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Unit8 Section B 第一课时,很实用的哦

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头脑风暴: the words in the correct basket. Put 1. milk 2. tomato 3. spoon 4. popcorn 5. yogurt 6. salt 7. apple 8. onion 9. dumpling 10. shake 11. juice 12. meat 13. cup 14. porridge 15. watermelon 16. mutton 1,4,5,6,10,11,12,14,16

2. tomatoes 3. spoons 7. apples 8. onions 9. dumplings 13. cups 15. watermelons
4. popcorn 1. milk 5. yogurt 6. salt 11. juice 12. meat 14. porridge 16.mutton

你 还记得吗?

如何问答名词的数量 1. 询问不可数名词的数量: _________ + 不可数名词 ……? How much 2. 回答不可数名词的数量: ___________ + 不可数名词 数量词 a cup of water __________ 一杯 ________ ; 一碗 a bowl of rice 3. 询问可数名词的数量: __________ + 可数名词复数……? How many

How to make a banana milk shake?


cut up

put … in…

pour …into ...

turn on


How do you plant a tree? First, dig a hole. Next, put the tree in the hole. Then, put the soil back. Finally, water the trees. It’s OK now.

What’s your favorite food? My favorite food is hamburgers. What about you? I like sandwiches best.

=My favorite food is sandwiches

Can you make sandwiches?

Sure. I can make sandwiches.

完成下列句子。 1. We need three cups of sugar. (提问) _____ much sugar do we need? How ______ 2. They need ten tomatoes for the soup. (提问) _____ many tomatoes do they need? How ______ 3. The T-shirt is twenty dollars. (提问) _____ much is the T-shirt? How _____ 4. We have six bottles of juice. (提问) ————— ____ ______ bottles of juice do you have? How How manymuch

A spoon of

sandwich es


butter turkey

piece n. 片;块;段
a piece of bread.
Two pieces of bread







In my sandwich I like bread, butter, tomatoes, lettuce, turkey ____________________________________ and onions ____________________________________

Listen and circle the words you 1c hear.

Do you like turkey sandwiches?

Let′s make a turkey sandwich

bread two pieces of bread

Some lettuce turkey 火鸡肉 turkey pieces 火鸡肉片

Let’s make a turkey sandwich.
First,take a piece of bread.

Next,put some lettuce on the bread.

Then,put three pieces of turkey on the lettuce.

Finally,put another piece of bread on the top.

It is OK. You can eat it.

Listen again. Write the ingredients 1d in the order you hear them. First butter tomatoes onion lettuce cheese


Finally another piece of bread

How to make a cheese sandwich? Ingredients(原料) Amount(数量) a.some

2.tomato 3.onion 4.cheese 5.bread 6.lettuce

b.a spoon of

How to make a cheese sandwich?

First,take a piece of bread.
Next,put a piece of butter ,some cheese,one tomato and an onion on the bread. Then, put some lettuce on them. Finally, put anther piece of bread on the top.

It is delicious.

1. There are three ___________(三明治)on the table. 2. I usually have ___________(面包)for

breakfast. 3. Please add some____________(黄油). 4. Put two ___________(片) of duck on it. 5. How _________ (much) watermelons do we need? Homework: Make a sandwich that you like .And write down the way with first ,next,then and finaly.

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