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( )1.-----___are the apples?-----Two yuan a lilo. A.How B.What C.How many D.How much

( )2.There are only three___in the room. A.basket of apples B.baskets of apple C.baskets of apples D.basket of apple

( )3.Remember to_____the lights before you leave the lab. A.turn on B.turn down C.turn up D.turn off

( )4.---What can I do for you,madam?---I`d like two____.A.bottle of orange B.bottles of orange C.bottles of oranges

( )5.There is ______milk at home.We have to buy some this afternoon. A.a little B.little C.a few D.few

( )6.Don`t ___the milk into the cup.It`s full. A.peel B.pour C.leave D.drink

( )7.---The banana is too big.---you can_____first. A.cut up them B,cut them up C.cut it up D.cut up it

( )8.Let`s make fruit salad.---____ A.No, I`m not B,Thank you C.That`s right That`s a good idea

( )9.I`v no time because I`v _work to do and_books to read. A.many,many B,many much C,much,many D.much,much

( )10.---Would you like__?---Yes,please. A.an apple milk shake B.a apple milk shake C.apple milk shake


A school boy wanted to ask for two days off, but he only learnt the phrase" have a day off". He thought and ___1___, then he had an ____2___.He came to the teacher's office and said," Mother is ill. May I have a day off, sir?" "Of course, you can," replied(回答)the teacher at once.The boy walked away. And then he ___3____turned back and knocked ___4___the teacher's door ___5____, "May I have a day off again?" he said.The teacher was very ___6___. "Didn't you say it ___7___?""Yes, sir. But I can't be here the day after tomorrow, either(也)."The teacher understood him and could not help laughing(禁不住大笑起来). He said __8__ _9__smile, " Why __10___you say, 'May I have two days off?' "

( )1. A. thought B. think C. hard D. Thinked ( )2. A. way B. think C. idea D. ideas

( )3. A. quick B. quickly C. slow D. Slowly ( )4. A. over B. in C. to D. at

( )5. A. again B. more C. second D. Angrily ( )6. A. happy B. tired C. fine D. surprised

( )7. A. now B. already C. just now D. Yesterday ( )8. A. with B. on C. for D. in

( )9. A. the B. a C. / D. Its ( )10. A. did B. didn't C. don't D. not

三.阅读短文,A;阅读短文,选择最佳答案10 A McDonald’s Opens restaurant in New Delhi

NEW DELHI, INDIA —McDonald’s is opening its first restaurant in New Delhi, India. It is the only McDonald’s in the world with no beef on the menu. You can’t eat Big Macs here, but there are mutton Maharajah Macs. These hamburgers are made from Indian sheep, and the fries are made from Indian potatoes. The soda comes from an Indian bottler(灌装公司).Many old and young people come to the new restaurant. Mr. Sahani , who is 75 years old, says he comes all the way from a town which is 90 miles south of New Delhi. “I like it because McDonald’s has not brought things from overseas. All the food comes from India.”A 19-year-old boy, Pankresh, says, “If the food is good, I don’t care where it comes from.” A rich Indian man, Vikram Bakshi, owns half of the restaurant. The McDonald’s company owns the other half. Bakshi says the restaurant serves mutton because 80% of Indians are Hindu. Hindus don’t eat beef. They also believe that it is wrong to kill cows.The menu at the New Delhi McDonald’s has some other Indian food. For the Indians who don’t eat any meat at all, there are Vegetable McNuggets. They are made with rice, peas, carrots, red pepper and apices.McDonald’s has 20,000 restaurants in more than 95 countries. It fits its menu to each culture(文化).In Thailand, people can eat Samurai Pork Burgers with a sweet sauce(酱) on top. In Japan they can try burgers topped with a fried egg.

( ) 1. Mr. Bakshi _______. A. works as waiter in this McDonald’s B. owns 50% of the restaurant

C. comes to the restaurant to eat D. lives 90 miles south of New Delhi

( ) 2. The food at the New Delhi McDonald’s come from _______.

A. the USA B. many different countries C. India D. Japan

( ) 3. The McNuggets at this McDonald’s are made from _______.

A. chicken B. mutton C. vegetables D. pork

( ) 4. Many Indians do not eat beef because ___. A. they don’t like the taste B. Hindus believe it is

bad to kill cows C. beef is very expensive in India D. Hindus are afraid of cows

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( ) 5. McDonald’s serves ________. A. only American food B. only all-beef hamburgers

C. food that the people from different countries like D. mutton meals in Thailand

B。阅读并回答问题 Sandwich is an Englishman. He lives in the 18th century. Sandwich is rich, but he likes to played cards for money. He often play for 24 hours, and doesn’t even stop to have his meals. He orders his servants to bring him some meat and bread. He puts the meat between the two pieces of bread and holds the food in his left hand while he play cards with his right hand. People like Sandwich’s idea, and from then on they eat bread and meat as Sandwich does.From the name of the man, Sandwich, we have the word of the food“sandwich”today.

6..Which country does Sandwich live in? _____________________________________

7.What does Sandwich like to do? ______________________________________

8.Why does Sandwich let others bring him something to eat? __________________________________

9.How does Sandwich eat bread and meat when he plays cards? _____________________________________


10.Can you say something about the food “sandwich”? _____________________________________

五;词汇10 1.Do you like lettuce in these_______(sandwich)? 2.Here ________(be)some storybooks for you.

3.They like______(celebrate)the special holiday. 4.Now you need_______(put)some butter on the top.

5.Tom,___(pour)the hot water into the glasses,please. 6.Let`s _____(make)fruit salad.

9.Here is the reason______(介词)doing this thing. 10.Thanksgiving Day is(传统的)holiday in the United States. 答题处; 1________ 2_________ 3________ 4________ 5________

6________ 7________ 8________ 9_________ 10________


1. ______ ______ you need? _______ _______ ______ ________milk______he drink? ________ _______ ________the pants? _______ _______ ______ _______ ________ _________ the movies ______ ______ ______go to work? ______ _______ ______ ______ ______ ______the blender? _______ _______ _______ ______ ______every day?

8.you shouldn`t turn on the blender.(改为祈使句) _______ ________ ______ the blender.

9.the meeting room is crowded with people。(改为同义句)The meeting room_______ _______ _______ people. 10.You must put these things into the blender.(改为祈使句)________ ________ ________ _______the blender.



一.单项选择 1---5DCDBB 6--10BCDCA

二;完形填空(10)1.----5.ACBDA 6----10.DCABC


A; 1-5 BCCBC

B 6.He lived in England.

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7.He liked to play cards for money.

8.Because he often played for 24 hours .

9.He put the meat between the two pieces of bread and held the food in his left hand while he played cards with his right hand.

10.The food“sandwich”comes from the name of an Englishman.


1--5 EBDCA

五;词汇1.sandwiches 2.are 3.celebrating 4.to put 5.pour 6.make 7.mix 8.add 9.for 10.traditional


1.Yunnan Rice Noodles 2.one by one 3.plant trees 4.It`s time to do... 5.cover it with...


1、Let’s make;2、need;teaspoons;3、on, top;4、recipe for;5、How many。


1.What do you need? 2.How many cups of milk does he drink?

3.How much are the pants? 4.How often do you go to the movies?

5.How do they go to work? 6.How long do you turn on the blender?

7.How far does he travel every day? 8.Don`t turn

9.is full of 10.put these ---into

.九. 书面表达。 三明治是世界上流行的食品,因为它美味可口,深受同学们的喜爱。你知道三明治是如何做成的吗?请你根据本单元所学的知识为我们叙述一下火鸡三明治的制作过程。试试吧! 要求:假设你的名字叫赵梅。词数:60左右。

书面表达参考范文: Hello! Everyone. I'm Zhao Mei. I like the turkey sandwiches very much. Do you want to know how to make the turkey sandwiches? Now let me tell you. First put mustard on two slices of bread. Then cut up one tomato. Put the tomato on the bread. Next add two slices of turkey. Finally put two teaspoons of mayonnaise on the turkey. Do you understand? Now you can have a try.

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