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八年级英语上册 Unit 3 A day out (第一课时)Comic strip and Welcome to the unit导学案

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Unit 3 A day out (第一课时)Comic strip and Welcome to the



1.写出三个美国名胜 1 2 3

2.写出五个中国名胜 1 2 3 4 5 3.用下列词组造句 enjoy oneself take care


1). need to exercise 2). keep fit ___ 3). enjoy ourselves 4). a beautiful house with a big garden 5). 爬山 __ 6). 保重 7). 乘船旅行 ___8). 来吧,快点 __


1. Eating less food and e more can help us keep fit.

2. Who is the (总统) of the USA?

3. We enjoyed o at the party last night.

4. They went into the c shop and drank some.

5. Don’t c that tall tree, Jack.. It’s dangerous.

6. Yesterday I took a boat t under the famous Harbour Bridge.


一、 单项选择。

( ) 1. It’s warm now. You need cool clothes.

A. wear B. to wear C. wearing D. to be wear ( ) 2. The white building a lot of green trees around is our school.

A. in B. grow C. with D. at

( ) 3. We must learn to look after as we have grown up.

A. us B. ourselves C. we D. ours

( )4 --- Which foreign country would you like to visit?


--- I’d like to visit because I want to see the Eiffel Tower.

A. France B. England C. the USA D. Japan

二、 汉译英。

1. 来吧,我们一起唱首歌吧。 . Let’s sing a song together.

2. 你需要自己洗衣服吗? you your clothes yourself?

3. 你不需要现在去做这件事。 You do it now.

4. 你们上个星期天坐船游览了吗? Did you last Sunday?


Mr Turner works in a middle school. A__1_ a good teacher, he is friendly to his students. And he is always strict with h__2__. He often tells his students to do their b__3__ to help the persons in trouble.

One Saturday morning, Mr Turner went to see his friend who was i__4_ in hospital. As s_5__ was wrong with his car, he had to take a bus. After he got on the bus, he found a seat and sat down. But soon m_6_ people got on the bus and some had to stand. He looked a_7 and saw a woman behind. He stood up and gave his seat to her. The woman said n__8__ and sat down. Her behavior(举止) made Mr Turner u__9

“It’s necessary to t__10__ the woman to be polite,” he said to himself. Then he asked, “What did you say, Madam?”

“I didn’t say anything,” answered the woman.

“I thought you said THANK YOU.” When the woman heard this, her face turned red slowly.

1.A________ 2.h_________ 3. b__________ 4. i___________ 5. s___________ 6.m_________ 7. a________ 8. n__________ 9.u___________ 10. t___________


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