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My best friend and I

I like to have friends who are different from me. My best friend is lucy. In some ways we look the same, but in some ways we look different. We both have black eyes and black hair. She is taller and quieter than me. And she is really serious. I am more outgoing and funnier than her. Both she and i like reading books and listening to music. I think differences are not important in a friendship.

My dream job

I like English. I want to be an English teacher in ten years. I will teach my students as well as possible. I will give my lessons in as much English as I can. I’ll try my best to make my lessons lively and interesting. Besides, we all like listening to stories. So I’ll try often to tell my students stories in English, so that they will be interested in English and can improve their listening. I believe that I can become a good teacher.


Steve went to Dalian during his summer vacation. He and his parents arrived there on July 5th. The next day, they went to the famous beach, Laohutan. The weather was cool and sunny, and the water was very clean. They met many friendly people there and chatted with them. Steve’s mother enjoyed walking along the beach. Steve played volleyball and

went paragliding with his father. The family also went swimming and watched a dolphin show together. Steve even fed fish to the dolphins. In the evening,Steve and his parents went out to eat seafood. It tasted delicious. Steve took a lot of photos during the day. When they went back to the hotel at night, they were tired but felt very happy.

My good habits and bad habits

My name is Tony. I’m a 14-year-old middle school student. I have lots of good habits. I eat vegetables and fruit every day and I drink a glass of milk every day. I exercise twice a week and i never stay up late. But i have some bad habits, too. I like eating junk food. I usually eat it one a week. I always play computer games and surf the internet on school nights. My parents are not happy because they want me to get better grades, but i think i also need to take some time to relax.

My best friend

David is my good friend. He is 14 years old, and he has a healthy lifestyle. He gets up at 6:00 every morning. He exercises five times a week. He goes to school by bike every day. He does his homework every evening. He is busy with his studies, so he watches TV only twice a week. He hardly ever eats junk food because he thinks it is bad for his health. He drinks milk for breakfast every day and sleeps for at least eight hours every night.

My favorite cartoon

Kung Fu Panda is an interesting cartoon movie about a cute panda named Paul. Paul wants to become a master of kung fu in order to save those who are in danger. His teacher teaches him how to fight and encourages him to go and save the world. In the end ,Paul wins a fight against a great enemy. I like the movie because Paul is brave, funny and warm -hearted. I think he is a great hero. The other animals in the movie are great too. I love them all, but my favorite character is the panda Paul. I hope I can be like him.

Vacation plan

I need to do something to improve myself. I have made some plans to be a better student. First , I’m going to improve my relationships with my classmates. I will try to be more outgoing. I will try my best to help those who need some help. I believe I can get on well with them if I am friendly. My second plan is to work harder and get better grades. I decided to listen to the teachers more carefully in class and finish homework on time. My last plan has something to do with my eating habits. I am going to eat less junk food. I am going to exercise a lot and try to take part in the school activities. I really hope i can do better next year.

How to make salad

Hi ,Liu Mei,

I am glad to hear that you are going to do something for your mother on

her birthday. If you like, you can try this delicious salad. First cut up a lettuce, a carrot, two tomatoes and two onions. Next put everything in a big bowl. Then add a spoon of slat, two spoons of vinegar, a little pepper and some oil in the bowl. Finally mix it all up. It’s not difficult to make this kind of salad. I hope it will be easy for you, and I hope your mother will like it.


About invitation

Dear Nick,

Thank you for your invitation. I am sorry I can’t go to visit you next week. I will be really busy next week. On Monday , I will have much homework to do. On Tuesday, I will have a piano lesson. On Wednesday, I will have to study for the english test. On Thursday ,I’m going to the movies with Alan. On Friday, I am going fishing with my uncle. Can you go fishing with us next Friday?

Write soon.

Yours , Jack


Dear Mike,

Thanks for your letter. I am sorry to hear that you are in trouble now. Don’t worry. Let me help you. Now I will give you some advice about how to do better in your study. Playing computer games is very interesting, but if you play too much, you will waste lots of time, and you will have little time to do your homework. I think if you give up playing computer games, you may be interested in other things , like study or sports. Then you will be interested in many other subjects. So you should give up the computer games and work harder. I think if you keep working hard, you will have a great time at school with your good friends.

My subjects

I am a middle school student. I am learning some subjects at school. They are Chinese,English, math, history, geography,music,art P.E. And so on. Art is my favorite subject. I think it is the most interesting of all. I don’t like history and geography at all. They are the most boring subjects. I like math, too, although it’s the most difficult. I think English is the most useful subject and PE is the most important to our health.

My favorite TV show

My favorite TV show is Animal World. It is interesting and exciting. There I can learn a lot about all kinds of animals. Some people likk animals. Some people put animals in the cages. I can’t stand these. Each animal has its right to live on the earth. Animals are also our friends. They are important to keep the balance of nature. It si impossible for humans to live on the earth without animals.

My future

In twenty years, I think I will be a police officer. I will be taller and stronger and have short hair. I will live in Beijing because it si a very beautiful city and I like it very much. In my free time, I will play a lot of sports, and I will go swimming and play table tennis. I also think I will have a family. Maybe I will have two children.

Students’ life in 50 years

I think the students’ life in 50 years will be quite different from ours today. They won’t go to school to have any classes. They will sty at home to study on computers. They will ask their teachers or classmates for help by chatting on the Internet. They won’t use paper, pens or exercise books. They will go to school to play ball games. But i don’t like that life. I like

to meet my teachers and classmates every day.


I have a dream

I have a dream that I have a lot of money. If I have a lot of money, first I will buy a big house with a beautiful garden for my parents to live in. I hope they can live a happy life. Then I will give money to the charities to help the poor children. So they can go to school and get an education. I will also give some money to the old people’s home and make their life much better. At last I will plant more trees and flowers and make our city more beautiful

My school life

I ‘d like to tell you something about my school life. I have a lot of homework to do every day.

I usually spend more than two hours in doing my homework, so I have little time to do sports.

Luckily, my school organizes all kinds of activities to relax us and our teachers try their best to make their classes interesting. At school we get on well with my classes and teachers. We help each other and learn from each other. But I hope our teachers give us less homework, then we will more interested in studying.

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