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龙 港 三 中 七 年 级 下 英 语 期 中 模 拟 试 卷 (一)

Class___________ Name____________ Score___________

听力部分 20%

I. 听句子,选择你所听到的单词。每个句子念一遍。5%

( ) 1. A. smart B. ugly C. cute D. fun

( ) 2. A. bank B. hospital C. school D. supermarket

( ) 3. A. place B. street C. address D. class

( ) 4. A. reporter B. doctor C. waiter D. teacher

( ) 5. A. cake B. take C. put D. let


( ) 1. A. A teacher B. A police officer

C. A nurse D. A reporter

( ) 2. A. Because they’re exciting. B. Because they’re cute.

C. Because they’re fun. D. Because they’re smart.

( ) 3. A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn’t.

C. Yes, he is. D. No, he isn’t.

( ) 4. A. At 9:00. B. At 10:00. C. At 11:00. D. At 12:00.

( ) 5. A. Math. B. English. C. Physics. D. Chinese.


笔试部分 80%

一、 单词拼写(10%)

1. Pandas (be) from China,they are very ___________(害羞的)

2. —What’re you doing? —I (write) stories.

3. The old man has lots of (钱)

4. Koala bears like sleeping and eating _________(树叶).

5.My pen pal lives in Paris and she speaks _________(法语).

6. Excuse me. Is there a hotel in the (附近)?

7. My brother wants to be a ____________(警察)

8.It’s snowy today. So it’s very (寒冷的)

二、 单项选择(20%)

( )1、There is orange in the basket. orange is very big.

A、a, A B、an, An C、an, The D、a, The

( )2、Kate and I doing homework now.

A、am, their B、are, their C、is, our D、are, our

( )3、The twins are . They aren’t .

A、swim, run B、swimming, run C、swim, running D、swimming, running ( )4、My father a new car. He it very much.

A、have, like B、has, likes C、has, like D、have, likes ( )5、It is day. The children are playing in the garden.

A、fine B、the fine C、a fine D、an fine

( )6. —Is Jim a boy’s name?— .

A. Yes, it is B. No, it is C. Yes, he is D. No, he does.

( )7 — Mimi cute?— Yes, I think so.

A. Doesn’t B. Don’t C. Aren’t D. Isn’t

( )8、-Are you English or American? - .

A、Yes, I am B、I’m American C、No, I’m not D、Yes, you are ( )9. Please call me 536--6988.

A. of B. in C. at D. the

( )10、Are you good at ? Yes, we are.

A、swim B、swimming C、a swim D、play football

( )11、My plane is the tree. I can’t get it.

A、in B、on C、under D、of

( )12.What ____ he _____? He is a reporter.

A. do, do B. is, does C. is, doing D. does do

( )13.He likes _________ and _________

A. sing, dance B. to singing, dancing C. singing, dancing D. to sing, dance

( )14.-Can you speak English? -Yes, but only______.

A. a few B. a little C. a lot D. many

( )15.He helps his friends _______ their English.

A. in B. at C. to D. with

( )16.Where _______ Michael _______ from?

A. does, comes B. does, come C. do, come D. do, comes

( )17.His uncle ______ in that bank _______ a clerk.

A. work, as B. works, for C. work, for D. works, as

( )18.Is Green Street a good place _______?

A. have fun B. have funny C. to have fun D. to have funny

( )19.Listen! Some girls ________ songs in the classroom.

A. singing B. sing C. are singing D. are sing

( )20. -What do you do? -_______________.

A. I work hard B. I’m a sports coach

C. I’m reading the newspaper ad D. I do my homework

三、 问答配对(10%)

( ) 1. What does he do? A. Yes, he does.

( ) 2. Where does she live? B. He’s a bank clerk.

( ) 3. Does Mary want to be a singer? C. That sounds good.

( ) 4. Why do you like koalas? D. New York.

( ) 5. Let’s go to the zoo. E. Because they’re cute.

四、 完形填空(10%)

’t know Chinese, she likes learning Chinese. She often Chinese to her Chinese friends, usually they understand her because she It's Sunday morning. She goes out. Shein the street . She is going to the zoo to see elephants and monkeys, but she doesn't know how to boy can't understand her. Then she takes out a pen and a piece of paper. She draws an elephantthe zoo.

( )1. A.a B.× C.another D.an

( )2. A.at B.with C.for D.and

( )3. A.but B.or C.and D.so

( )4. A.speaks B.tells C.says D.talks

( )5. A.aren’t B.don’t C.are D.doesn’t

( )6. A.can speak B.isn't speak C.can't speak D.are speaks

( )7. A.good B.well C.fine D.nice

( )8. A.is walking B.walk C.walking D.are walking

( )9. A.get to there B.gets there C.getting to there D.get there

( )10. A.on B.in C.at D.with


Visit Swansea Zoo

Come and see the India elephants and the new tigers from America. The bears are waiting to meet you. The lovely dogs from Australia are waiting to laugh at you, the giraffes from Brazil are

( )1.How many kinds of animals are talked about in the passage(短文)?

A. Four. B. Five. C. Six D. Seven.

( )2. Now Mr Smith is in the zoo with his two sons, one aged 14 and the other 10, how much are the

tickets together (总共)?

A..4.00. B. 2.00 C. 3.00 D. 1.00

( )3. Which of the following is the visiting time?

A. 8:30 a.m. Monday B.9:30 a.m. Friday

C.3:00 p.m. Sunday D.5:00 p.m. Tuesday

( ) 4.From the passage we can guess the animal “giraffe” must be very A. fat B. long C. strong D. tall

( ) 5.Which of the following can we do in the zoo?

A. To give some food to the fish.


My day in a shop

I am a sales assistant.

I work in a small supermarket. It is near a school. Every day many students come to the shop to buy things.

My home is far(远) from the supermarket. I often get up at six, have breakfast then go to work by bike. I put some food in my lunch box.

I get to the supermarket at about six fifty. At seven people begin to arrive. They buy pens, erasers, exercise books, notebooks and other things.

I have my meal at noon from my lunch box. At seven in the evening we close the door. I tidy (整理) things up and then go home for dinner.

Some people may think my work isn’t interesting. But I like it very much. I think it’s fun.

( ) 1. The supermarket is near a school.

( ) 2. I have lunch at home.

( ) 3. The shop opens at six in the morning.

( ) 4. Many people come to the supermarket to have meals.

( ) 5. I go home at seven in the evening.


假设你有一位笔友。介绍他/她的情况。包括姓名、性别、年龄、生日、来自国家、所说语言、喜欢的东西(包括食物、科目、动物、等等)以及简单的原因、职业理想、家庭情况等内容。 字数80以上。

B. To touch the monkey on the head (头) C. To throw things everywhere. D. To take a few nice photos.


I. 听句子,选择你所听到的单词。每个句子念一遍。5%

1. I like dolphins. They’re cute.

2. My brother works in a hospital.

3. It’s down Center Street on the right.

4. I think the man is a reporter.

5. When do you take a shower?

II. 听对话,选择正确的答案。每个对话念1遍。5%

1. A: What does Ann’s mother do?

B: She is a Chinese teacher, but she wants to be a reporter.

Q: What does Ann’s mother want to be?

2. A: Let’s go to see pandas, Jim.

B: Why do you like pandas?

A: Because they’re cute. What animals do you like, Jim?

B: I like dolphins. They’re very fun.

Q: Why does Jim like dolphins?

3. A: Are you a bank clerk, John?

B: Yes. It’s busy and boring.

A: What do you want to be?

B: Oh, I want to be a police officer. It’s very exciting.

Q: Does John like his job?

4. A: When do you usually go to bed?

B: I usually go to bed at 9 o’clock. What about you, Jennifer?

A: I usually go to bed at 11 o’clock.

B: Oh, it’s very late, I think.

Q: What time does Jennifer go to bed?

5. A: What’s your favorite subject, David?

B: Math. It’s interesting. Do you like it, Gina?

A: No, I think it’s too difficult. I like Chinese.

Q: What subject does Gina like?

III. 听短文后,完成下列表格。短文念三遍。

Lin Mei has three pen pals. They are Sally, Kevin and Julie. Sally and Julie are girls. Sally is from America and Julie is from Australia. Kevin is a boy. He is from Canada. He is 14 years old. Sally is the oldest. She is 15 years old. Julie likes art and Kevin likes sport. Sally’s favorite subject is music.

第一次模拟考 答案





一、are shy am writing money leaves French neighborhood policeman cold






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