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江苏省高邮市车逻初级中学八年级英语上册 Unit 4 Do it yourself(第二课时)Reading(1)导学案

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Unit 4 Do it yourself(第二课时)Reading(1)导学案










1.be crazy about_____________ 2. put in_______________ 3.put up _____________ 4.hit a pipe_____________

5.be filled -----with----__________ 6,keep on painting_______

7not only-----but also---_________ 8.No problem___________

9.advise him to take a course in DIY_________10.attend lessons___________

(二)本课与put搭配的短语有两个,分别是put in和put up。与put搭配的短语还有哪些? ____________________________________________________________

(三)与be filled with意思相同的短语是什么?你知道吗?请写下来。



Pre-task Lead-in:

1.Show some pictures and learn new words.

be crazy about, pipe, fill---with, terrible, ceiling,shelf

2.Complete P43 B1.

While-task 合作探究

Task 1:Skimming the text and complete P43 B2.

Task 2: Listen to Para 1 and answer:

Does Suzy’s cousin love doing DIY?

Task 3: Read Paras2-4 and judge T or F:

1. Suzy’s cousin failed to put in a new light in his bedroom.

2. Suzy’s cousin put a picture on a pipe.

3. Suzy’s cousin thought the cat was boring , so he painted it blue.

4. .It took Suzy’s cousin only a few minutes to put up the shelf on the wall. Task 4:Listen and complete:

1. He tried to ___ ___ a brighter light in his bedroom, but the whole house had a __ ___

2.He wanted to ___ ____ a picture on his bedroom, but he ____a pipe and

___the room with ____. 3.He _____his living room last month,but now his living room has ___ ____ blue walls ___ ____ a blue_____and ____.

4.He _____five hours ___ ____the shelf on the wall,but one___of the

shelf was much____than ___ ____.


Task 5:Read and answer:

Does Suzy’s cousin want to get better at DIY?

Task 6:Repeat the text according to some key words:

Para1:be crazy about, repair, decorate,look terrible

Para2:a brighter light, make a mistake, power cut, put up a picture , hit a pipe , fill---with

Para3:living room, boring, paint---blur, ceiling ,floor,cat

Para4:a shelf, above , spend five hours, not stay, much higher.

Para5:buy, advise, make him angry, attend lessons, know much more

Post-task 当堂反馈


1.A _______(可怕的) accident happened on the highway yesterday

2.Tom had to go. He had to a______a wedding.

3.I gave him advice i_____of money. 4.The doctor a_______me to stop smoking

5.________(曾经)a policeman helped me out of a big fire.

6.My father is _______(狂热的) about football.


1.---Oops! I put in a sugar ______salt.----It’s OK.

A. without B,with C.instead D. instead of

2.My grandma is crazy about_____colourful paper flowers.

A.make B.making C.do D. doing

3.Not only Kate but also Nick______raise some money for Project Hope.

A .want B. wants C.want to D. wants to

4.The box is too heavy to carry. What’s in it?

My mother _______it with many books.

A.filled B. covered C. used D. asked 5. The boys from England ________the Chinese lessons every Monday.

A.join B. join in C.attend in D.attend



Do you know DIY? It is very popular a_____ young people. Suzy and her classmates often talk about DIY and enjoy their o____ works. Suzy has so many tools at h___, for example, different kinds of brushes. Every Christmas , Suzy makes a lot of paper c_____for her friends. I like the card with tall Christmas trees b____. When I get the card, I felt so e_____. How wonderful it is!

Now I am a new m_____of the DIY Club. We have activities on Thursday afternoon. We always sell our works to other c_____. Then we can raise some m_____ for the students in poor areas. It’s an e______and meaning thing.


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