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江苏省高邮市车逻初级中学八年级英语上册 Unit 2 School life Grammar 导学案

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Unit 2 School life Grammar 导学案

班级_______________ 姓名_________________ 学号__________


1. 知识目标:1)学会并运用比较事物数量的句式结构。

2)正确运用比较可数名词与不可数名词数量时的不同的词组。 3) 掌握副词比较等级的构成和运用。 2. 技能目标:1)提供连续的语境比较中外学校、兴趣小组和业余生活。 2)通过互动、合作、讨论等活动完成学习任务。 【预学成果】

1 Nancy has ___________ apples than Daniel. 2. John has _____________ oranges than Daniel. 3. Nancy has _______________apples. 4.John has ______________oranges. 5. John has _______money than Daniel.

6. Daniel spends _______time on homework than Nancy. 7 John has _____________ money

8. Daniel spends _______________ time on homework. 【当堂反馈】 一、单项选择: (

new words in it.

( ( ( )4.

I have ________ money than you, but I have ________ friends than you.


( 二、用所给单词的适当形式填空:

1.There is ____________(little)water in my bottle than in yours.

2.Nancy joins more clubs than Daniel, but John joins the __________(many)

3.Johnson has the _____________(little) bread of us four.

4.Can you run _______________(fast) than Tom?

5.Millie writes ________________(quick) of all the students.

【课后拓展】一、任务型阅读 阅读下面的短文,根据文中的信息完成表格。

Thomas Edison, a great American scientist, had over 1,000 inventions. He was born in 1847. When he was very young, he liked to find out how things worked. He was in school for only three months. He asked his teacher a lot of strange questions. Most of them had nothing to do with his lessons. The teacher thought the boy wasn’t bright and wasn’t worth (值得) teaching. When he told this to Edison’s mother, she took her son out of school and taught him herself. He read a lot and became interested in science. When he was ten, he built a lab (实验室) for himself. From then on, he never stopped


Today people can use the phone to t_____ with others almost anywhere on the earth. And now some people are using a kind of telephone called the p ____ phone or vision phone. With it, two people who are talking can s____ each other. Picture phones can be used when you have s____ to show to the person you are calling. They may have other uses in the f_____. One day you may be a____ to ring up a library and ask to see a book. Or you may be able to go s______ through your picture phone. If you see something in the newspaper that you think you want to b_____, you will to your phone and c_____ the shop. People at the shop will show you the thing you are interested i____ right over the phone. 2

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