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Life is a great joke most the time;however ,the problem is the most people treat this joke very seriously.Life is given to us for enjoying and having fun, while we all see lots of unhappiness around us. This amazing-fact is that most of this unhappiness is our (贪婪).However ,in all this run we miss many beautiful moments of life.

Life is full of many exciting things which offer a great enjoyment to all of us.We were However, we expected too much from this poor soul(灵魂)from childhood. In this way a go with the changing world and he ends up as an unhappy person.

Enjoyed life is a great art which very few people know on this earth. For enjoying life, a person needs a clear understanding of life free all the common things.We all know that there are many people who even living in big houses are unhappy and there are strange beggars(乞丐)who are always happy even not having anything.This is a strange reality(现实)of life which many people around the world have tried to explain.Life looks strange to people who do not understand it and it becomes a great joke and excitement for those who master(征服)it.




In Cities in the USA,there are clocks in most stores,factories,and other buildings.Radio announcars (广播员)give the correct time during

the day.6 _________________________.They want to do certain things at certain times.They don’t want to be late.

But time is not so important to people everywhere. 7_________________________You will find that people living there do not like to rush.If you have an appointment(约会)with some friends,they will probably be late,8_____________________Even the radio programs may not begin on time.9_____________________________________

In South America, many people think of a clock as a machine.10.___________________________________.They don’t want a clock or any machine to affect(影响)their lives so much.

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