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1. 一般的动词在词尾加---s. work—works, read----reads

2. 以s,x,ch,sh,及辅音字母+o结尾的单词在词尾加---es. Watch---watches,do----does.

3. 以辅音字母加y结尾的动词变y为i,再加---es. fly---flies.

4. 以元音字母加y结尾的动词直接在词尾加—s. play---plays

5. 不规则变化。如:have---has



1.watch 2.do 3.play 4.read

5.go 6.play 7.have 8.teach

9.wash 10.swim 11.clean 12.make

13.carry 14.put 15.write 16.get

17.live 18.like 19.fly 20.visit


1.I go to school by bike.But my brother________(go)on foot.

2.Does your pen pal like___________(draw)pictures?

3.Let’s _________(go)together.

4.Mr Green_________(live) in Australia.

5.Do you like __________(swim)?

6.My friend sometimes___________(watch)TV in the afternoon.

7.Dave ususlly __________(go)to bed at 9:00.

8.My brother___________(study)in a middle school.

9.Grandpa usually ___________(get)up early in the morning.

10.I __________(play) football every day.

11. My parents and I _________(live) in China.

12.Tom _________(read) newspapers every evening.

13.My father ________(work) in a factory.

14.They often _______(swim) in summer.

15.The sun _________(rise) in the east.

16.He __________(study) E nglish every day.

17.He __________(go)to school at half past seven every day.

18.Miss Gao __________(teach)us English.She is very kind.

19.He always ________(go)to school on foot.

20.Mary ______(get)up at six every day.


( )1.----Does Mike like painting?


A.Yes,I do. B.Yes,he do. C.No,he doesn’t.

( )2.My father _________newspapers every day.

A.reads B.looks C.watches

( )3.Ann likes_________kites.

A.make B.making C.makes

( )4.My mother is a teacher.She _______English.

A.teach B.teachs C.teaches


1、找be(am, is, are )动词,把be动词提到句子开头,并加问号(?)。

2、找情态动词(can, must, may ,could等),把情态动词提到句子前面,其余不变,并交问号(?)。

3、没有be动词,没有情态动词的句子变一般疑问句,需加助动词do ;当主语是第三人称单数时加助动词does,动词要还原为原形。如:He goes to work by bus. 变为一般疑问句:Does he go to work by bus? Yes,he does./ No, he doesn’t. 练习题:


1.She goes to schoolby bike.

2.They live in this house.

3.Joe has a mnew shirt.

4.He speaks English.

5.There are many houses in my village.

6.I can sweep the floor.

7.My mom is a singer.

8.I am going to the zoo this Sunday.

9.Peter is at home.

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