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江苏省高邮市车逻初级中学八年级英语上册 Unit 4 Do it yourself(第六课时)Study skills导学案

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Unit 4 Do it yourself(第六课时)Study skills导学案

学习目标: 学习用否定前缀un-/ in-和im-构成反义形容词的方法。

学习重难点:学习使用含否定前缀un-/ in-和im-形容词表达否定含义。


预习导航 We know salad is good for us.You can add anything you like to a salad. Is it healthy to add much sugar? No, it is not healthy. It’s unhealthy.

向学生讲解否定前缀un-的作用:By adding a group of letters to the front of an adjective, we can change its meaning. One of the most common prefixes for adj.is un-. It means not . We add it to some adj. to give them the opposite meaning. 接着介绍其他否定前缀in- ,im- .



不重要的___________ 不能的____________ 不活跃的____________ 没有耐心的____________ 不高兴的____________ 不必要的____________ 不友好的____________ 不普通的____________ 不礼貌的____________ 当堂反馈


1. It’s ____________(polite) not to give the seats to the old on the bus.

2. It’s ____________(possible) for such little child to finish so much work in two hours.

3. We never believe what he says because he is a ____________(honest) boy.

4. It’s ____________(correct) to say a bad word about anyone.

5. There is no need to be ____________(friendly) to them.

6. The small pair of shoes makes me ____________(comfortable).

7. Computer makes it ____________(possibly) to work from home.

8. I was ____________(tidy) up my desk when the phone rang.

9. It’s good for you to work ____________(proper)

10. He answered few questions ____________(correct), so he got a high grade in the final exam.

11. Why is he so ____________(polite) ? He is ____________(shout ) at his mother.

12. You’d better ____________(not be) crazy about ____________(shop).

13.____________(wear) ____________(comfortable) shoes is bad for your ____________(foot).

14. Are you ____________(certainly) you didn’t leave your key at home?

15. You should take an ____________(actively) part in discussion.

2. Homework


Nowadays more and more Chinese teenagers find life more difficult without their 12

parents. They don’t know how to do ___1___. Because their parents do almost everything for them at home. This is a big problem. Joy is 14 years old. One day her parents went away___2_____ business, so she had to stay at home alone. At first she thought she would be happy ____3____her parents were not in. She could do everything___4_____she liked. But it was six o’clock in the afternoon, she felt ____5____. “Oh, it’s time to have supper. Where can I get my food?” she said to herself. Later she found some food in the fridge, but she ____6____know how to cook. At that moment, she missed her ____7____very much. At last she could only go to the supermarket and ____8____ some food to eat. Many of teenagers are____9____as Joy. So I think they should learn some basic life skills, like cooking, tidying up their rooms or dressing themselves____10____. They shouldn’t depend too much on their parents.

( )1. A. their homework B. some shopping C. business D. housework ( )2. A. in B. at C. on D. with ( )3. A. so B. because C. but D. until ( )4. A. that B. who C. where D. when ( )5. A. hungry B. full C. excited D. bored ( )6. A. couldn’t B. didn’t C. might not D. wouldn’t

( )7. A. cousin B. aunt C. brother D. parents ( )8. A. made B. bought C. gave D. saw ( )9. A. the same B. difficult C. different D. warm-hearted ( )10. A. actually B. carelessly C. properly D. Slowly


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