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冀教版七年级上册lesson39 A Class Calendar

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What’s the date today? It’s_______

Teaching Aims
一.识记新单词: date January February March April May June first second third fourth fifth sixth 二.掌握下列短语: have a class party Sports Day have a basketball game against 三.灵活运用下列句型: What is the date today? It is /Today is December 3.

一月 二月 三月 四月 五月 六月

January February March April May June

January June April March

We have ___ on 日期.

24 17 12 15

On 日期 ,we have__.

It’s _______. On this day, we have a class party.

It’s _______. We have Sports

Day at our school.

It’s_______. We have a basketball

game against Class 6.

It’s_______. Yi Han’s birthday is on June 15.

Cardinal Ordinal
1 one 2 two 3 three 4 four 5 five 6 six first second third fourth fifth sixth

7 seven 8 eight 9 nine 10 ten 11 eleven 12 twelve 20 twenty

seventh eighth ninth tenth eleventh twelfth twentieth

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 基变序有规律 一, 二, 三,特殊记 first, second, third 八去t, 九去e, ve变f, th要从4加起 y变ie,然后再加th. 要问几十几, 只变个位要牢记。




Language Points
1. What is the date today? 今天几月几日?

用来对“日期”进行提问,date 名词,意为“日

期”。What’s the date today?是询问日期的固定
句式,也可以说成:What date is it today? 答语

常用“It’s+日期”或者“Today is+日期”。

What is the date today?今天是几月几日?

Today is December 3. 今天12月19日。

1. 今天几月几日? What date ______ is the_______today? 2. 2月是一年中的第二个月。 February second _________ is the _______ month in a year. 3. 我的生日在6月15日。 on June 15 My birthday is _____ _____ _____. 4. 一年有十二个月份。 There months ______ are twelve _______ in a year.

任务1:以组为单位快速读课文2分钟。 并写出下列日期的英语拼写 12月9日 1月17日 3月24 日 6月15 日 任务2: 练习以下句型 ---What’s the date today? ---It’s 日期 ---What Month comes after 月份? ---_______. _____ is the 第几month of a year. In 月份,we have __________. 某节日 is on +具体日期.

December sixth


December ninth December twenty-fourth

25 24 9 6 31 26

December twenty-fifth December twenty-sixth December thirty-first

January seventeenth

January June April March

March twenty-fourth April twelfth

24 17 12 15

June fifth

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