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unit6 I am going to study computer science reading

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Unit6 I am going to study computer science
reading---- resolutions

Do you make any resolutions last year?
Were you be able to keep them? Why or why not

be able to 可以…… e.g. Tom is able to/can swim. He will be able to come tonight.

Q1 what is a resolution? It `s a kind of promise that you make to yourself. Q2. when do people usually make resolutions? At the beginning of the year. Q3.Why do people usually make resolutions? They hope that they are going to improve their lives. Q4. How can people remember their resolutions? Some people write them down and others tell their family and friends.

Language points
I promise( I am going to tide my room when I get back from school).
Promise N. keep a promise 遵守诺言 break a promise不守诺言 make a promise 许下诺言 V. promise sb. to do sth.答应某人做…… e.g. She promised her mother to help her do housework.


Some are about physical health

Start an exercise program Eat less fast food
Three kinds of resolutions Many resolutions have to do with self-improvement. Take up a hobby Learn to play the guitar Some resolution have to do with better planning.
Like making a weekly plan for school work

Most resolutions have one thing in common

People hardly ever keep them

Why do you think resolutions may be difficult to keep?

Language points
Sometimes the resolutions may be too difficult to keep.

too +形/副原形 to… 太……而不能…… e.g. The box is too heavy for him to carry. The box is so heavy that he can’t carry it The cat ran too quickly to catch. The boy is too young to go to school. The boy is not old enough to go to school The boy is so young that he can’t go to school

1.---There ____ two football matches on TV tomorrow afternoon. D ---- really? That’s great. A. Will have B. are going to have C. is going to be D. are going to be 2.Which city ____ the smiths going to ____? D A. is; move to B. is; move C. are; move D. are; move to 3.Li Ming is so careful that he always look over his exercise to ____ there are no mistakes. A A. make sure B.find out C. think of D. send for

4.---I want to be a newspaper reporter because I __ talking with all kinds of people. B A. want B. enjoy C. hope D. wish 5.Which hobby do you think ___least time? A. takes up B. tidies up A C. gives up D. makes up 6.The boy promised ____ late for school again. A. to not be B. not to be C. not being D. being not


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