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初中英语语法专项习题4-副词 1

( ) 1 He speaks English___his aunt.

A. as good as B. as well as C. as better as D. as best as

( ) 2. Which do you like_____, skating, swimming or fishing?

A. more B. most C. better D. best

( ) 3 Who sings___, Rose or Kate?

A. well B. good C. better D. best

( ) 4 She writes____than I.

A. more careful B. much careful

C. much more carefully D. much carefully

( ) 5 The night was very ___, so he had to take off his shoes ___.

A. quiet; quietly B. quite; quickly C. late; quick D. quite; quietly

( ) 6 How ___ the girls are playing!

A. happy B. happier C. happy ly D. happily


( ) 1 ____ he drops in ___ his friends after supper.

A. Some times; for B. Sometimes; on C. Often; for D. Seldom; on

( ) 2 In Britain tea ___ with milk or sugar in it.

A. usually drinks B. is usually drunk

C. usually is drunk D. drank usually

( ) 3 He____ to school to clean his classroom.

A. always comes early B. comes always early

C. always early comes D. come always earlier 3

( ) 1 Better___than never.

A. late B. the later C. later D. the late

( ) 2 We have been to the China Folk Culture Villages ____.

A. lately B. late C. latest D. last

( ) 3 I got up____today.

A. later B. more lately C. lately D. late


( ) 1 Today Tom goes to school earlier than___.

A. as usual B. usual C. usually D. ago

( ) 2 Today we do our homework at home ___.

A. than usual B. often C. usually D. as usual

( ) 3 Alice___goes to school at seven.

A. usual B. usually C. hard D. a little


( ) 1 It was___ bad weather that we all had to stay inside.

A. very B. so C. rather D. such

( ) 2 He is___ kind an old man that all the children like him.

A. very B. so C. rather D. such

( ) 3 He, our headmaster was___ pleased with our work.

A. fairly B. even C. much D. great

( ) 4 There was a heavy snow last night. This morning is____ outside.

A. too rather cold B. rather too cold C. such cold D. fairly cold 6

( ) 1 We won't go to the cinema next Saturday. They won't____.

A. too B. also C. neither D. either

( ) 2 She likes reading and___.

A. so I do B. I do so C. I like so D. so do I

( ) 3 -I won't go to the Great Wall tomorrow.

-I won't, ___.

A. neither B. either C. too D. also

( ) 4 He likes to do some reading in the morning, I like it, ___.

A. too B. either C. neither D. also

( ) 5 He didn't know her address, ____ did I.

A. too B. also C. either D. neither


( ) 1 I have never seen ___ big pears.

A. such B. very C. so D. rather

( ) 2 He is ___ tired that he can't go any farther.

A. so B. such -C. very D. too

( ) 3 That maths problem is ___ difficult ___ nobody can work it out.

A. too; to B. very; that C. so; that D. very; but

, teacher that all of us like him.

A. such good a B. a so good C. so good a D. a such good

( ) 5 Jack doesn't work ____ Tom.

A. as so good B. so good as C. so hard as D. so harder as


( ) 1 I did my homework hours _____.

A. before B. later C. ago D. late

( ) 2 I saw the film two days ___.

A. ago B. before C. after D. late

( )3 I seem to have met you___.

A. before B. ago C. yet D. some time


( )1 He got back____at four.

A. to home B. at home C. his home D. home

( ) 2 Come____ quickly. I have something interesting to tell you.

A. to here B. up to here C. here D. into here

( ) 3 These two young men stood ___ watching the train moving away.

A. by there B. from there C. there D. to there


( ) 1 Mother said, "Tom, you're seventeen, ____a child. "

A. no again B. not longer C. not more D. no longer

( ) 2 "Don't do that___. " the teacher said to Tom.

A. no more B. no longer C. any more D. some more

( ) 3 I don't want to talk with you____.

A. yesterday B. no longer C. any longer D. some longer

( ) 4 They have moved away from Beijing. They don't live there____.

A. any longer B. once more C. either D. again


( ) 1 My aunt will come back from Beijing ____.

A. before long B. long before C. after long D. long after

( ) 2 She read the book___. And I'll read it___.

A. long before; long before B. before long; before long

C. before long; long before D. long before; before long


( ) 1 When you do eye-exercise, you must keep your eyes____.

A. close B. closes C. closing D. closed

( ) 2 It's a windy day. You'd better____ the windows.

A. close B. closed C. closing D. to close

( ) 3 Bruce often ___ his left hand ___.

A. keep; close B. keeps; closed

C. keep; closed D. keeps; close

A. open B. opening C. opens D. opened


( ) 1 The boat is left ___ by the bank of the river.

A. along B. alone C. long D. lonely

( ) 2 He has a rest___ at home, watching TV.

A. alone B. one C. along D. lonely

( ) 3 They went out for a walk___ the lake.

A. alone B. along C. lonely D. at

( ) 4 The wall is two metres____.

A. highly B. widely C. long D. along

( ) 5 There is a___ island. On it there are many wild beautiful flowers.

A. lonely B. along C. / D. alone


( ) 1 The city is___ than the town away from the river.

A. far B. farther C. so far D. much far

( ) 2 Do you need ___ explanation to the question?

A. more far B. any further C. farther D. any far

( ) 3 I am so tired that I can't walk____.

A. much far B. any farther C. even far D. very further


1. 1-6 B D C C A D

2. 1-3 B B A

3. 1-3 A A D

4. 1-3 B D B

5. 1-4 D B A B

6. 1-5 D D B A D

7. 1-5 A A C C C

8. 1-3 C A A

9. 1-3 D C C

10. 1-4 D C C A

11. 1-2 A D

12. 1-4 D A B A

13. 1-5 B A B C A

14. 1-3 B B B

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