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江苏省高邮市车逻初级中学八年级英语上册 Unit 2 School life Comic strip导学案

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Unit 2 School life Comic strip导学案

班级--------- 姓名---------- 学号---------

【学习目 标】

1.学习目标: 1) 简要谈论学校生活,复习与学校有关的词汇。


2.学习重点: 相同概念在英国和美国英语中的不同表达法。

3.学习难点: 初步了解英国英语和美国英语之间的区别。



1. 更加努力工作 2. 更少的广告

3. 一辆玩具卡车 4. 有一场重要比赛 5. 看电影 6. 一起去



( ) 1. All the flower shops are on one side of the street. What about _______ side? A. another B. the other C.other D.others ( ) 2. Do you know make a toy dog?

A. how to B. more better C. how can D. how can to

( ) 3. Do you think ___________ necessary to get up so early tomorrow morning?

A. this B.that C. it D. its ( ) 4. We all know that Shanghai is larger than ________ city in Jiangsu.

A.any other B.any C.the other D.other

( )5. Don’t forget to __________ “Excuse me” when you trouble someone. A. speak B. tell C.say D.talk

( ) 6. Can you see the children _________ on the playground?

A. playing B. to play C.played D.play

( ) 7.------- ______________?

-------She is slim and beautiful.

A. What does she like B. What’s she like

C. What does she do D. What’s she alike

( ) 8. Lucy’s bag is different from _________.

A. I B. me C.my D.mine ( ) 9. Sam looks than John.

A. excited B. exciting C. more excited D. more exciting (

1. In England, we call it “autumn”, but in America, they call it “__________”. 1

2. What does “soccer” mean? It means __________.

3. Now, can you find the __________(different) between British English and American English?

4. Do you think dogs are __________ (clever) than people? 5. -- My parents like _________ (watch) TV in the evening. 6. We need __________ (little) money and ________ (few) people to do the work.

7. Do you speak ___________________(Britain) English or American English? 8. If you listen ______ ___(care), you will find it very easy.

9. I could cook food for ____________________(自己) when I was ten years old.

10.I don’t know the ____________________(mean) of the word “lorry”.



1.刚才你看到课桌上的一块橡皮了吗? _____________

2.我们的学校看上去像个美丽的花园。你们的是什么样子的? _____________

3.我父母晚上喜欢看电视。 _____________

4.包里别的什么也没有。 _____________

5.长江是世界上第三长河流。 _____________


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