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江苏省高邮市车逻初级中学八年级英语上册 Unit 3 A day out (第四课时)Grammar导学案

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Unit 3 A day out (第四课时)Grammar导学案




1.In SJM, although Henry isn’t as _____(good)as other members, but he is___________(hard-working)in the group.

2.Tom isn’t as _______(old)as his brothers, but he is ___________(clever)than his brothers.

3.Julia doesn’t dance as_______ as her classmates, but she sings___________ in her class. (good)

4.Henry isn’t as______________ as(handsome) his friends ,but he is ____________(cute)in them.

5.He doesn’t run as _______ as she, but he swims ________than she. (fast) 7.Mike doesn’t do his homework as_____________ as his classmates. He does his homework __________________in his class. (care) 二.选择题

( )1. Those girls enjoyed ____ in the party last night.

A. them B. they C. themselves D. herself

( )2. Help ____ to some fish, children.

A. yourself B. your C. yours D. yourselves

( )3. The film ____ is very fun.

A. it’s B. itself C. it D. its

( )4. –Who teaches ____ math?

–I teach ______.


A. your, myself B. you, myself C. you, me D. you, herself

( )5. The father will make ____ a bike ____.

A. her, himself B. she, himself C. her, herself D. she, herself

( )6. The scarf is ____, she made it_____.

A. herself, her B. herself, hers C. hers, herself D. her, herself

( )

7. Liu Hulan’s death was great. She thought more of others than ______.

A. her B. she C. hers D. herself

( )8. Luckily, he didn’t hurt ____ terribly yesterday.

A. him B. themselves C. himself D. they

( )9. I can’t mend my shoe _____. Can you mend it for _____? A. myself, me B. myself, I C. me, I D. I, me

( )10. I like watching ____ in the mirror. A. me B. I C. my D. myself



Allen is visiting Beijing. Here are three w__1__ of traveling around. He can’t d__2__ which one is the best.

By bus

Buses go to different p__2__ in the city. They are quite c__4__ but sometimes crowded. In some buses, there are double-deckers(双层巴士). They are comfortable. People can enjoy the view of the city f__5__ the top deck.

By subway

Here are two routes: One is from the east t__6__ the west. The o__7__is around the city like a ring road. The subway trains are a little more e__8__than buses. By taxi

L__9__ buses, taxis can go to different places, too. Traveling by taxi t__10__ less time than traveling by bus or subway, but it costs more money. 1________ 2________ 3________ 4________ 5________

6________ 7________ 8________ 9________ 10_______


1. 我能独自做这项工作。

2. 我妈妈给她自己买了一条裙子。

3. 我舅舅30岁的时候开始自学英语。

4. Alan认为滑雪和潜水一样危险。


5. 他说:“埃菲尔铁塔模型没有真的漂亮。” 9

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