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New words alibi 不在犯罪现场证据

He has an alibi (for……) prove/ set up an alibi证明不在犯罪现场 借口 托辞 commit 做出(错误或非法的事) 犯(罪或错等) commit a fault/murder/crime inspector (警察)巡官 检查员 视察员 v inspect 检查 查看 审视 inspect our school 视察学校 employer雇主 雇佣者 老版 employee 雇工 受雇者 v employ n employment 工作 职业 be in the employment of 受雇于 unemployment 失业 confirm (提供证据)证明 证实 确认 confirm sth/that It has been confirmed that已经证实 confirmed已经被证实的 unconfirmed suggest 建议 提议 suggest sth to 向……推荐 suggest doing suggest that……(that) (委婉语气) 提醒 暗示 言下之意 I suggest that truth tell the truth in truth= in fact Language points

1 at the time 在那时在那段时间 (when )你收到时就要付款。 You pay for it at the time you

receive it.

The muder was committed 凶案发生 他在抢银行的时候,又杀了人。

At the time he robbed the bank, he committed the murder.

她做作业的时候,犯了一个错误。At the time he did his homework, he committed a fault. The 8 o’clock train八点的火车

2 catch the early train 赶早班车

3 confirm that 证实 证明 on time 按时 准时 in time 及时

我爸爸可以证明我是按时完成作业的。My father will confirm that I finished my homework on time.

4 a later train 晚一点的火车 get sb to work 送……去上班

5 suppose (根据所知) 认为 推断 料想 I suppose I think /believe

6 At what time 什么时候=when At what time will you come back?

7 Anything something everything nothing somebody anybody somewhere adj需后置 今天的报纸上没有重要的内容。 There is nothing important in toady’s newspaper.

8 you see you know on the morning of 在……早上 run 使(按某一线路)行驶 使运行 9 break down 抛锚 take the train off the line 取消了列车 line 列车路线 轨道 铁道 take off 取消

休假 休息 I decide to take a few days off.

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