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江苏省高邮市车逻初级中学八年级英语上册 Unit 2 School life Reading(1)导学案

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Unit 2 School life Reading(1)导学案

班级________ 姓名_______ 学号_________ 【学习目标】



2. 过程与方法:运用不同方法阅读John和Nancy的文章,获取文章主要信息。

3. 情感与态度:1)指导学生尝试不同的阅读方法,培养良好的阅读习惯。 2)培养热爱学校、热爱学校生活的良好品质。


1.一所混合学校___________________ 2.最喜欢法语 _________________

3. 外语 ____________________ 4. 在一周期间 ________________

5.在每周接近尾声时________________ 6. 和同学们交流读书__________

7. 在课堂上_______________________ 8.给我帮助 _________________

9. 打棒球 _______________________ 10. 赢得两场比赛_____________



School life

Nancy is in a B_1___school. It is c__2__Woodland School. It is a m_3__school. That means boys and girls have lessons t_4__. Nancy’s favourite s_5____is French. Her school has a Reading Week every year. During that time, students can borrow more books from the school l_6__. Near the end of the week, they discuss the books with their classmates in class. Nancy likes reading very much.

John is 14 years old. He is in an A_7____school. Every Monday he goes to a Buddy Club. There he can make new f_8___. He enjoys it a lot. His friend Tony is in the 12 grade. He often listens carefully to John’s problems and helps John a lot. So John thinks Tony is his h_9__. John likes playing b10___ after school. He practises it hard every time.

1.________ 2._________ 3.__________ 4._________ 5._________ 6._________ 7._________ 8.__________ 9._________ 10._________


1. We have two f_____teachers here. One is from England,, and the other is from


2. Bella can speak two l______, French and Chinese.

3. He o_____me some tickets.

4. She needs to w______this point to level the score.

5. They e______the party off with a song.

1 th


( )1. Welcome to our hotel! I hope you’ll have a good time_____you stay here.

to our flat.

( )3 ________this year, I’ll go to Beijing for a job..

A.Near the end of B. In the end of C.By the end of D.For the end of

( 【课后拓展】 (一)完型填空:

John is a famous writer now. But he said that he was not a ___1_____student when he was young. He was often late for ___2_____ and didn’t like doing his homework. Sometimes, he slept in class while the teacher was teaching. He didn’t understand much, ____3____ he always thought he understood everything. One day the teacher ____4____ the students a question, “when Jack was ten years old, ____5____ brother Bob was twenty. Jack is fifteen now and ____6____ is his brother Bob?” John said, “That’s easy. Bob is twice as old as Jack, so he is now thirty.”

Another time, the ____7____ in a science class asked, “when it thunders(打雷), ____8____ do we always see the light before we ____9____ the sound?” “But, Miss,” said John quickly, “don’t you ___10_____ our eyes are in front of our ears?”

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

A. good A. sleep A. so A. sent A. your A. teacher A. what A. break

B. tall B. lunch B. and B. asked B. my B. farmer B. when B. make B. hope

C. rich C. class C. or C. told C. his C. what C. nurse C. where C. hear C. study

D. fat D. play D. but D. found D. her D. who D. policeman D. why D. smell D. know

A. how many B. how old

10. A. read


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