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Unit 4

If you were him, what would you do?

a million dollars

If Bill Gates gave me a million dollars,

I would have a million dollars.
If I had a million dollars, what would I do?

medical research (医学研究) If I had a million dollars, I would give it to medical research.

give it to charity

If I had a million dollars,
I would

buy snacks

If I had a million dollars,

I would

put it in a bank

If I had a million dollars,

I would

Project Hope

If I had a million dollars,

I would

Red Cross

If I had a million dollars,
I would


Listen and number the pictures [1-4] in the order you hear them.






Why is Larry nervous? Listen and circle the reasons.

1.He‘s late for the party. 2.He doesn’t know what to wear. 3.He doesn’t know if he should bring a present.

4.He can’t find his shoes.
5.He might not know anyone at the party.


Listen again. Check (√) the four things Larry’s sister says to him,

√ __1.If I were you, I’d wear a shirt and tie. __2.You shouldn’t worry about what other √
people are wearing.

__3.If I were you, I’d be a little late.
__4.If √ __5.If √ I were you, I’d take a small present. you don’t know anyone, you can talk

to Tom.

__6.But if you’re still nervous, you don’t

have to go.

?概念: 表示与事实相反或根本不可能实现 的事. ?if 引导虚拟语气的条件状语从句,从句为 非真实条件句,一般用过去时.主句用 “should/ would/ could/ might+动词原形 ”.

?eg: If I had time, I would go for a walk.
(事实上我现在没有时间,不能去散步. ) If I were invited, I would go to the dinner.




If it is fine , we will go to the park. If it doesn’t rain, we will go to the park.

If it was fine , I would go out to play. If it wasn’t raining, I would go out to play.



1)If I __(be) a bird, I ______(fly) in the blue sky. 2)If I __(find) a purse, I ___(give) it to the police. 3)If you ___(have) something important, you ___( can go) now. 4)If he ___(have) no time, let’s ask Tom instead. 5)If she ___(come), please tell me. 6)If I _(be) you, I _(choose) this

Unit 4

A: I win in a lottery .

What would you do if you had 5 million money ?
B: If I had 5 million money ,I …

A: I’m going to CCTV for a party show. B: If I were you, I…

A: I’m afraid of
speaking in public.

B: If I were you, I…

A: I argued with my best friend. B: If I were you, I…

A: A friend said something bad about me. B: If I were you, I…

A: I failed in the English test. B: If I were you, I…

A: My best friend didn’t invite me to his party. B: If I were you, I…

A: I can’t sleep well before I take an exam every time.

B: If I were you, I…

A: I get nervous when I speak to a stranger each time. B: If I were you, I…

A: I’m too shy to do anything. B: If I were you, I…


Match each problem with the correc

t advice.



Think of different advice for the problem in 3a. Role play conversations with your partner.

A: I can’t sleep the night before an exam.

Then I’m too tired to do well.
What should I do?

B: If I were you, I’d …

We meet problems every day .Work in groups to ask others’ problems and give advice. Then Report the result according to your survey.


At home


At school



can’t have get a small pet a dog like a goldfish

has few friends

be more friendly




Some of us are afraid of speaking in public, discuss in groups why that happens!

A: I’m afraid of

speaking in public. B: I think that’s because…

Read the passage and answer the questions:
1.Who is this e-mail from? It’s from Fran. 2. Who is this e-mail to? Are you Knowledgeable? It’s to Knowledgeable. Yes/No… 3.What ’s Mei’s problem? Her classmates wants her to … But she... 4. Why do his classmates want Mei to take part in the contest? Because she… 5.How can we help Mei?
I think if I were Mei, ...

Taking notes’ time
Dear Konwledgeable:

My best friend, Mei, has a problem. There is a
really important English speech contest for our ________________ to _______ the class __the school contest. represent in Everyone is sure she will win. It’s probably true.
代表 参加

whole city next month. Our classmates want her


Mei is very clever, and can speak English really
well. ______ she always ________ the school In fact, comes top in

exams. The problem is that she’s very shy. She



doesn’t want to let friends down, but she’s ______________________
be terrified of doing sth.

terrified of speaking in front of other people. ______________ She’s my friend, so she can tell me that she’s shy. but she can’t tell everyone that. I don’t think they would ________________ believe her. I can’t ______ any good advice to give think of ________ her, but you always come up with good solutions to people’s problems. What do you think I should tell Mei?



What do you think I should tell the rest of the


The rest of the water is dirty.
The rest of the students are doing homework carefully.

He has 8 pens. He gave one to me, and gave the rest to others.
Only ten students attended the class because all the rest were off sick.

1) Discussion

Discuss in groups, if you were Fran, what would you say to Mei? 2) Writing
If you are Knowledgeable, please write back to Fran to help Mei.

For e-mail writing, we must pay attention to the following: 1. Keep your message short. 2. Keep your message simple. 3. Give your main idea using a few sentences so people can understand you immediately. 4. Don’t type all in capital letters.

One sample version:
Subject: Reply From: Knowledgeable Dear Fran, Shyness is extremely common, especially among

teens. As shy people, most of us are worrying about ourselves—about how we look, what we say and whether other people will like us—to stop to think about what we can do for other people. But really, that’s what being social is about—the other person, not us. So you can tell her two ways to overcome shyness.

First, tell her that she should let people know that she is shy in case she is misunderstood. Second, tell her that it is better to make things easy for the other person. Tell her to remember that she is the best person for the job; she can practise in various ways. And tell the rest of the students that you should all help and encourage her to overcome shyness. Knowledgeable

? ? ? ?

1) Oral work: Read 3a after the tape. 2) Written work: Finish the letter in self check 2 Make a survey, find your classmates’ accidents and problems

1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4.


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