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1.一个闲逛的好地方_____________ 2.穿上盛装;装扮__________ 3.交作业_____________

4.取决于;依赖_________________ 5. 穿过历史博物馆________________________________


1.The staff ________ /drest/ up as clowns at Uncle Bob’s.

A dress B dressed C dresses D dresed

2.I ________ /w?nd?/ if you can help me.

A wander B wondered C wonder D wonders

3.Don’t ______/?’fend/ others easily.

A offended B ofend C offand D offend

4.I’m sorry to ________/tr?b?l/ you.

A trouble B troubled C troubling D troubles

5.Could you please __________ /lend/ me your bike?

A land B lands C lends D lend

III. 选择填空

( ) 1. The books must _________ to the library on time.

A. take B. give back C. be returned D. be returned back.

( ) 2. I can’t remember ___________.

A. who did I give the book B. who I gave the book

C. who did I give the book to D. who I gave the book to

( ) 3.Each girl likes to ________ for a party.

A. wear B. put on C. dress up D. be on

( ) 4. They spent many happy hours__________ through the History Museum。

A.to walk B. walking C. walk D. walked

( ) 5. —I want to buy some fruits. Are they _______? —Sure, they were carried here this morning.

A. colorful B. fresh C. salty D. sweet

( ) 6. As a student, everyone should ________ the homework every day.

A. hand in B. hand out C. get over D. cut up

( ) 7. Her parents were worried that she ________ too much time chatting on line.

A. spent B. took C. cost D. paid

( ) 8. He prefers __________ outside to ________ at home

A. being, stay B. being, staying C. be, stay D to be, staying

( ) 9.I’m sorry _______ you but I have some problems practicing singing.

A. to trouble B. troubling C. to dream D. dreaming of

( ) 10. Lots of supermarkets are ________ people because of H1N1.

A. crowded in B. crowded with C. uncrowded in D. uncrowded with

( ) 11. —Can you________ me 50 dollars ? —I have run out of the money.

A. borrow B. take C. lend D. bring

( ) 12. I want to buy some medicine for my son. So I wonder which is the way to the _______

A. shop B. drugstore C. restroom D. department

( ) 13.This problem is so difficult . Can you show me _______?

A. how can I work it out B. how to work it out C. how to work out it D. how to work out

IV. 选词填空


their house for dinner, it is okay if you arrive 2__________late. Spending time with family and friends is very important to us. We 3__________ just drop by our friends’ homes. We don’t usually 4__________ make plans to meet our friends. Often we just walk around the town center, seeing as 5___________ of our friends as we can.


work and had to 7____________ fast. As soon as he 8___________ the main highway, Andy saw a dark cloud. Soon it began to rain heavily and the wind was really terrible. He realized that he should get off the road and find a place 9 ____________. Luckily, it stopped 10____________ and didn’t hurt him at all. As for being late for work, Andy’s boss was happy that he got there safely. V. 句型转换。

1. He has to leave here before 9 o’clock.(变为一般疑问句)

____________ he ____________ to leave here before 9 o’clock?

2. I’(划线部分提问)

___________ ___________ you like to do this Spring Festival?

3. “ What kind of food do you like, sir?” the waiter asked. (改写句子,句意不变) The waiter asked him what kind of food __________ __________.

4. My brother is too young. He can’t start working in factories. (改写句子,句意不变) My brother isn’t __________ __________ ___________ start working in factories.

5. Can you tell me where I can buy a dictionary?(同义句)

Can you tell me where _______ ________ a dictionary?

6. To learn English well for everyone is very important. (同义句)

_______ very important for everyone _________ learn English well.

VI. 完成句子。

1. 你最好马上给你妈妈打个电话。You’d better __________ a _________to your mother at once.

2. 他更喜欢呆在外面。He prefers .

3. 怎样去上学取决于他们住在哪儿。The ways to go to school where they live.

4. 那个市场对年轻人来说是个逛街的好地方 That mall is a good place for young people to .

5. 老人们在锻炼中度过许多快乐的时光 The old will ________ lots of happy hours _________


Travelling is a relaxing and pleasing activity. Do you want to travel? If you do, you’d better pay attention to these things:

Choose the place you like to gotrip.

Learn about the customs (风俗) of the local residents (当地居民) During the traveling, sometimes you need to communicate with the local residents. If you learn about their customs, you will get on well with them easily.

Choose the right time to go 无论你去什么地方,都有必要了解天气情况When the weather is too hot or too cold, you’d better not go there. And you should know if it is often rainy, cloudy or sunny.

Pay attention to health and safety During the traveling, you can enjoy different diets. You should pay attention to the sanitation.(卫生) Keeping healthy is very important. Don’ t go to some places alone. This is also important.

Travelling is very exciting. Prepare for it carefully, and you will feel the pleasue of traveling. 根据短文内容,回答问题

1. Why do you need to learn about the customs of the local residents?



2. Keeping health is very important. _________ very important ________ keep healthy.

3. When the weather is too hot or too cold, you’d better not go there.

You’d better go there when the weather is ___________ too hot _______ too cold.


5.将文中的中文译成英文_____________________________________________________. VIII. 书面表达。


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