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Go for it 八年级上册 Unit 5 Do you want to watch a game show Sec B 2b阅读教学

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Go for it 八年级上册 Unit 5 Do you want to watch a game show?

Section B 2b Mickey Mouse P37 阅读教学设计

桐乡市教师进修学校 凌应强

I. Warm-up

1. Show a picture of Mickey Mouse, and ask students

to describe him. Each student can only say one

sentence. Meanwhile, the teacher writes the key words

on the blackboard.

Q1: Who is this cartoon character?

Q2: Do you like him? Why?

Q3: What does he look like?

2. Try to retell in chorus, according to the key words

on the blackboard, with T’s assistance..

II. Lead-in

1. Ask 4 questions:

Q1: How old is Mickey Mouse?

Q2: Who was his “father”?

Q3: Who is his girl friend?

Q4: Do people like him very much?

NOTE: These questions help the weak students understand the words like “create” and “popular”.

2. Ask the students to finish the table below. If they don’t know the answers, they can read the


What’s his name? / What’s the mouse’s name?

When was his birthday? / When was he born?

Who created him? / Who was the creator?

Who is his girl friend? / What’s his girl friend’s name?

Is he popular? / Do people like him?

Follow-up Q from T: Why is he so popular? Read paragraph 2 and tell us.

III. Presentation

1. Now you know his birthday. It is November 18, 1928. Look, here are more dates. Please read the passage quickly, find the dates and write down some words (NOT

Hollywood Walk of Fame the Star of Micky Mouse

3. Redesign the table above into a timeline like the one on P38, and ask SS to say the whole sentences.

e.g. On November the 18th, 1928, Mickey Mouse first appeared in the film Steamboat Willie.

IV. Group work: Discussion.

1. Read the passage again. Ask and answer in pair-work, one for Qa, and the other for Qb. Each group has two questions to discuss.

1a. What other things are symbols of the USA?

1b. What cartoon character can be the symbol of Chinese culture?

2a. Do you think Walt Disney was a smart man?

2b. How can you be as successful as Walt Disney?

3a. Why do people want to be like Mickey?

3b. Do you want Mickey to be a hero instead of a common person?

4a. Can you think of another popular cartoon character that is as famous as Mickey? 4b. If you want your cartoon character to be famous, what should you do?

2. Choose one pair from each group to report.

V. Homework:

1. Read the passage twice.

2. Find the sentences with the following phrases. Copy the sentences on your note books and read them for at least 10 times each. And then make your own sentences with the phrases.

(1) think of

(2) come out

(3) one of the main reasons

(4) such as

(5) was ready to

(6) more than just

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