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江苏省高邮市车逻初级中学八年级英语上册 Unit 3 A day out (第六课时)Study skills导学案

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Unit 3 A day out (第六课时)Study skills导学案

预习检测: 一.写出下列词的形容词:

use________ _________ hope_________ ___________ taste_________ _________ cheer_________ _________ sleep_________ _________ end_________ _________ 当堂反馈: 一、根据所给的中文或英文写出单词的适当形式

1.The ___________(care) girl often makes some mistakes in her homework.

2.I spent a ___________(sleep) night. So I felt very tired now.

3.I like seeing the film with an ___________(amaze) ending.

4.We were all ___________(excite) when we heard the news.

5.It was ___________(real) a great day for me yesterday.

6.No one would like to help me. I felt so ___________(help).

7.He gave me some ___________(meaning) advice so I could do it very well.


A Frenchman was once having his holiday in Japan, but he could not speak Japanese. 1 day he went to visit some places. 2 he came back, it was twelve. He felt tired and 3. He went to a restaurant and 4 down at a table. When the waiter came 5 , the Frenchman opened his mouth, put his fingers in it and took them 6 again. 7 this way he wanted to say,”Bring me something to 8 .” The waiter 9 brought him a cup of tea. The Frenchman shook (摇) his head and the waiter 10 that he didn’t want tea, so he took it away and brought him a glass of milk. The Frenchman shook his head 11 . He was very hungry now and looked 12 when another man came in. When this man 13 the waiter, he put his hands 14 his stomach(肚子). After a few minutes, there was a large plate of bread and meat on the table in front of him. The Frenchman smiled and 15 he had his meal in the same way.

( )1. A. One B. A C. On one D. In a

( )2. A. While B. When C. During D. As soon as 11

( )3. A. well B. strong C. thirsty D. hungry

( )4. A. lay B. sat C. put D. lied

( )5. A. over B. again C. on D. to ( )6. A. up B. out C. off D.down

( )7. A. By B. In C. At D. On

( )8. A.eat B. play with C. drink D. take

( )9. A. slowly B. soon C. first D. always

( )10. A. told B. understood C. answered D. said

( )11. A. again B. either C. yet D. still

( )12. A. tired B. interested C. worried D. surprised

( )13. A. saw B. caught C. shouted D. laughed at

( )14. A. into B. on C. out of D. in

( )15. A. at first B. last time C. long ago D. at last


When you travel in Hongkong, you must be c______ of the traffic rules, because the traffic there keeps to the left and it’s d_______ from that of the interior(内地)of China. Before c_______ the street, you must look to the right and then to the left. If the traffic lights are red, the traffic must stop, people can go arcoss the zebra line. If the lights t______ green, the traffic can go, people m_____ cross the road. In the morning and in the evening, when people go and from w______, the streets are very busy. The traffic are the most d_______.When you go somewhere by bus in Hongkong, you have to be careful, too. Always remember the traffic keeps to the left. Have a look first, or you may go the w_______ way.In Hongkong, there are a lot of big buses w_______ two floors. You’d better sit on the s_______ floor. From there you can watch the city well.


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