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仁爱英语九年级第三单元English Around the World

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English Around the World

It's true that English is used more and more widely around the world . How does this happen ? We may find the answer from history .

In the nineteenth century , Great Britain became a powerful country , so English became an international language . Then , since the 1950s ,the U.S.A. has become more and more powerful . The American computer and Internet industry has taken the leading position in the world . As a result , the Internet has helped English to became much more popular .;

China , a country with the largest population in the world , has encouraged more people to learn English since the 1970s . Since the 1990s , English learning has been very popular with Chiese people . Many of them have done well in English and have made great progress in speaking it .

Now , students are required to learn English , and the study of English is regarded as a very importang industry in China as well as in the rest of the world .


American English and British English

Some people may not clearly know the differences between American English and British . Though written English is similar in Britain and America , oral English is quite different .

Generally speaking , American English is different from British English in pronunciation and spelling . For example , when a learner is used to the British pronunciation 【 ho:t , kla:k , 'le:de 】 (hot , clerk , leisure ),he may not understand the American pronunciation 【ha:t , kle:rk , 'li:der 】 immediately . As for the spelling differences , you can easily fing them when you use a computer . The spelling check on your computer shows American spelling , such as color , center , dialog and traveled . These words are spelled as colour , centre , dialogue , and traveled in British English .

There are also differences in some expressions. For example , you relax in a sitting room in Britain but in a living room in America , you fill in a form in Britain , but fill out a form in the U.S.A. ; Americans take the subway , while British people take the underground . Howerer , most of the

time , people from the two countries do not habe much difficulty understanding each other .

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