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江苏省高邮市车逻初级中学八年级英语上册 Unit 4 Do it yourself(第三课时)Reading(2)导学案

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Unit 4 Do it yourself(第三课时)Reading(2)导学案

班级:_______ 姓名:_______

Learning aims: 1. To grasp the important language points.

2. To try to describe Andrew’s working

3. To develop the students’ interests of DIY creation.

Preview exercises

Review the text and fill the blanks: 1. Some children are ______(痴迷)about computer games.

2. Everyone in my class should _________(参加)the meeting on time.

3. Please________ (使充满) the bottle with clean water.

4. Computers are much cheaper now than they _____ (曾经) were.

5. If you are more careful, you’ll make fewer ________(mistake).

6. She ________(不仅)sings well, _________(而且)writes music.

7. She keeps on ___________ (practise) speaking English.


Divide the text according to the main idea of each part While-task:

Task1. Role play (part1)

Task2. Read and complete the passage.(part2)

Once, he _____to _____a brighter light in his bedroom, but he ___________.Then, his house had ___________. Another time, he wanted to _______ a picture on his bedroom wall, but he _____ a _____ and ______ the room with _____. Last month, he ______ his living room ______, he _____ on painting. Now, the living room has______ _____ blue walls ______ ______ a blue ceiling and floor.




2)我把她的口袋里装满糖。 not only….but also….





4)不仅你是一名教师,而且她也是。 Not only Miss Yin but also Miss Zhou ______(like) DIY. Not only Miss Yin but also some students in our class ______(like) DIY.

=Not only some students in our class but also Miss Yin _____ DIY.

Task3.Judge the sentences T or F(part3)


1).Suzy advised her cousin ________(take) a course in DIY, but he didn’t take any ________(advise).




4).It’s raining outside. I have to stay at home to watch TV .(而


=I have to stay at home _______________ going outside.

5).Peter’s parents hopes that he can be a doctor __________an

actor. 6).He walks driving to work to lose weight.

Task4.Group work

Task5.Be dubbing voice

Task6. Enjoy DIY

Post-task (当堂反馈)

I) Translate the following sentences:


2. Jerry 在考试中犯了个错误。

3. 她一直工作到午夜

4. 她不仅会弹钢琴,而且还会拉小提琴。


6. 那个小女孩把盒子里装满了礼物。


II) Multi-choice:

1. The writer advised us ________ more.

A. read B. reading C. to read D. reads

2._______ her parents ________ Wang Fang works in the hospital. They are all doctors.

A. Either; or B. Neither; nor

C. Not only; but also D. Both; and

3..—Did you go to any other places?

—Yes, ________ we went to Qinhuangdao.

A. often B. nearby C. once D. at once

4.Something ________ when they built the bridge.

A. cut out B. went wrong

C. tidied up D. made a mistake

5.________, it is necessary for him ________ the meeting.

A. Instead of; to attend B. Instead; to attend

C. Instead of; attending D. Instead; attending

6.He will not forget that ________ storm. Many people lost their houses in it.

A. beautiful B. terrible C. interesting D. exciting


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