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7A Unit 1导学案(4)

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英语导学案 (7A Unit1)

课题: Grammar

课 时 目 标

1. To understand the meaning and usage of simple present tense

2. To master the usage of the verb ‘to be’ in the simple present tense

3. To have communications with the simple present tense connecting to the topic in Unit One

Important and difficult points:

Vocabulary: over classroom

Phrase: over there

Sentence patterns: I am (not)…

You / We / They are ( not)…

He /She / It is (not)…

Am I …?

Yes, I am. / No, I am not.

Are you / we / they…?

Yes, you / we / they are.

No, you / we / they aren’t.

Is he / she / it…?

Yes, he / she / it is.

No, he / she / it is not.

课 前 导 学

预习课本P116 语法部分Unit 1内容, 完成下面练习

我们常使用动词 be的一般现在时谈论____________和____________。


我来自中国。 他12 岁。 我们非常高兴。 注意:主语可以是 ,也可以是 , 动词 要与 保持一致。


这只小狗很可爱。 这些苹果又大又红。 ●如果主语是 ,在非正式行文中,动词 与前面主语可以 。如:

I am= You are= She is= He is =


It is = We are= They are=

●动词be一般现在时的否定句式是在 后面加 。


她个子不高。 他们不在教室里。 在非正式行文中,动词___________与___________可以缩写。 如:

is not= are not=

●动词be一般现在时的一般疑问句式是将________ 提前至____________。


你在七年级吗? 是的,我是。 汤姆是你的同学吗? 不,他不是。 注意:_________与_____________不能缩写。

在肯定答句中,__________和___________不能缩写,如 _______________

不可缩略为“Yes, he’s.”。

课 堂 活 动

Step 1 Presentation

1. Present the simple present tense by language description.

T: I am a teacher. You are students. We are in Grade 7.

Write the sentences on the Bb. Explain to the Ss the usage of the simple present

tense: When we talk about facts and states, we use the simple present tense.

2. Create the situation with the sentences on the Bb, present meaning and usage

of the verb to be in the simple present tense.

3. Guide the Ss to read the form on P11. Learn the new words: over, classroom.

Step 2 Practice

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb to be according to the real

situation .

1. I ____________ an English teacher.

2. We ___________in the classroom.

3. Our school ___________ big.

4. You ____________ middle school students.

5. The flowers ____________ over there.

6. Spotty __________ a dog.

7. Your brother ___________ in Class 2. Grade 3.

8. Your classmates ____________ on the playground now.

Step 3 Presentation


1. Present the negative sentences using the sentences above.

T: I am an English teacher. I am not a Maths teacher. We are in the classroom. We are not in the park. We aren’t in the park. Our school is big. It is not small.

Write the examples on the Bb.

1. Arouse the Ss to find out the rule of changing into the negative sentences:

Add ‘not’ after ‘be’.

2. Arouse the Ss to find the abbreviations of ‘are’, ‘is’ and ‘not’, and tell them

that ‘am’ and ‘not’ don’t have an abbreviation.

Step 4 Practice

Get Ss to make give some examples

Step 5 Presentation

1. Present the general questions by playing a game. e.g. Is this book yours? Are you twelve? Are you good at English? Get Ss to answer ‘Yes, …’ or ‘No, …’

2. Give some more examples, arouse Ss to find the rule of changing into Yes or No questions: Put the verb to be to at the beginning of the sentence.

3. Guide the Ss to read the form on P11 and sum up the rules.

Step 6 Practice

Get Ss to make some more sentences by asking and answering Yes / No questions.

课 堂 反 馈

一、写出下列词或短语相应的be 动词

1. she 2. you and I _________ 3. I _________

4. our teachers ______ 5. her good friend______ 6. Millie and Amy_____

7. their room ________ 8. the name of her cat______ 9. the apples _______

二、用be 动词的适当形式填空

1. This ________ Simon’s notebook.

2. Tom and Bob ________ brothers.

3. _______ they good at Maths? ---Yes, they ________.

4. I _______ Chen Dan. My English name _______ Daniel.

5. ---______ you in Grade 7? ---Yes, I ________.

6. Our school is beautiful, I ______happy at school.

7. Amy and Simon _________ new friends.

8. I like reading. It ________ great fun.

9. Miss Liu_______ our English teacher. She _______ young.

10. My parents love me. They _______ happy when I _______ happy.


1. I am good at swimming.


2. The bike is under the tree.

3. The twins are at home.


1. 我们的老师很好,吴老师是个好老师。

Our teachers __________ nice. Mr Wu _________ a good teacher.

2. 看,Sandy在那儿。

__________, Sandy __________ __________ __________.

3. 他是我们的语文老师吗? 不, 他不是。

__________ he our ___________ ___________? _________, he _________.

4. 我们的学校大,教室也大。

Our school_________ big, the classrooms __________ big too.

5. 你擅长英语吗? 不。

_________ you good at English? No, _________ __________.


1. This’s Sandy and that’s Kitty.

2. ---What’s this? ---Its a Walkman.

3. ---Are Tom and Simon good friends? --- Yes, they’re.

4. I amn’t in Grade 8, I’m in Grade 7.

5. --- Is Millie from England? ---No, Millie isn’t.

6. There are an apple and some pears on the table.

7. I am like reading very much.

8. We happy at school every day.

9. My trousers is black and his are blue.

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