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第一节 单项填空(共15小题,每小题l分,满分l5分) ( )1. ____ do you study for tests? I work with my friends. A. How B. Who C. When D Where ( )2. I had a little trouble in English grammar.

A. learn B. learned C. learning D. to learn ( )3. I always go to sleep ___________ the light on.

A. in B. with C. to D. and ( )4 . She’s never read this book before. ___________? A. isn’t she B. hasn’t she C. is she D. has she ( )5. I am ________ of spiders.

A. terrified B. terrible C. terrifying D. terrify ( )6. I don’t want to read this book. There is _______ in it. A. something interesting B. nothing interesting C. interesting something D. interesting nothing ( )7. It’s very hot here. Why not _______ your coat?

A. have on B. take off C. put off D. put on ( )8. We’ll go for a picnic if it _______ this weekend.

A. will rain B. rains C. doesn’t rain D. won’t rain ( )9. Could you please tell me _______? I’ve lost her address. A. where did Carol live B. where does Carol live C. where Carol lives D. where Carol lived

( )10.This toy bear ________ be Jane's.She's the only kid at the picnic. A.must B.can C.need D.can't ( )11.What ________ you do if you __ _______ a teacher? A.would, are B.can, were C.will, are D.would, were ( )12.He _________ about three thousand words in the past three years. A.has learned B.learned C.was learning D.had learned ( )13. — How beautiful your hometown is! —Yes, trees and flowers _______ everywhere.

A. can be seen B. can see C. be seen D. can’t see ( )14. We don’t have a school magazine ______. It’s a pity. A. any long B. no more C. any more D. no longer ( )15. Please turn on the light. It is ______ dark _____ see anything in the room. A. too, to B. so , that C. such , that D. too , not to

第二节 完形填空(共10小题,每小题l分,满分l0分)

Food is very important.well if he or she wants to have a strong body.Our minds also need a kind of food.We begin to get knowledge even when we are very

young.in everything around them.while they are watching and listening.story books, science books …, anything they like., they love to a sk questions and try to find out the answers.

the most knowledge.If we .When we study in the right

( )1.A.sleep B.read C.drink D.eat ( )2.A.sport B.exercise C.knowledge D.meat ( )3.A.interesting B.interested C.weak D.better ( )4.A.everything B.something C.nothing D.anything ( )5.A.lend B.read C.learn D.write ( )6.A.something new B.new something C.nothing new D.new anything

( )7.A.place B.with C.way D.by ( )8.A.are getting B.getting C.get D.will get ( )9.A.often B.always C.usually D.sometimes ( )10.A.harder B.much C.better D.well

第三部分 阅读理解 (共l0小题,满分20分)

A recent(最近的)report from Dazhou Daily says about 18% of Dazhou teenagers can have problems with their minds(内心,精神).Some students become worried because they have to study very hard.Others find it difficult to get on well with people like their parents and classmates.

Zhang Qiang, a Junior 2 student from Dazhou, could not understand his teachers in class and was doing badly in his lessons.He was afraid of exams.When he looked at the exam paper, he couldn't think of anything to write.

Another st udent, a 15-year-old girl called Wu Yan from Guang'an often argued with her classmates even her parents because of some different ideas.She became so annoyed about them that she started to hurt herself with a knife.

However, many students who have problems won't go for advice or help.Some think they will look stupid(愚蠢的) if they go to see a doctor.Others don't want to talk about their secrets.In order to solve the teenagers' problems, here is some advice:

● Talk to your parents or teachers often. ● Take part in group activities and play sports. ● Go to see a doctor if you feel unhappy or unwell.

( )1It is reported that _______ students in Dazhou can have problems with their minds. A.most B.many C.some D.all the

( )2From the passage we know teenagers have problems with their minds because of_ A.their study B.getting on with other people C.their hobbies D.A and B.

( )3Wu Yan started to hurt herself with a knife because ___________

A.she couldn't get on well with her classmates and even her parents B.she could not understand her teachers in class C.she was afraid of exams D.she had no money for a new shirt

( )4Why don't the students who have problems want to go for help? A.Because they think no one will help them.

B.Because they don’t want to talk about their secrets and they think it's stupid to see

a doctor.

C.Because they think they can solve the problems by themselves. D.Because they think the doctors could do nothing with their problems.

( )5ow many pieces of advice are given to the teenagers who have problems in this

passa ge?

A.Two. B.Three. C.Four. D.Five.

“Who needs a shopping mall if you have Taobao?” says Wang Lin, 28, a writer in Beijing.

Taobao, China’s largest online shopping site(网上购物网站), has become an important part of Wang Lin’s life. She spends lots of money on Taobao. A growing number of Chinese Internet users like Wang have found the joys of online shopping. Most online shoppers are students or young workers. More women shop on line than men. Clothing and home-use products(产品)are the most popular on line.It was reported that more than 250 billion(十亿)yuan was spent on online shopping last year, 80% through Taobao.Xkb 1.c om

Taobao means “looking for treasure” in Chinese. People can find almost everything they need on Taobao, from clothes to books, from candies to DVD players.

You may question the security of online shopping, Wang Lin said, “It’s very safe and convenient. Unless you receive the products from the sellers and are satisfied(满意的) with them, the shop owner will not get the money .You can also get your money back if you want to return the products.” ( )6.Taobao is ____________.

A. a shopping mall B. home-use products C. an online shopping site D. the name of a young girl (

)7_______is shopping more on line.

A. Workers B. Parents C. Men D. Women

( )8_________ was occupied(占据) by Taobao on online shopping last year. A. 80% B. 70% C. 60% D.25%

( )9What’s the meaning of the underline word "security"? A. 保障 B. 好处 C. 安全 D. 风险 ( )10.Which is the best title(标 题)of the passage?

A. Online shoppers. B. Online shopping in China.

C. Joys of online shopping. D. Let’s shop online.

第四部分 短文填词(11分)

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