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江苏省高邮市车逻初级中学八年级英语上册 Unit 3 A day out (第五课时)Integrated skills导学案

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Unit 3 A day out (第五课时)Integratedskills导学案



Why not go to the cinema tonight? (同义句转换)

① ___________ ____________ you go to the cinema tonight?

② going to the cinema tonight?

③ go to the cinema tonight ?

④ go to the cinema tonight , shall we ?


1. Who will read the poster? ______________________________________

2. What does the basketball team need?______________________________

3. Where will the final take place?__________________________________

4. When will it take place? ________________________________________

5. When does the match start? _____________________________________

6. Where do they have lunch? _____________________________________

7. What is the cost of the trip? _____________________________________ __________________________________________________________________



A: What is your 1 for the weekend?

B: I have no 2 . Do you have any good suggestion? A: 3 we go hiking in the Fragrant Hills?


B:That doesn’t 4 a good idea .It’s a very long way to go 5 . And we 6 it last month. A: Why 7 we go to the Tian’anmen Square to see the pigeons? B: That’s a good idea. 8 there may 9 too many people. A: What 10 enjoying the sights in the Summer Palace ? B: 11 a good idea! I also like 12 on the clear lakes and 13 with each other in the boats . A: 14 and 15 shall we meet?

B: At four in front of the school gate. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.


1. Shall we ________ (go) shopping?

2. Why don’t they ________ (go) to the theatre to enjoy Beijing Opera?

3. Why doesn’t Lily _______ (go) on the school trip? 4. Why not _________ (have) a walk with me?

5. How about ________ (climb) the mountain? Then we can enjoy the beautiful view.

6. You’d better ______________ (not make) a noise in class.

7. Would you like __________ (sing) us a song?


1.Why don’t you go to the zoo ? Why go to the zoo?

2. We will return to our school after lunch. We will to our school after lunch.

3. Why not go to the cinema tonight?

① going to the cinema tonight?

② go to the cinema tonight ?

③ you to go to the cinema tonight ?

④ go to the cinema tonight , shall we ?

4. How much is your pen?

① How much the pen you?

② How much do you for the pen?

③ How much do you on the pen?

④ What’s the of your pen?



Henry works in a factory. He comes from a poor family and was in school 10


only four years .He has to do the hard work ,but he was paid less .He likes to watch

football matches very much and spends much time on it .

One evening there was a big football match on a playground .He borrowed some money from his friend and hurried there .There were a lot of people there . And all the

tickets were sold out .He was sorry for it .He saw a pole(电线杆) outside the playground and climbed it up quickly .A policeman came and said ,“It’s dangerous to stay on it . Come down !” “Wait a minute , please !”Henry said and just at that moment the policeman heard cheers(欢呼声) in the playground and asked in a hurry ,“Which team has kicked a goal ?”“Ours !”“Wonderful ! You can stay there .But take care !”the policeman said happily and left .When the match would soon be over ,he came back again and asked ,“Who’s won ?”“Theirs ,3-2 .”“Come down ,”the policeman said angrily ,“Such a match isn’t worth(值得) watching !”

Henry had to come down .But soon they heard cheers again .The policeman said in

a hurry ,“Climb up quickly and see who’s kicked a goal !”


( ) 1. Henry is paid less because he didn’t learn much when he was young .

( ) 2. Henry stayed on the pole because he hoped to save some money .

( ) 3. The policeman soon changed his mind at the first time because he thought it

was safe for Henry to be on the pole .

( ) 4. The policeman became angry when he heard their team had lost the game .

( ) 5. Both Henry and the policeman are football fans (球迷).


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