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Smoking Is Not Allowed Here

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Smoking Is Not Allowed Here In many countries, people can’t smoke in the office any more and they can’t smoke even within the building. Department stores and restaurants are also becoming smoke-free. It won’t be very long before smoking is not allowed anywhere in public areas.

For some people, smoking has become a daily habit. They think that smoking makes them feel happy and helps them relax. What makes things worse is that some famous actors show smoking on TV. This makes people think that smoking is cool and is a fashion of the day. Those ideas are foolish and wrong.

In fact, smoking has many bad effects on people’s health. Cigarette smoking is dangerous and every cigarette one smokes shortens one’s life. A smoker usually lives a shorter life than a non-smoker. In many cases, their deaths are caused by cancer – lung cancer or mouth cancer.

cigarette smokes can also cause tooth disease and bad breath. When smoke is breathed in, poisonous elements in the smoke attack the body. They raise blood pressure and lead to heart disease. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people in the world die from smoking-related diseases.

Smoking is harmful, not only to smokers, but also to non-smokers. When a person smokes, people around are forced to breathe

in the smoke, and become passive smokers. More and more people do not like to be with smokers in the same room.

Nowadays, there is an anti-smoking movement all over the world. In China, many cities have made laws to stop smoking in public areas. In places where people are not allowed to smoke, there is always a sign. The sign says “Thank you for not smoking.” This is a polite way of saying: “No smoking!” or “Smoking is not allowed here!”

To stop smoking is not enough. Smokers should give up smoking as soon as possible. The habit of smoking can be successfully quit, as long as one has the determination to do so. For those who don’t smoke, it is much easier not to start smoking than it is to quit it.

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