”

+ 可数名词

a few = some “一点”

+ 可数名词

little “很少,几乎没有”

+ 不可数名词

a little = some“一点”

+ 不可数名词

如:a few apples = some apples ; a little water = some water

There is a little water in the bottle. There is little water in the bottle.

There are a few apples in the box. There are few apples in the box.


1、May I speak to ??可以叫??听电话吗?

2、-- Who is that?谁啊? -- This is ?speaking.我是?.

3、Hold on , please/ Wait a moment ,please.别挂断,请稍等。

4、Is that ?.?是?.吗?

5、Can I leave a message? 我可以留口信吗?

6、Can I take a message? 要我传话吗?

7、Sorry, he/she isn’t in. 对不起,他/她不在家。

8、Sorry, I’m afraid you have the wrong number. 对不起,您打错电话了。


1)用“分+ past+ 时”,表示“几点几分” 如:8:23 twenty-three past eight

2)用“60-分 + to时+1”表示“差几分到几点” 如:3:55 five to four ; 5:40 twenty to six

3)直接表达,即“时+ 分”,如:4:10 four ten ; 12:50 twelve fifty ; 2:30 two thirty


1. look after=take care of 照顾,照看

2. look the same 看起来一样

3. Not at all =You are welcome. = That’s all right. 不用谢,别客气

4. try on 试穿

5. pick up 捡起来

6. What’s up? =What’s wrong? = What’s the matter? 怎么啦?什么事?

7. May I help you? =What can I do for you? 能为您效劳吗?

8. What do you think of?.?=How do you like??你觉得?..怎么样?

9. Are you kidding? 开玩笑吧?

10. be free = have time 有空,有时间

11. call sb. back 回复电话给?..

12. ask sb. (not) to do sth. 叫某人(别)干某事

13. How(What) about doing? 做?.,怎样?

14. What time is it? =What is the time? 几点了?

15. It’s time (for sb.) to do sth.. 该某人干某事的时候了。

16. It’s very kind of you to help us. 你帮助我们,真好。

17. tell sb. about sth. 告诉某人某事



1. My shoes are worn out, what about__________(you)?

2. How much _______ (be) this skirt?

3. How much __________(be) these apples?.

4.__________ (who) bicycle is this?

5. Here is _____________(you) change(零钱).

6. I would like three____________(kilo) of salt.

7. Let’s try _________(they) on.

8. His friends have two ____________(radio) .

9. How many _________(umbrella) do you need?

10. Could you tell __________(we) about that?

12. Look! They are __________(sit) under the tree.

13. I’ll give ___________(he) the message

14.Are they ___________(read) English now?

15. We often __________(read) English in the morning.

16. Your classroom is big but __________(we) is small.

17. The dog is ____________(run) after her.

18. Can I ___________( have) a look at your pictures?

19. Look at those _____________(photo).

20. Could you tell __________(we) your address?

21. How many ___________ (zoo ) are there in Haikou?

22. Jim’s sister ________(like) monkeys best.

23. It’s time ___________(go )to bed now.

24. Could you please pass this pen to __________(she)?

25. Let ___________(they) help us.

26. You can’t _______(sing)here, the baby is sleeping.

27. I can see three ____________(baby) in the photo.

28. She would like ________( do ) the washing this afternoon.

29. ________ they______( have) dinner at home?

30. Let me _________( help) you, Jim


( ) 1. How do I look ____ this dress? A. on B. for C. in D. with

( )2. Would you like to try _______ another pair? A. on B. for C. in D. with

( )3. ---_____________? -- I am just looking, thanks.

A. What can I do for you B. Could you do me a favor

C. May I take your order D. What would you like

( ) 4. This house is ______ sale. A. on B. for C. in D. with

( )5 . I am _________ a jacket for my son.

A. looking at B. looking after C. looking for D. looking like

( )6. Could you do some shopping for me, we need _________ thing.

A. a little B. little C. much D. a few

( )7. ----__________? --- Two hundred yuan.

A. How much is this apple B. How is your dog

C. How much is that recorder D. How do you like this recorder

( )8.---What is she? ---____________?

A. Fine, thanks B. A waitress C. She’s Jane D. She’s thin and tall.

( )9. You can buy a_______ in a clothes shop.

A. hat B. recorder C. fridge D.VCD player

( )10.This is _____ umbrella. A. .a B. the C. an D./

( )11. Please tell me ________ it. A. on B. about C. in D. with

( )12. ---____________ ? --- I am having an English lesson.

A. What are you doing B. What are you C. What do you like D. What would you like?

( )13. ---May I speak______ Jim? ---Sorry, he isn’t______.

A. to , on B. with, in C. /, in D. to, in

( )14.---Hello! Is _______ Jack speaking? A. he B. this C. that D. you

( )16. Let’s discuss it ______ tomorrow morning. A. on B. in C. this D. /

( )17. ----Hello! _______ Kangkang, Who’s that?

A. I am B. This is C. That’s D. This’s

( )18.Could you ask her ___________ me back this afternoon?

A. call B. calls C. to call D. calling

( )19.-- What are they doing? -- They ___________.

A. have supper B. has lunch C. are having a meeting D. having diner

( )20.Let’s ________ swimming tomorrow. A. go B. going C. to go D. goes

( )21. Please call her _______ 65556788. A. to B. back C. at D. about

( )22.Don’t ________ in the sun. A. look B. look at C. read D. reading

( )23. Jerry often __________ dishes at home.

A. is washing B. wash C to wash D. washes

( )24.Why not go out for a picnic _________ Sunday morning?

A. in B./ C .on D. with

( )25. Sixty minutes is _______ hour. A. an B. a C. / D. the

( )26. ---____________ --- Sounds great!

A. What about you? B. Let’s go to the zoo.

C. What’s your favorite book? D. What would you like?

( )27. They are talking ________ the film. A. to B. with C. on D. about

( )28.Is it time _______ us to have supper? A. to B. of C. for D. with

( )29. ____ the bus, they are talking and laughing. A. on B. Under C. In D. On

( )30. ______is this pair of shoes?

A. How much B. How many C. How old D. How long

( )31.-- _________ do tigers live? -- Sorry, I don’t know.

A. How much B. How many C. How old D. How long

( )32.Oh, it’s ten o’clock. It’s time _____________.

A. to go to bed B. to have supper C. have lunch D. to go to school.

( )33. ______What’s the time? A. Sorry B. Excuse me C. Hi D. I am sorry

( )34.---________ is Baby monkey’s home? ---It’s over there.

A. Which B. What C. Where D. Why

( )35. The dog is playing________ a ball. A. to B. with C. at D. about

( )36. -- ________ bags of milk do you want? --- Two.

A. How much B. How C. How many D. How about

( ) 37. What does your sister look like? She is tall and thin ______ big eyes.

A. with B. and C. or D. in

( ) 38. The boy is acting _____ a monkey. A. at B. like C. of D. likes

三. 同义句互换.

1. What’s your favorite food?(改为同义句)

What food do you _________ ________?

2. What time is it? What _______ _______ ________?

3. What’ wrong? What_______ _______?

4. It’s three thirty. It’s________ ________ three.

5. It’s time for lunch. It’s time_______ ________ lunch.

6.It’s a quarter past two. It’s _______ _______.

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