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7A Unit 1导学案(5)

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英语导学案 (7A Unit1)

课题: Integrated skills

课 时 目 标

1. To get information by reading

2. To get information from the listening materials

3. To complete an article with the information

4. To make communications with the related topics

Important and difficult points:

1. Vocabulary: dancing swimming age cute hobby glad

2. How to greet each other fluently

课 前 导 学


B: Yes, he is.

A: ___________ ___________ is he?

B: He is 12.

A: __________ the name of his school?

B: It’s No. 1 ___________ ___________.

A: What class is he in?

B: He is in ___________1, ______________ 7.

A: What is he like?

B: He is ___________ and ___________.

A: What is his hobby?

B: He likes sports. He is good at playing _____________.

A: _____________ is he from?

B: He is from Yancheng, Jiangsu.

课 堂 活 动

Step 1 Presentation

1. Present the picture of Kitty, arouse Ss to describe Kitty by asking questions. T: Look, who is this girl ? Is her hair long or short? Is she cute? Learn the word cute.

2. Present the picture of Amy. Describe Amy in the same way.


3. Guide Ss to read the introductions about Kitty and Amy in the book.

T: Please read the profiles on P13. Tell me what Kitty loves and what Amy is good at.

Learn the words dancing and swimming.

4. Pair work: Do you love dancing? Are you good at swimming? etc. Step 2 Listening practice

1. Guide Ss to choose the related information about Kitty and Amy according

to the introductions.

T: Would you please circle the correct answers in the table according to Kitty’s and Amy’s profiles. What can you get from the profiles?

2. Play the tape and get Ss to complete the rest information. Play the tape two or three times if necessary.

Step 3 Practice

1. Encourage Ss to ask and answers about Kitty and Amy in pairs. e.g.

How old is Kitty?

Is Amy 11 years old?

Is Kitty’s hair long?

Does Amy have long hair too ?

2. Choose some pairs to act out in front of the class.

Step 4 Listening practice

1. Guide Ss to listen to the tape and complete the form in A3.

2. Check the answers in pairs first, then check in the whole class

3. Ss read the notes together.

Step 5 Speaking up

1. Arouse Ss to review the way of greeting people.

T: Millie is very happy at school because she has many new friends. What about you? Are you happy at school? Do you have many new friends? What do you say when you meet your friends?

Help Ss to review: Good morning / afternoon /evening! How do you do? Nice to meet you! Hello! Hi!

2. Point at two Ss and say: I have two friends, …and…. They don’t know each other. Now, I want to make them be new friends. Hi, …. This is … and this is …. Guide the two Ss to greet each other. Present ‘Glad to meet you.’ Step 6 Listening Practice

1. Get Ss to look at the picture in Part B and introduce the situation.

T: Millie and her cousin Andy meet Kitty at school. They greet each other.

2. Play the tape, Ss listen and answer the question: What grade is Andy in?

3. Play the tape again and do the T / F exercise


(1) Kitty is Andy’s classmate.

(2) Andy and Millie are good friends.

(3) Andy, Kitty and Millie are all in Grade 8.

(4) The school is nice.

(5) They like their school.

Step 7 Practice

1. Play the tape again and get Ss to read after the tape.

2. Get Ss to read the conversation in different ways.

Step 8 Consolidation

1. Divide the Ss in groups of three, encourage them to make up a similar dialogue according to the one in the book.

2. Arouse them to play different roles, such as Yao Ming, Liu Xing and Jay Zhou.

3. Choose different groups to act out their dialogues in front of the class.

课 堂 反 馈


1. G____________ to meet all my classmates again.

2. Look at Millie. She is very pretty and c____________.

3. ---What’s your a__________? ---I’m 12 years old.

4. My cousin is good at _______________ (游泳).

5. Many girls in our class like _______________(跳舞).

6. Simon has many _____________ (爱好), such as playing basketball, drawing and singing.


1. I am at a new school. I am a new _______________.

2. Jill _____________ short hair.

3. I like my school, it’s very ______________.

4. This __________ Kitty, she is my new friend.

5. ---Andy is in __________ 8.

--- Oh, I __________.


( )1. ---Hello, Millie! This is my classmate. ---_______________.

A. Yes, I am B. Good morning

C. Good evening D. Nice to meet you

( )2. We can’t use __________ to talk about one’s looks (长相).


A. strong B. slim C. tall D. polite

( )3. _______ you ________ your school?

A. Do, like B. Are, like C. Are, love D. Does, love

( )4. ---Is he our _________ teacher?

---No, he _________. He is our English teacher.

A. Chinese, is B. Chinese, isn’t C. China, doesn’t D. China, does

( )5. Daniel is good at ___________.

A. swim B. dance C. Maths D. England

( )6. ---How old is Hobo? --- He is one ________ old.

A. year B. years C. months D. days

( )7. Please ________ my grandmother, she is ill (生病) today.

A. look for B. look after C. look at D. look like

( )8. I like reading. I often go to the ___________.

A. classroom B. Reading Club C. teachers’ office D. school

( )9. Amy’s hair _________ short.

A. is B. has C. are D. be

( )10. ________ your name Amy?

A. Are B. Is C. Do D. Does


Hello, everyone! Please m___________ my new friends. This is Kitty. She is 11 y________ old. She h________ long hair. She looks c_________. What does she love? She loves d____________. She dances a________ school every day. This is Amy. What’s her a________? She is 12 years old. She is small. H________ hair is short. What’s her h__________? She is good at swimming. We are in the same (相同的) class. I love my new c__________, they help me and I help them.

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