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( )1、Beth has a beautuful __________ .Listen!She is singing now.

A、smile B、sound C. noise D、voice

( )2、Hi, Sam!We?re going for a walk.Would you like to __________?

Great!Let?s go.

A、come on B、come up

C、come out D、come along

( )3、—Must I finish the project now?

—No, you_________. You _______ do it this evening.

A、mustn?t, can B、needn?t ,may

C、can?t,must D、needn?t,must

( )4、Tom can hardly work out that kind of difficult problems by


A、doesn?t he B、does he

C、can?t he D、can he

( )5、—Did he _________ live in Germany?

—Yes,but now he ________ living in China.

A、use to,is used to B、 used to, used to

C、use to,used to D、 used to, is used to

( )6、—I hear that there will be ________ talk on teenage problems next


—Do you mean _____ talk our teacher asked us to listen to ?

A、A,the B、 a,a C、 the,the D、the,a

( )7、—Who is ________ girl reading under the tree?

—She is Liu Meim.She wrote_________ unusual book about the

school life.

A、a ,the B、 the ,a C、 the,an D、a,an

( )8、—Why not go to the Great Wall this Saturday?

—I?m afraid it?s not a good _________ .Many of us have been there.

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A、place B、day C、plan D、idea

( )9、He didn?t tell his parents he ws going home because he wanted to give

them a ________.

A、joy B、 surprise

C、 shock D、 happiness

( )11、There?s _________ with your son.So don?t worry about him.

A、nothing serious B、 something serious

C、serious nothing D、anything serious

( )12、—Excuse me, could you tell me ___________?

—Sorry, I?m new here, too.

A、where is the nearest bank B、 how can I get to the bank

C、which the way to the bank is D、is there a bank near here

( )13、I don?t like ____ of the two pens.Please show me ________one.

A、both, one B、 all, the other

C、 nerither, the others D、either,another

( )14、Lucy often makes others _________ the blackboard,but this morning she

was made_______ it herself.

A、clean,to clean B、clean,clean

C、to clean,to clean D、to clean, clean

( )15、—I don?t know how to use this machine.

—It doesn?t matter. Here is the ________.

A、instruction B、 direction

C、information D、advertisement

( )16、My brother has a computer, He __________ it for many years.It

________ to him on his 20th birthday by my fater.

A、has got,give B、has had, was given

C、has got,was given D、has had, gave

( )17、—Jenny wants to know if _________ a hiking trip tomorrow.

—Of course,we will.But if it _____ ,we?ll visit the History Museum

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