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江苏省高邮市车逻初级中学八年级英语上册 Unit 2 School life Task导学案

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Unit 2 School life Task导学案

Task and Self-assessment

班级--------- 姓名---------- 学号---------

【学 习 目 标】


a. 词汇:finish, tennis, physics, hall,

b. 词组:my ideal school, get up late, have an hour for, have a big dining hall,

listen to music, wear ties, a swimming pool, at weekends, go on a school

trip to

c. 句型:①We have lots of time for after-school activities..

②We only have an hour of homework every day .

2. 技能目标:根据个人信息完成一份问卷调查;根据学校和个人情况写出你最喜欢的科目,体育项目和课外活动,模仿例文写一篇作文

3. 情感目标:认识自己的最爱与需改进之处

【预习成果 】(一)翻译下列词组:

1.艺术俱乐部 6.大而干净的餐厅 ________

2.听音乐 7.在每个班 ________

3.进行一次学校旅行 8.挑选学习的科目 _______

4.一个足球场 9.有一小时的作业 ________

5.上电脑课 10.戴领带 ________

(二)词汇运用 2 How long is your (午餐时间)

3 If you want to keep ____________(健康), you must do more sports. 4 Do you like to go on a school (旅行)?

4 Millie is a good student. She is in the________ (九) grade this term.

5 Red is ____________ (流行) than black.

(三) 用括号所给词的正确形式完成下例句子: 1 Suzy goes to the (swim) Club every Friday.

2 Millie’s skirt is nicer than (I). 3 Jack has (little) free time than John. 4 Does your father enjoy (listen) to pop music? 5 The students (hold) a sports meeting last week.


一 选择填空

( )1. Jack doesn’t run Simon.

1 1 What time does his school day (开始) ?

A. as quick as

A. anything new

A. other B. so quick as B. new nothing B. the other C. as quickly as D. so faster as C. new something D. nothing new C. another D. others ( )2. Have you got to tell us? ( )3. We have a lot of mooncakes here. What about one/

( )4. You’d better in the classroom.

A. to not eat anything B. not eating anything

C. don’t eat anything D. not eat anything ( )5. Ships are than planes and people take them mainly for pleasure.

A. much more slowly B. so much slowly

C. too much slowly D. very much slowly ( )6. We you a good luck in the new term.

A. hope

A. hold B. wish B. holding C. like C. bring D. want D. carring ( )7. The teacher came into the classroom, some books in her hand.

( )8. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to my aunt’ house to help my aunt the dinner party.’

A. be ready for B. getting ready C. get ready for D. be getting ready







4.每天上午8点上课,下午4点放学,课后可以参加各种各样的兴趣小组,只有一个小时的作业。 My ideal school 2

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