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江苏省高邮市车逻初级中学八年级英语上册 Unit 2 School life Reading(2)导学案

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Unit 2 School life Reading(2)导学案

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1. 知识目标:帮助学生掌握本课的语言点。

2. 技能目标:培养学生通过阅读获取文章主要信息的能力。

3. 情感目标:激发学生热爱校园生活,珍惜美好的校园生活。


一、根据中文或首字母提示完成单词 1. (在……期间) her lifetime, she helped a lot of people.

2. These (外国的) machines are very expensive and we can’t afford (付得起)to buy them. 3. Tom likes to o some help to anyone in need. 4. English is one of the most important l in the world. 5. The meeting begins at 6:00 p.m. and e at 12:00 p.m.


1. —Do you know who is the (win) of the game?

—Of course Tom. He is very good at it.

2. The soldiers(士兵) saved people in the earthquake. They are my (hero). 3. I often visit the museum because I want to know (much) about our country.

4. At the weekend, students usually have more homework than (usually).



( ) 1. ----________does Mary usually go to the Bubby Club?

---- Once a week.

A. How often B. How long C. How far D. How much

( ) 2. The little girl ________ her seat to an old man on the bus. A. offered B. brought C. lent D.took

( ) 3. He always looks _________. Now he’s looking_________ at his new drawing.

A.happy; happily B. happy; happy

C. happily ; happily D. happily; happy

4.---What’s your best friend like?


( ) . A .He’s fine.Thank you. B.He is a doctor.

C .He likes watching TV. D.He is helpful and generous.

( ) 5. Can you finish the work better with_________money and __________people?

A. less; fewer B. fewer ; less C. little ; little D few ;


( )6.He had a good time_______________TV yesterday.


A. to watch B watched C. watches D. watching

( ) 7. He had no time ______________TV yesterday .

A. to watch B watched C. watches D. watching

( )8. The book is very __________. I feel very _______________.

A. boring boring B. bored ;bored C. boring; bored D. bored;

boring; ( )9. ___________the girl is playing__________!

A. How well ; piano B. What good ;the piano C. How well ; the piano D. What good ; piano

( )10. The boy’s eyesight is poor because he plays___________computer games.

A. much too; B. many too C.too much D. too many

( ) 11.How ___________do you know our new English teacher?

A. many B.much C .good D.well

( ) 12. We each__________a funny joke and make the sad boy________ again.

A.tell; happy B. tells; happily C. tell; happily D.

tells; happy ( )13. I read an article Mo Yan from China.

A. with B. on C. of D. by ( )14. You can just bring your stationery(文具) when you take the final exam.

A. into B. in C. at D. from



1. Tom正在和他的朋友们谈论这个问题。 Tom ____________________________ his friends.

2. 我希望有人能倾听我的问题,并能给我帮助。 I hope someone can and ______________________________ .

3. 在俱乐部里,老学生帮助新学生更多地了解这个学校。 In the club, older students help new students .

4. 每周二和周四下午,我放学后打棒球。 I after school every __________________________afternoon. 二、根据首字母提示补全短文 More and more middle school students in Beijing are getting shorter sleeping time. Most students sleep l 1 than nine hours every n 2 . They sleep late at night because they have m 3 homework to do. Some homework is given by school teachers, and some by their p 4 . Also, some students don’t know h 5 to save their time. They are not careful enough while doing their homework, so it t 6 them a lot of time to correct it. Some students have to get up e 7 every morning to get to school on t 8 by bus or by bike. It can be a long way from home to school. T 9 and parents should cut down some homework so that students can enjoy 2


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