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Unit 7What does he look like? Teaching Aims and Demands:

1、Language Goals

1).Main Words: hair, height,build,short, tall, medium, thin, heavy, curly, straight, wear

2).Main Phrases : straight hair, a medium build, look like

3).Main Sentence Structures:

What does he/she look like?

He/She is tall.

He/She has curly hair.

What do you/they look like?

I’m thin. /They’re medium height.

Do you know David?



①Yes/No simple sentences

②The usage of wear

③some main description words

2、Language skills:

1).Students can use English to describe people well, and can draw the person they say.

2).Students can guess the person according to others’ description.

3).They can master the main words and phrases in this class and use them to write their own passages.

3、Emotional Attitude

1).According to the discussion with others ,students should know how to describe others and learn to respect others.

2).Teach students learn to praise others in a good way and try to find the advantages of others.

3).Learn to appreciate others and know that having a beautiful soul is better than a good-looking.

4).When they practice , please help others. Teaching Main Points:

Learn to use the main words and the sentences to describe others and divide the differences between “has/have” and “is/are”.

Teaching Methods and Teaching strategies: Teaching Methods:

game method

listening method

pair-work method

speaking method

Teaching Design:


1.lead to the new class.

2.Describe a student and let others to guess. Step2 :

1.Show them a picture of a girl to review the different part of a person.

2. play the touch game.


1.Show some words and some famous people that describe about people and the let other students to say their opposite words.


1.Learn the new words of Section A. And try to remember them.

2.Listening task.

3.Check answers.


1. Pair work:Practice the main sentences in pairs. ----What does he look like?

He is of medium build.


1.Play a game: Mystery Student

let students listen to the music and guess who he or she is and describe them.

Step7 :

1.Groupwork: make a survey

Talk about their family members.


Homework: write about your best friend.

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