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1.What did you ______(see) just now? see 2.Tom didn’t play (not play) the violin last night. 3. We go (go) to the park once a day. 4.We are having ( have) a class meeting now. 5. ______ he find (find) his bike yesterday? Did 6.Lily doesn’t _ ( not stay) at home sometimes. stay 7. I visited (visit) Beijing two years ago. 8. Mom asked me _________ (go) to bed early. to go to write 9. It took me 2 hours ____________(write) it. 10. _____ (be) your parents in Shanghai in 2000? Were 11. I practice _________( speak) English every day. speaking living 12. Do you enjoy _________ (live) in Weihai? play 13. I often watch my son _______(play) Erhu. to get 14. It’s time for you __________(get) up.

takes 1. Emilie _____(take) the train to school every day. 2.It takes about ten minutesto walk _____(walk) to school. Did die 3. ______his grandpa_______(die) two years ago? read 4.She _________ (read) a book last week. was found 5.She _______(be) happy because she _______ (find) her purse just now. to get 6.He went to school __________(get) his bag. are riding 7. Children ______________ (ride) bikes now. 8.They ______ (be) at home yesterday afternoon. were wears 9.She always _______(wear) a red dress.

1.When _____ he usually __________(practice) does practice English? practices He usually __________(practice) it in the morning. 2. He _________( not do) homework yesterday. didn’t do 3. What ______ they _______ (do) now? are doing are studying They _____________ (study) for the test. didn’t have 4. We __________( not have) P.E. last week. 5. Alice was (be) very tired yesterday . She didn’t have ( not have) a good rest . 6.学生们通常怎么过周末的? How do the students usually spend their weekends?

1.What ___ you usually ____(spend) your weekend? do spend 2.I like reading __________. A A. something interesting B. interesting something eek 3. How many days are there in a w_______? uggestions 4.I have no idea,can you give me some s_________? called was 5.He ________(call) me just now. I _______(be) not at home. waiting 6.They are _________(wait) for Mr Li. were 7.Where ______ (be) you one hour ago? We were _______ (be) at school. 8.What are you________________? My bag. (寻找) looking for 9. I enjoy _________________ after supper. (散步) going for a walk 10. anything visited watched lived stayed

1.Lucy did her homework at home.(改否定句)

didn’t do Lucy _______ _______ her homework at home. 2.His father worked all day last Monday.(疑问句) Did work ______his father ________ all day last Monday? 3. I was very busy last week. (否定句和一般问句) I ________ very busy last week. wasn’t Were you very busy last week? _____
4、There was some orange in the cup.(变疑问句) Was any _____ there _____ orange in the cup?

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