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A)Listen and choose the right pictures. (5分)


1. W: This is a map.

2. M: The boy’s name is Jim White.

3. W: Dave and Tom are good baseball players.

4. M: The eraser is under the desk.

5. W: These are my grandparents.

B) Listen to 5 conversations and choose the right answers.(5分)


6. W: Hello, Bob! Is this your friend?

M: Yes, he is.

7. W: Hey, Dale. Is this your red quilt?

M: No, my quilt is orange. It’s my brother’s.

8. W: What are those in English?

M: They are books.

9.W: Excuse me, Kate. Who is that boy?

M: Which boy?

W: The one on the blue bike.

W: Oh, that’s my brother.

10. W: Excuse me, Mrs Brown. Is Susan your daughter?

M: Yes, she is. And this is my son, Tom.

C)Listen to a passage and choose the right answers.(5分)


Look! This is a picture of Susan’s room. You can see some things in it. A nice picture is on the wall.

A yellow table and a blue bed are on the floor. You can see three English books on the table. What is under the table? It’s a baseball. Where is Susan’s computer game? Oh, it’s on the bed. You can see a red hat on the chair. It’s not Susan’s. It’s her sister’s. Where is Susan’s sister? She is on the sofa.

D) Listen to a passage and fill in the table .(5分)


My name is Frankie Parks. I am twelve. I am in Grade Eight. I am in Class Three. My teacher is Miss Black. My phone number is 8766725.



A)Listen and choose the right picture.(5分)

1---5 BCBAC

B)Listen to 5 conversations and choose the right answers.(5分)

6---10 BCACB

— 七年级(初一)英语(A卷)答案第1页 —

C)Listen to a passage and choose the right answers.(5分)

11---15 BACCA

D)Listen to a passage and complete the chart.(5分)

16. 12/Twelve 17. Miss Black 18. 8/Eight 19. Three/3 20. 8766725 II.略

III.Read,choose and write.(10分)

21---25 HBFJD 26---30 IAEGC

IV.Read,choose and match.(15分)

31---35 BDECA 36---40 EBDAC

V.Read and finish the exercises.(30分)

A)41---45 DIFHB 46---50 EAJGC

B)51. 13/Thirteen 52. 9/Nine 53.Mr Green 54.Aggy 55. 5/Five

C)56---60 CBBAC


— 七年级(初一)英语(A卷)答案第2页 —

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