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English Writing7

表示将要发生的事 情

? The moment you leave this tent, you will get a big surprise. ? 当时间状语从句表示将来时,在 after,as soon as, before,by the time,the moment,till, until和when等后面通常不用一般将来时而用一般现在 时;不用将来完成时而用现在完成时。 ? The Thompsons will move to a new flat when their baby is/ has been born. ? I’ll make it before he comes. ? The moment he arrives, I will let you know. 他一来我就会告诉你的 ? I will wait here until he comes. 我会等他 回来的。 ? As soon as the rain stops, we’ll go out. 雨一停我们就出去。

1. I will send you an e-mail as soon as I A in Canada. A. arrive B. arrived C. am arriving D. will arrive 2. -What time will Diana get to Chengdu? C -I’m not sure. When he _____, I’ll call you. A. will arrive B. arrive C. arrives 3. I’ll give it to Jim as soon as I ____him tomorrow. C A. saw B. will see C. see D. have seen 4. -I’m afraid the meeting has begun. C -don’t worry. It ____until the bell ____. A. doesn’t begin/ rings B. won’t begin/ will ring C. won’t begin/ rings D. doesn’t begin/ will ring D 5. Tim will call me as soon as he_____ my package. A. receive B. will receive C. received D. receives

表示将要发生的事 情

? if之后通常用一般现在时表示将来可能 发生的事: ? If he gets the job, he’ll be going abroad. ? I’ll give her a meal if she’s hungry. ? If it rains tomorrow we’ll stay at home. 如果明天还下雨,我们就呆家里。

1.If there A no buying and selling of animals, there no killing in nature. A. is; will he B. will be; will be C. is; is D. will be; is B 2. If Tom _____ the game, we'll give him a surprise". A. win B. wins C. won D. miming A 3.If she here tomorrow, I will tell you. A. comes B. will come C. come D. came 4.I don't know if she B to my birthday party tomorrow. If she , I'll be very happy. A. comes; comes B. will come; comes C. comes; will come A 5. Don’t talk loudly at the meeting. If you ________, you will have to leave. A. do B. are C. did

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.未来会是什么样子?

What will the future be like? _________________________________ . 2.城市会加重污染,并且会有更少的树。

Cities will be more polluted and there will be fewer trees. ____________________________________ .

Will people use money in 100 years? No, they won’t. __________________________________.

In 50 years, people will have less free time because there will be more things to do. __________________________________.

Will there be world peace?Yes, I hope __________________________________. 6.我们在考虑今年去美国度假。


We are thinking of

going to the USA for our holiday this year. __________________________________.

? 7.现在已经有了在工厂工作的机器人。 ? _________________________________ . ? 8.他们赞同拥有更多的机器人要花几百年的时间。

Today there are already robots working in factories.

They agree it may take hundreds of years to have more robots. ? _____________________________________ . ? 9.但部分科学家认为对于机器人来说和人做同样的事很困难。 But some scientists think that it will be difficult for a robot to ? __________________________________. do the same things as people.
? 10.如果你确切地想知道这个词的意思,你最好查一下字典。

If you want to know the meaning of the word exactly, you’d ? __________________________________. better look it up in the dictionary.
? 11.昨天那个男孩从自行车上摔下来,伤了腿。 ? __________________________________.

Yesterday the boy fell down from his bike and hurt his leg.

? 12.将来人们能活到200岁。 ? _________________________________ . ? 13.每个人都应该在拯救地球中尽一份力。 ? ? ? ? ? ?

People will be able to live to be 200 years old.
Everyone should play a part in saving the earth. _____________________________________ . 14. 我认为你可以尽一份力来解决它。 I think that you can play a part in solving __________________________________. it. 15.今年夏天John有可能去法国度假。 John will probably go to France on vacation __________________________________. this summer. 16.我们将修建另一个新的绿色长城横贯中国北方。

We will build another new Great Green Wall across the ? northern part of China. __________________________________.
? 17.我们应该尽最大努力保护我们的环境。 ? __________________________________.

We should try our best to protect our environment.

? 18.如果你聪明的话,我想你可以用更少的时间挣更多的钱。

I think you can make more money with less time if you are clever.

? _________________________________ . ? 19.对于我们来说现在买火车票很方便,因为我们可以从车站或在网上购买。 It’s convenient for us to buy train tickets because we can buy them either from the station or on the Internet. ? _____________________________________ . ? 20. 我相信那个男孩不能独自去上海。 I don’t believe that the boy can go to Shanghai by himself. ? __________________________________. ? 21.你认为你能算出这个数学问题吗?可能能吧。 ? Do you think you can work out the math problem? Probably I can. __________________________________. ? 22.我们学校的学生在电脑上学英语。

? The students in our school learn English on computers. __________________________________. ? 23.就我们所知,地球是唯一有生命的行星。 As far as we know,the earth is the onl

y planet with life on it. ? __________________________________.

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