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Try to complete the dialogue
When Millie: ______are we going to Harbin? Mum: On 10th February. What Millie: ______ is the weather like in Harbin at that time? Mum: It’s very cold. Millie: Where _____are we going to stay in Harbin? Mum: In Grandma’s big house. What Millie: _____does Grandma like eating? Mum: She likes biscuits very much. Millie: _____do we need that big bag? Why Mum: Because we need to take lots of things to Harbin.

(Special question)
特殊疑问句的形式:疑问代词/副 词 + 动词 be/助动词/情态动词 + 主语 + 动词。疑问代词/副词包括 what, who, which, whom, whose, when, how, why, where 等。回 答时不用yes 或no,而要根据实际 情况回答。

B Asking ‘wh-’ questions
We use ?wh-? questions to ask for information about someone/something.

what----activity or thing I am reading. which----thing or person I’d like this red one. who----person He is our teacher. whose----possession The bag is mine. when----time My birthday is on 2nd May. where----place My pen is in the pencil case. why-----reason I like dancing because it is fun.

? what----Activity or thing (对行为和事物提问)。
e.g . 1. “What are you talking about?” “你们在谈什么?” 们 “We are talking about our family.” “我们在谈论我 的家庭情况。” 2. “What is your name?” “你叫什么名字?”

“My name is Wang Li.” “我叫王丽。”

? which----Thing or person (对特定的人或事物提问)。
e.g “Which man is your English teacher?”
“哪位是你的英 语老师?”

“The man in white.” “那个穿着白衣服的。”

? who----Person (对人提问)

e.g “Who will visit you tomorrow?” “My father.”
“明天谁来看你?” “我爸爸。” ? whose----Possession (对人的所有关系提问) e.g “Whose book is this?” “It is my brother?s.”

“这是谁的书?” “是我弟弟的。”
? when----Time (对时间提问)

e.g “When will you finish your homework?”

“Tomorrow.” “明天。”

? where----Place (对地点提问)
e.g “Where do you study?” “你在哪儿读书?” “In Shanghai.” “在上海。” ? why-----reason (对原因提问)

e.g “Why are you late?” “你为什么迟到?”
“Because I missed the bus.” “因为我没赶 上公共汽车。”


Let’s see the family of “how”
1. I go to school by bus.
How do you go to school?

2. She is twelve.
How old is she?

3. Jim plays with his dog for about two hours on Sunday.
How long does Jim play with his dog on Sunday?

4. Millie goes to the Reading Club twice a week.
How often does Millie go to the Reading Club?

5.There are more than forty students in our class.
How many students are there in your class?

6.There is some bread on the plate. 7.Mike is 1.35 meters tall.
How tall is Mike?

How much bread is t

here on the plate?

8.I’ll bring it here in a minute.
How soon will you bring it here?

Exercises :针对下列划线部分提问
? 1.We are going to Hainan Island. Where are you going? ? 2.Chinese New Year this year is in February. When is Chinese New Year? ? 3.Kitty is wearing a special costume. Who is wearing a special costume? ? 4.I want a skateboard for Christmas. What do you want for Christmas?

? 5.Daniel is in the kitchen.
Where is Daniel? ? 6.We celebrate by giving presents. How do we celebrate ? ? 7.My birthday is on 14th August. When is your birthday? ? 8.I am going to buy moon cakes because the Mid-autumn Festival is coming. Why are you going to buy moon cakes?

C Using ‘some’/ ‘any’
We use ?some? or ?any? to talk about the amount of something. Question

Does he give you ____ cakes? any

Positive sentence
Negative sentence offer Request

He gives me _____ cakes. some
He doesn't give me ____ cakes. any Would you like _____ cakes? some Can I have _____ cakes? some

用 some 或 any 填空:
Sandy: It?s time for dinner, I am so hungry now.

some some Lucy: I?ve got _____ pies. would you like ______ pies?
Sandy: Yes, please. Lucy: Here you are. Sandy: Oh, that?s very kind of you! Do you have _____ milk? any

any Lucy: I?m sorry. I don?t have _____ milk.
Sandy: That?s all right.

some Tom: Tomorrow is Teacher’s Day. Did you buy _____ flowers for your teachers?
any Susan: No, I didn’t buy _____ flowers, but I bought some cards. Look! ______
Tom: Wow, how beautiful they are. Where did you buy them?

Some Susan: ______ of them are from Lianhua Supermarket and ______ from Xixi shop. some some Tom: Could you buy ______ for me? I also need some ______ but I am very busy today.
Susan: Ok, I will go there this afternoon because I also need ______ more. some

1. Complete Period 6 in

Handbook of Evaluation.
2. Finish the exercises in the workbook from P38 to P39.

Thanks a lot!

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