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A. keep B. give C. make D. made

四 阅读理解(10) A 二 单项选择(15)

The 2.26-meter-tall Yao Ming made his NBA start on October 23,2002 and got 6 points for the 121. ----Can you play____ guitar?-------No, I’m taking _____ guitar lessons.

Houston Rockets in the game. The next day, he won 13 points in another game. A. a ,the B. the, 不填 C. the, the D. 不填,the

22..----what are you going to be when you grow up? -----A(n)__________. I’d like to fly planes. Yao Ming ,22, has been a star in China for some time, but it is still a question whether he can


A. actor B. pianist C. pilot D. engineer

23. -----David often spends so much money on some expensive things.

-------So he does. He must come from a _______family.

A. bad B. poor C. strange D. rich

24. what is she going to do when she _______up?

A. is going to grow B. grew C. grows D. is growing

25.----- How ________she ________healthy?-------She’s going to exercise every morning. A. is , keeping B. did, keep C. does, keep D. is, going to keep 26. ---My New Year’s resolution is to study computer science.-----________. A. Sounds good B. What about you? C. I’m sorry to hear that. D. Sure, I’d love to. 27. There ________ a meeting in our class next week. A. is going to have B. will have C. is going to be D. is going to

28. My dream job is _______a violinist. A. be B. do C. to be D. being

29. I’m going to Hainan with my aunt next week.--------__________!

A. Have a good time B. Best wishes to you C. Congratulations D. Please go

30. If you don’t feel well. You may just_______.

A. stop to read B. stop read C. stop reading D. stopped to read

31.I love music, and I’m going to learn how to ________ an instrument.

A. play B. listen C. make D. build

32.How are you going to be a computer programmer?

------I’m going to_______this year.

A. get good grades B. keep fit C. study computer science D. take acting lessons. 33. When ______ you start_______ English?------Two years ago. A do, to learn B. did, learning C would , to learn D. are , learning (34. What is the _______ of what you said . A. mean B means C. meaning D. meanings )35. I’m going to ______ four resolutions. play well in the NBA . Yao Ming said, “when you watch it on TV, it is very easy. But when you are playing in the NBA, it is really difficult.” He said that joining the Houston Rockets was a new

star and a new challenge. “I hope that through very hard work I want to made everyone happy and

help the Rockets win more games,” he said.

Yao Ming speaks some English. Both he and his teammates can understand each other. They

don’t think there is a language problem. While Yao Ming tried to face the new challenge, Houston

has showed interest in him and they hope Yao Ming will bring new energy to the Rockets. The

team has started lessons about China. Many people who work for the Rocket have learned to speak

some Chinese.

( )46. On October 23,2002, Yao Ming played his __________ game in the NBA. A. first B. second C. third D. fourth

( )47. . Yao Ming who _________ points in the first two games for the Houston Rockets. A. 6 B. 13 C. 19 D. 23 ( )48. Yao Ming thinks that_________. A. it is boring to play basketball B. playing in the NBA is not easy C. it is difficult to watch NBA games on TV. D. he is an NBA star ( )49. What do you think the passage probably is?

A. An advertisement B. A notice C. An instruction D. A news report

( )50. Yao Ming plays for_________.

A. China B. America C. Houston Rockets D. NBA star


Being a writer

Some children wish to be writers some day. They want to write stories or books for people to read. That’s good! It’s good to write something for people to read! But they should know that they need to be good readers first before they really are good writers. They should read a lot of books. And read for hours every day instead of watching TV and spending a lot of time to do the reading

homework. Then you have time to read many other books for fun. Because of more fun in reading ,

you want to look for more books to read.

Before you decide to be a good writer, you’d better say to yourself, “I must read and read and read and read more and more!”

( )51. This article mainly tells us that_______.

A. some children wish to be writers some day. B. it is good to write something for people to read. B. reading can make you a good writer D. writers like to read more books for fun. ( )52..Some children want to be writers______.

A. because they want to be good readers. B. to write stories or books for people to read. C. to find good work some day D. to get more money to keep a family ( )53 . It’s good for children________.

A. to do a lot of reading B. to watch TV in the evening

C. to have wishes sometimes D. to be good writers right now ( )54. Reading can__________.

A. help you to do a good player. B. help you write well

C. make your work better D. make you watch more TV at home ( )55. From the passage we know that_________.

A. all children like to be writers B. people like to read for children C. all writers are children D. children need to read more and more books. 五 词汇(20)

A. 根据句意及首字母填空。每空一词

55. Jim wants to be an e when he grows up, so he studies math very hard. 56. She is good at playing the piano.I believe she is going to be a p. 57. My uncle makes a good r to stop drinking.

58. Did you take mthat the doctor gave you yesterday? I feel that you seem to be worse today.

59. There are many f visitors to our country every year.

60. Please p me not to eat junk food again. It’ s really bad for your health. 61. Who can tell me how I can i my listening skill?

62. We are going to d with my parents about my personal thing. 63. This house is my o.

64. We do the w shopping every Friday.

65. Let’s discuss the r between friends and teachers. B. 用所给的词的适当形式填空。

66. I want to be a soccer player. I want to get a lot of _ .(exercise) 67. He is going to be an actor when he (grow ) up.

68. At the (begin) of the class,we sing an English song. 69. He had to practice (speak)English every day. 70. Don’ t you (question ) his answers? 71. I _ (take) up my new hobby next year. 72. This is my (person) letters. Don’t read !

73. He wants to a (cook) school when he finishes high school. 74. I am going to have __ (scientist ) lesson tomorrow. 75. He is good at playing the .(violinist) 七 汉译英(10)

81.我的妹妹想成为一名学校的老师。她将学校教育学。 My sister _ be a school teacher. She is going to __.

82.我将会写一些文章并且寄送到杂志社和新闻出版社。 I’m going to _ and _ to magazines and newspapers.

83.并不是每个人都知道自己他们想成为什么,但是确保你尽了你的最大的努力。 Not everyone knows what they want to be. Just you __ your . 84.我想学校另外一种外语。 I want to other language. 85.下决心就是给自己的承诺。 ------- are to yourself. 八 书面表达。 (15) 寒假快到了,你计划做哪几方面的事情呢,请根据你的打算写一份Winter Holiday’s Resolution. 要求:1. 不少于三方面的事情。 2.不少于80个单词。


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