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1.join the English club 加入英语俱乐部

2.take part in=be in =join in.. 参加。。。活动

3.be ready for…=be ready to do… 准备。。。

’ 800-metre race 参加男子800米赛跑

5.a pair of running shoes 一双跑步鞋

6.some other +名词复数 一些其他的。



8.take my sports clothes/camera 带上我的运动衣、照相机

9.take some photos 拍一些照片

10.win first place


11.the first to cross the finish line 第一个过终点线的人 13. be able to do 能做。。。

He is able to swim=he can swim.


14.make friends with… 与……交朋友

15.win the first gold medal 赢得第一枚金牌

16..the winner of the first gold medal 第一枚金牌的获胜者

17.every four years 每四年;每隔三年

18.improve the environment 改善环境

19.plant trees and grass 种植花草树木

20.a symbol of … 一种……的象征

21.stand for 代表

22.the five parts of the world 世界的五大部分

23.do morning /eye exercises 做早、眼保健操

24.lots of =a lot of 许多

25.have fun doing 有乐趣做。。。

26.keep a diary 写日记

二、重点句型 1.it’s my first time to take part in the high jum这是我第一次参加跳高

It’s one’s first time to do…某人第一次做。。。

It’2.Is that Michael?你是迈克吗?(电话中this表示我,that表示你)

May I speak to…?我可以和。。。通电话吗?

4.Let’s make it half past six.咱们定在六点半。make可以指定时间 6.I hope so.我希望如此。I’m afraid so.恐怕如此。 I don’t think so.我不这样认为。 三. 重点语言点 1.be afraid (that)从句… “恐怕” 指有礼貌地、委婉地拒绝别人. be afraid of (doing)…=be afraid to do… “害怕(做)……” 如: I’m afraid I won’t be free. 我恐怕没有空. He is afraid of dogs. 他害怕狗. . (to lose)the game. 他们害怕输了比赛

maybe “或许; 可能” maybe是副词 如

: He may be a teacher. = Maybe he is a teacher. 他可能是一名老师. He may know her name. = Maybe he knows her name. 他可能知道她的名字. 在两者之间 如: The answer is between A and B. 答案在A和B 之间.

The winner is among us. 获胜者在我们当中. 正:There will be a sports meeting in our school this weekend. 误:There will have a sports meeting in our school this weekend. 四、交际用语:提建议的句型: 1.Would you like to go hiking with us? 你想和我们一起去远足吗? 2.What/How about going hiking with us? 和我们一起去远足怎么样? 3.Why don’t you go hiking with us? 你为什么不和我们一起去远足呢? Why not go hiking with us? 为什么不和我们一起去远足呢? 4.Let’s go hiking. 让我们一起去远足吧! 5.Would you mind going hiking with us? 你介意和我们一起去远足吗? Would you please go hiking with us? 和我们一起去远足好吗? 我们一起去远足好吗? 1

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