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1、I_____a Chinese boy, my name_______Lin Tao. 2、What_____that in English ? It_____a map. 3、______these your apples? Yes, they______. 4、Li Ping and I______good friends, we_______in Class One. 5、Lucy______an English girl, she______a good student. 6、Peter, how_______you ? I______fine ,thank you. 7、______this his eraser? No, it ______her eraser. 8、The bags _______under the bed and the notebook_____on the bed. 9、Where_______ the color pencils ? They ______next to the backpack. 10、Who______that boy ?He______Jim’s brother.

1. This is a pen . _______ ________ _________. 2.Is this your backpack ? _______ ________your _________? 3. It’s a black bag . ________ _______black ________. 4. That’s an eraser . ________ ________ _________. 5.Where is your parent ? ________ ________your ________?

1、first, 2、is,

what’s, first,




name, my

3、you, nice, to, meet 4、phone, your, what’s, 5、62819776, is, it in number

6、English, this, what’s, 7、your, that, is, pencil

8、your, here’s


how, your, do

9、name, spell, you, 10、I’m, watch,

for, looking, my

thanks for…. for example write down a little… look at =have a look at a set of keys lost and found a lot of

watch TV Let’s … have …for…lunch in +颜色 buy…from… sell…to… want to do sth. go to do sth. go to+地点

on/at weekends on weekdays stay at home learn…about…from… for the same reason in a word in fact talk to/with sth talk about… call sb. at 661978

fill out=fill in too many/much know about… tell…about… after class write to sb. all night get to… put on←→take off make/cook lunch

have/eat dinner take/have a shower go to school get up be different from… all over the world come from one of… some of… another of…

take part in wait for… watch TV in one’s free time take/bring…to… on sale/for sale do homework make up… help…with… in some ways

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